State parks likely to run out of toilet paper

September 23, 2010

The sad state of affairs that has become Sacramento is perhaps best captured by an email sent out by the state Finance Department, warning that rural state parks are likely to run out of toilet paper by early October.(LA Times)

The problem involves banks canceling a state credit card for lack of payment. The card is used to buy toilet paper and other supplies. And it won’t be reinstated until the governor and Legislature enact a state budget and card payments are renewed. So until the state is once again flush with cash, well . . .

Urban state parks “should be OK for a while,” the administration’s internal e-mail says. That’s because they benefit from the state’s bulk purchasing in high-population areas.

Columnist George Skelton, who covers Sacramento for the Times, writes “Coincidentally — or perhaps justly — the paper-short rural parks are located mostly in the districts of Republican legislators, who make a career of demanding spending cuts and voting against budgets.”

The toilet paper shortage comes as Sacramento prepares to break the record on Friday by procrastinating 85 days without enacting a spending program.

Meanwhile, thousands of business vendors who supply the state and provide services haven’t been paid since July 1, the start of the fiscal year. They’re getting by on personal savings and outside loans.



  1. CCWheelers says:


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  2. SLORider says:

    Oh, please, Skelton is such a partisan dunce! The Republicans are not hamstringing toilet paper–what a lame political smear. They are standing against massive-scale whoring by Democrats who then turn around and blame the other party for holding up the budget. 2/3 vote was enacted for good reason, and if we sell-out for a few rolls of toilet paper then shame on us!

    Meanwhile, thanks to Democrats, highway rest stops are being closed down. Why? Because we have to pay $3,000 a month to test the well water that serves the restrooms, to make sure the water is safe enough to flush a toilet! Only a Democrat could support such lunacy!

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  3. danika says:

    The State Capital should be forced to use 1ply and not 2ply. That would allow the other 1ply to be sent out to the rural State parks. Problem…the Capital is so full of (insert word here) there would be an excess of t.p. at the State parks. Oh well, I tried.

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  4. mkaney says:

    Oh no!! No toilet paper.. USE LEAVES or newspaper or something, this isn’t a hotel it’s a state PARK.

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    • Cindy says:

      Oh no, I did that when I was a kid and got poison ivy, you know where. BYTP ;)

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  5. hotdog says:

    Probably the fault of the idiot 2/3 vote required, so that the minority rules.

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    • bobfromsanluis says:

      … tyranny of the minority, also known as Republican lawmaker’s mindset. Funny how the Republicans always try to point out how “government doesn’t work” and then when elected, they (the Republicans) prove that government can’t work because they won’t allow it to. I really did enjoy the line in the article stating: “Coincidentally — or perhaps justly — the paper-short rural parks are located mostly in the districts of Republican legislators, who make a career of demanding spending cuts and voting against budgets.” Looks like the Republicans really need to get their sh*t together …. or they might be “wiped” out of office.

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  6. easymoney says:

    Maybe it’s time our wastral legislators are locked in room and their salary/bennies are taken away as a fine, until they pass a budget.
    Time to get Ahnold to appoint Sheryl Crow as wipe czar and mandate a one ticket per use only…

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  7. Paperboys says:

    They should quit buying TP at the State Capital instead.

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