Residents of Sunny Acres can stay for now

September 2, 2010

Residents of Sunny Acres, expecting to be evicted on Friday, do not have to move out quite yet.

Dan de Vaul appealed a San Luis Obispo Superior Court judge’s ruling that the homeless have to vacate Sunny Acres because many of the buildings and facilities on the site are too dangerous for tenants. The residents can stay indefinitely while the appeal is moving through the process.

For almost a decade, de Vaul has been housing dozens of homeless men and women in a farmhouse, a stucco barn, and a group of garden sheds on his 72-acre ranch northwest of San Luis Obispo on Los Osos Valley Road.

de Vaul’s attorney, John Belsher, has argued that engineers and architects have determined that the buildings are structurally sound.

The appeal process could take several months.

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Duh we cannot let these people stay in buildings that MIGHT be unsafe,

when we can put them on out on the street where it’s DEFINITELY unsafe.

Brought to you by the Government ™ , “We know what’s good for you”

You Go Dan,

You gentle Ornary Crummugeon

An honor to shake your Hand.

Not clear how far a letter of indemnification signed by a resident would hold in court.

The County Gummint® has a point there, as to their liability. But Dan’s Camp is the only safer solution.

At least they may have a shelter through winter.

It is a good use of the ™ Symbol Mk, used it myself plenty. Didn’t know it operated here on CCN

I so hope the crowds of Annie’s fans would take this on and show at least as much interest in human beings as they do in dogs.

They could get so much done!

Turn your placards over and write “Fight for the Homeless” on the back.

Who wouldn’t love to drive by a sign at an intersection saying “EVERYONE is home”?

———————-This is a good victory for our County homeless. Hopfully they will be safe with this appeal.