World without lawyers?

August 27, 2010

Do you ever wonder what the world would be like without lawyers?

From the  Consumer Attorneys of California some of the 169,294 active members of the State Bar of California.

Video submitted by James McKiernan.

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There is one lawyer who I could definitely do without right now and that dear friend is none other than Peter Joserand XIII from Phonix recovery. Now he has one of the Hurst Financial Fraud victims suing all the other (nominal defendants on their loan), how cheesy, suing my 82 year old dad for conspiracy and rent skimming, that’s right, he could have a heartache or worse, all I say is this is one dirty low down snake in the grass lawsuit, and if your poor old lady client ever sued me , she would be getting a counter complaint with my answer, remember I said you were in with Gearhart, you’re recent actions, prove anything is possible.

Me too, where do we get those stickers? I just wish they were a little cheaper!

Convinced me. Think I’ll go out right away and put a “I (heart) LAWYERS” bumper sticker on my wreck.