This week’s dumbest criminal

September 10, 2010

Sen. Barbara Boxer accepted her staffer's resignation

This weeks dumbest offender award goes to a man who was arrested for attempting to sneak some marijuana through security at the Hart Senate Office Building. [Politico]

Marcus Stanley, an economic adviser to Sen. Barbara Boxer, had worked on the hill since 2007. He went from making a six figure salary to resigning from his job.

The writers at Wonkette quipped, “He has since resigned his job and will move on to a life of sitting at home reading dumb pot jokes about himself in the comments of this Politico article.”

During the past year and a half, more than a dozen people have been caught bringing marijuana and other drugs, including cocaine, into the building.

Meanwhile, the legalization of marijuana is a hot issue in California. Both Boxer and Sen. Dianne Fienstein are opposed to Proposition 19, a ballot measure that would legalize marijuana and allow the government to impose taxes on pot.

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i have it from the “highest” authority that in fact Marcus Stanley was (and still is) on the payroll of the Carly Fiorina for Senate campaign and was paid by them to embarass Boxer. It was a shameful waste of money. Boxer needs no help in embarassing herself. Her exchange with that general sometime back “don’t call me ma’m call me Senator, cause i have earned it” spoke volumes. Of course Fiorina is just another filthy rich person like Whitman who has nothing to offer but thinks its would be fun to buy a political office. They are Paris Hilton wantabees without the homevideos. California deserves better, Hell the country deserves better than the lunatics, fanatics and criminals that are populating our political seats of power.

“The highest authority”…being God? Now that’s impressive!

NO Danka, it was a clever play on words…”high” as in “get high”. Its a 60’s thing….Of course God must have been high during the 6 days of creation….nothing else would explain what he wrought but a bad trip.

WHY was a man with obvious limited common sense hired to work on Boxer’s staff and make 6 figures…oh wait, because Boxer herself has limited common sense..

How do you know she had nothing to do with this or wasn’t aware of what her employees were doing?

She hired or appointed him, maybe she had “a lapse in judgement” as well?

I would say this explains a lot…

Ms. (don’t call me Ma’am) Boxer’s Economic Advisor since 2007 gets high at the office. I have suspected only someone smoking some bad dope could come up with the economic “advise” floating around the congressional camp these days.

Easymoney asks – “Wonder is Boxer will appologise [sic] for this …?”

Why should Senator Boxer apologize for something with which she had nothing to do?

This guy had a lapse of judgment and was caught breaking the law.

“He went from making a six figure salary to resigning from his job.”

OMG, just how stupid can he be? Guess that’s how stupid…

Wonder if boxer will appologise for this insanity?