Sacramento TV station airs first medical marijuana ad

September 4, 2010

This week a Fox affiliate in Sacramento produced and aired what is believed to be the first broadcast ad for a medical marijuana dispensary. The ad shown below is for marijuana advocacy group CannaCare and is running as a fully-paid commercial advertisement. The Tribune’s KTXL Sacramento station is treating this like a major news story on air and online.

[youtube wZJyWOjzbvs 630 375]


We were wondering what you think about this…

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Let me preface this by saying I have NEVER smoked pot or experimented in any way with “recreational” drugs. Now, having said that disclaimer, I nursed my mother into death 17 years ago with breast cancer. It was the most horrible, painful, heartbreaking 4 year event of my life. For her, it was teetering between being drugged enough to ease the pain, and still be coherent to even just eat. Chemo, radiation, mastectomy did not save her. I would have gladly given her ANYTHING to help her. I understand the need for relief of pain and feel strongly that medical marijuana should be allowed for those people who truly need it. How do you police thise? No clue. If I were in my mother’s shoes, I would have smoked pot 24/7 if I had to.

Mama, I miss you still.