Trial postponed for Paso Robles woman accused of forgery

September 5, 2010

Jean Cross

Less than a week before her trial was to start, the Paso Robles grant writer accused of fraud changed her attorney and postponed her trial until Nov. 30 in U.S. District Court in Riverside. [DesertSun]

Jean Cross is charged with forgery, mail fraud and making false statements in relations to a $35 million federal grant she garnered for the Indio Youth Task Force in 2007. According to her agreement with the Task Force, she was contracted to receive 15 percent or about $5 million for her efforts.

On Friday, during a pretrial hearing, a judge agreed to postpone the hearing at the request of her new attorney, Joel Isaacson of Los Angeles.

Cross’ former attorney, Berkeley-based attorney Harold Rosenthal, had argued for the dismissal of two of the charges because there was no prove of intent to defraud.

Cross is accused of forging the signatures of principals on the application and supporting documents. Cross said she “windowed” the signatures by holding them up to a light and tracing them with different colored pens to add authenticity, according to an interview with investigating agents.

Cross contends Gilbert Marrujo, former facilitator for the After School Education Safety program, was responsible for gathering the signature and decided instead to fax a copy of a previous grant application to Cross.

Rosenthal said in a motion to dismiss the counts of forgery and making false statements that the “Desert Sands Unified School District knew the signatures on the application submitted were replicas.”

Cross faces a maximum penalty of 35 years in federal prison if convicted.

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The picture of this woman makes me wanna puke. Another worthless human sucking hard of the

Government tit. To the Gallows!!

I say we just take the ridiculous game of judicial precedence the Supreme Court has been playing all these years to allow the expansion of federal government and ramp it up with strategically selected cases. Since they ruled that corporations are individuals under the 14th amendment, and the District of Colombia is incorporated, then it too must be an individual. Then we need a case which recognizes that corporations not only have the rights of individuals but also the responsibilities.

And finally, it should easy enough to cases of illegal activity that are systemic, due to poorly designed procedures or contradicting requirements in both the congressional and legislative branches, to arrest the the whole freaking District and imprison it for a long long time.

Yeah yeah, I realize that the whole notion that we live under the rule of law, law that is applied as fairly and consistenly as possible, is just a myth they teach school children… but sometimes it’s fun to imagine what hope might look like.

If you really dig into it all 50 states are incorporated as well. Even the United States Govt is a chartered corporation.

Five million dollars for doing the paperwork to get a government grant! Our government allows this? Her crime is she forged some signatures? The question is, is there any reason to believe the people whose signatures were forged wouldn’t have signed the grant papers if presented with the papers to sign? If the grant was received, any reason to believe they wouldn’t have paid the $5 million?

I want to throw-up. It is like Medicare fraud. I never understood how all the Medicare fraud could take place year after year. Must be brilliant crooks — wrong! Sixty Minutes ran a piece tonight that clearly explained how ridiculously easy it is to rip off Medicare. All the officials of Medicare are absolute idiots, and they and the politicians that have never gotten to the bottom of this need to be thrown out of office. All of the Senior Republicans and Democrats need to be thrown out. All! Not one deserves to remain.

You might be able to see the video on the CBS website. They interviewed Medicare recipients (one was a retired Judge) that for years have constantly told Medicare that fake charges are showing up in their Medicare statements. Nothing was ever done. Fake charges for artificial limbs, two and tree at a time; electric wheelchairs; urine bags; special mattresses; you name it. The one Medicare recipient interviewed wanted to know why wasn’t her Medicare account flagged to check the validity of new charges coming in since she had been warning Medicare about fake charges on her Medicare statements for six years. No answer, “that’s just the way the system is”.

Where are the regulators, law enforcement, FBI, GAO, the Justice Department, etc? Just like with the Banks and Security firms, the regulators are all missing in action. What the heck do all these people in all of these government agencies do all day? Clearly, none of the government workers in management gives a damn because they don’t do anything about it. It would take a few simple steps to fix the ridiculously easy ways to rip off Medicare highlighted in the Sixty Minutes story tonight.

The FBI knows that this particular Medicare scam has been going on for years because they are being interviewed about it in the story. The FBI doesn’t go to Medicare, Justice or Congress and say here is what is happening, here are the holes in the system and here is our recommendation of how to fix it, and if it turns out the FBI has gone to these agencies, who is responsible in these agencies for doing nothing about it? Nobody ever gets fired, nobody is held responsible, and they all get their fat government pensions that we are paying for, and virtually all of the senior politicians in Washington, both Democrats and Republicans, are millionaires.

Those of you, both on the left and the right, who blindly stick-up for your party leaders — You are wrong!!! Both sides — blind, wrong and to blame!

The system is so easy to rip off, just everyday low lives, not highly intelligent crooks, as I wrongly assumed must be the case, have been able to rip off Medicare for millions of dollars in just a few months and have been doing it for years, but our fat cat government employees can’t do anything about it. Fire them all!

How do we turn over our already crooked commercial health insurance industry to our colossally incompetent government workers who can’t stop Medicare fraud, and allow $5 million of a $35 million federal government grant to be paid as a finder fee to a person for doing paperwork?

Five million bucks, of taxpayer money, to write a “grant”. Tell me it isn’t time to cull the herd in the public sector.

That is very kind of you to allow some of the herd to remain. You are a clearly a bigger person than I am :)