Man stabbed for being gay

September 17, 2010

A Santa Maria man stabbed a Denny’s employee twice in the neck and throat after he learned the man was gay at about 3:30 a.m. on Thursday.

The unnamed victim is expected to recover from his injuries.

Curtis Martin, 24, knocked on the closed Santa Maria restaurant window and asked to use the restroom. He was let in and approached a table of employees and asked the victim if he was gay.

After the victim said he was gay, Martin began stabbing him. Martin fled the scene and ran to his vehicle.

Santa Maria Police found Martin headed southbound on Main Street.

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This reminds me of the murder that happened at the Pismo / Arroyo Grande Denny’s. The victim there has a memorial at the park on Atlantic st., in grover beach-I think he was trying to stop the bad-guy from hurting others.

This might not be PC, but this recent victim could have just said “NO, i am not gay” – there’s no law against lying to psycho’s to avoid an lethal attack.

Lot of chatter about not so innocent bystanders to crimes. People are sheep most of the time. Google the Kitty Genovese story. She was stabbed to death in New York in ’64, reports vary but it was reported that dozens of neighbors saw and/or heard the attack by a single assailant and did little or nothing to protect/assist her. Her killer, who admitted this murder and others, proclaimed his interest in killing women because they ‘didn’t fight back’ is still alive and in prison! Amazing…