“More Than Stars” shoots in San Luis Obispo

September 17, 2010

Actors Susie Leslie and Aaron Metchik

A low-budget independent movie, based on the experiences of a former New Times writer, is currently being shot in and around San Luis Obispo.

The second week of a planned 16-day shoot for “More Than Stars” has wrapped. Directed by David Thayer, the script is by David Vienna who served as a features writer/editor at both New Times and The Tribune before moving to Los Angeles.

The movie, described as an “ensemble comedy-drama about a tight-knit group of friends at an alternative newspaper,” is being produced locally by Aspect Studios, with a budget of less than $100,000.

“They work. They drink. They deal with the threat of a corporate buyout,” is the tagline for the movie used on the Hollywood casting call.

Aaron Metchik, who recently wrote and directed the indie flick “10 Years Later” stars in the feature film inspired by Vienna’s days at New Times. He plays Quinn Rawley, a newspaper writer who gets frustrated by his wife’s growing obsession with getting pregnant. His wife, Iris, played by Susie Leslie, is the art director at the paper.

Kevin Harris, managing director of San Luis Little Theatre, also co-stars

No word yet about who plays Glen Starkey.

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Sorry my typing is bad this morning.

“I vote for Rev. Jim from Taxi to play Starkey” is what I meant to write.

How vote Rev. Jim from Taxi to play Starkey.

Who plays the meddling publisher?

Does Shredder get any screen time?

this is a “buddy” movie

in the spirit of Joseph Pulitzer, the Shredder has no friends