Murder victim was 15-year-old Santa Maria girl

September 30, 2010

Cody Lane Miller

The body found on Sunday in Santa Margarita has been identified as a 15-year-old Santa Maria girl.

Firefighters working to put out a grass fire found the unidentified girl’s burning body in a shallow grave off Park Hill Road a few miles east of Highway 58.

The body was found early Sunday morning in the 5300 block of Park Hill Road, a few miles east of Highway 58. Firefighters were responding to a grass fire found the body in a shallow grave engulfed in flames.

Deputies were able to trace a vehicle sighted at the scene to a home in Nipomo. Earlier this week, deputies arrested Cody Miller, 20, of Fresno, Jason Greenwell, 20, of Nipomo, Ty Hill, 28, of Santa Maria, Jacob York, 18, of Nipomo and Rhonda Wisto, 47, of Nipomo on murder charges and booked them into San Luis Obispo County Jail.

Sources said that Miller was attempting to dig the grave when his former cohorts turned on him and began beating his face with the shove. Miller was taken to a local hospital were he underwent face surgery and had his jaw wired shut.

Frank York

Jason Greenwell

Ty Hill

Rhonda Wisto

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What happen to that little girl was horrible. I am not one to judge anyone until I get all the FACTS.

This is a horrific story for the young girl and our community. Regardless of how or if she was connected to this scum, she did not deserve to have her young life cut short in such a horrendous and callous manner.

Of course they all pleaded not guilty today in court, but then again so did Rex Krebs who preyed upon young woman, killed them and buried them in his back yard. If I’m not mistaken he is still alive in the slammer with the rest of his miscreant buddies living life easy, working out in the gym, free TV, etc.

Too bad the death penalty is just a joke in this state. If the help public hangings on the court house steps right after the guilty verdict was read, like they used to in the old days we might not have so many predators today…

If Rhonda Wisto had dark hair and some facial hair, she would be a dead ringer for Richard Allen Davis who is the guy that abducted and took the life of Poly Class. I thought she was a man when I viewed her mug shot. Just wait until the woman get their hands on her in prison, she will get hers.

These guy’s all have the same hair cuts and Greenwell, Hill and Wisto are all wearing the same shirts or wind breakers? What’s with that, is this a little club or something? The meanest looking crew member is Wisto although no doubt she is the one that I’m sure this poor young girl looked to for help. Obviously no help came.

What a strange group of freaks, have to wonder why they left Cody Miller alive, judging by the severe injuries to his face and head maybe they thought he was dead too?

My condolences to the loved ones of this young girl and her family, these people will never be on the streets again if the residents of SLO county have any say in it. On that I think we all agree, I bet the DA agrees too.

Cindy, check their current photo over at KSBy. They’re all wearing similar clothing there too — orange jumpsuits.

This is one of the most horrible stories I have ever read of.

I offer my condolences to the victim’s family, and my wishes for a speedy trial and speedy execution for the dirt bags.

Looks to me they are all wearing paper jumpsuits. This is probably after their clothes where taken for evidence, not sure about franks but it is probably a white one.

Paper jumpsuits! That’s interesting but it does make sense that they would have their clothes taken away for evidence. I thought that prisoners wore orange cotton jump suits, why would they have blue paper jumpsuits? Does the jail have blue paper suits, anybody?

I believe the orange suits are when inmates are in custody & have been processed thru the jail. The blue or white paper suits are used when their clothes are taken for evidence, probably given to the suspect to wear by the arresting officer.


“These guy’s all have the same hair cuts and Greenwell, Hill and Wisto are all wearing the same shirts or wind breakers? What’s with that, is this a little club or something?”

I’ve been reading your posts and though I am sure you mean well…….you are an idiot! I don’t think you should be passing judgement on anyone!

just sayin!

I knw Cody. He is a very close friend of mines. I honestly think he didn’t knw these ppl well. Cody isn’t frm the these place they talk about. He’s frm Fresno! Cody had his trouble. I’m not sayin he didn’t do it or he did but I knw Cody has a heart & by hearing he got turned on says a lot. He could hve tried stoping it frm happening or told them they were gonna ge lt cot. He has major respect for woman. I’ve seen it with my own eyes. I knw it must of hurt him seem this. He attemted ta diggin the grave. Them other ppl didn’t attemte ta anything. Yeah I can see him losting his temper but only if u did him wrong. I’m not saying wat they did was right or they didn’t do it. I’m jst trying Cody has a heart so dnt act like his a dam freak! I can care less about the other ppl tht are being charged for this. Cody friend yaya..