Boat sinks at Lake Nacimiento

September 6, 2010

A ski boat overloaded with 12 people sank shortly after 1:30 p.m. on Sunday at Lake Nacimiento. No one was injured.

The boat was traveling at a speed of five miles per hour through the Las Tablas area when a wave struck the small vessel. The boat began flooding and went nose first into seven feet of water.

All twelve passengers made it safely to shore. The San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Marine Unit transported the people back to the Lake Nacimiento main dock.

Sheriff Marine Unit deputies are urging boaters to know the weight limitations on their vessels. Overloading is the primary reason boats sink, sheriff investigators said.

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OK, so where is Darwin when we need him. The moron driving the boat obviously sped up to the 5 mile zone and then did a quick throttle back and swamped himself. The moron deserved to have his boat sunk. We need to bill him for the cost of salvaging the boat and any additional costs incurred to bring aid to the drunks he was with. More Valley folks….

“Accidental” overloading? Stop the boat.

Breathalyzer results in yet?

Wreck-less endangerment?

No harm, no foul

Unsafe operation of a craft in California waterways

Battery lead gasoline and motor oil fouling a DRINKING Water supply

It’s a good thing all 12 were uninjured