Templeton mother arrested for drugs

October 1, 2010

Tracy Hall

Detectives arrested the 47-year-old mother of an alleged drug dealer after she accepted and signed for two pounds of Mephedrone at her home on the 100 block of Dandelion in Templeton on Thursday.

On Sept. 21, Tracy Hall’s son, 18-year-old Alister Hall, was arrested for allegedly selling the psychoactive stimulant to two teenagers who became violently ill from the drug. The two 15-year-old Templeton boys were taken to Twin Cities Community Hospital where they were treated for Mephedrone ingestion on Sept.11.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputies said the drug is similar to ecstasy and can cause agitation, euphoria, elevated body temperature, and violent vomiting. The drug is a white powder substance that can be swallowed in pill form, injected or mixed in liquid and drunk.

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Since we really don’t have the facts, I think we should take a wait and see. We don’t know if there was only 1 package and Mom signed for it not knowing what it was so I give her a free pass. If this was a second package signed for after the kid’s arrest then I take back the free pass and yes, she should do down. But please, let’s wait for the facts. This is still America where you are innocent until proven guilty (at least for a while…)!