California Valley man shoots dog on leash

September 30, 2010

Hector Sanchez

A man allegedly took two shots at a dog a woman was walking by his California Valley home.

While the unnamed woman and her dog were walking along Del Rosa Road, Hector Sanchez, 38, allegedly shot pellets at the animal causing it to yelp and spin around.

The woman confronted Sanchez who allegedly threatened her. The woman then fled with her dog.

Deputies arrived and arrested Sanchez after a brief altercation. Sanchez was charged with terrorist threats, cruelty to animals and resisting arrest.

Sanchez posted $50,000 bail and was released from San Luis Obispo County Jail on Thursday.

A local veterinarian treated the dog for two pellet wounds. It is recovering from its injuries at home.

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Anyone wonder if doggy and owner were on his property? Just one guy?

This clown is also a registered sex offender.

I agree that it *sounds* like a meth/treak/dirtbag misfire judgment error.

But, playing devil’s advocate for a minute, before we fry the guy, we should know whether the dog was leashed? Was it digging in his garden as it does every morning? Did it have one of his chickens in its mouth? Was it worrying his livestock?

I have no idea whether any of the above happened. If any of the above were the case, then the situation might be viewed in a very different light.

Oops. I now read that the headline says “…shoots dog on leash.” I apologize for giving him the benefit of the doubt.

Leashed dogs still poop on neighbors grass. Dog owners are rude that way. Few will stop to pick it up. The others look up in the sky pretending not to notice.

Me thinks this type of mis behavior is drug influenced. Sane people do not react like this…

I wouldn’t have let him out of jail on bail until I sent him for 72 hours observation. The guy is obviously very disturbed and possibly dangerous.

This is obscure! I know it was a pellet gun but to shot at a dog and a woman for no reason is insane. What is happening to people!

What a total loser and waste of breath Mr. Sanchez is.