Blakeslee moves to the middle

October 14, 2010

Sam Blakeslee – photo by Dennis Eamon Young

Newly-elected Central Coast state senator Sam Blakeslee may be moving to the political middle. [Capitol Weekly]

Last week, Blakesleee, who was considered more conservative in his Assembly days,  took the unusual step of hiring a Democrat as his press secretary.

Erin Shaw is herself a moderate who has served under both Maldonado and Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger. But her appointment still risks alienating some of the many Republican staffers who walked precincts for Blakeslee in the heat of July and August, many of whom will be looking for new jobs come November.

The hiring of Shaw comes after the Republican set up a brand-new subcommittee — complete with a coveted paid staffer — which he hopes will foster more bipartisan agreement in the Legislature, including addressing the problem of terminally late budgets.

Two days after the special August election, Blakeslee was named to chair a new Senate Subcommittee on Recovery, Reform and Realignment. The committee has a broad-based mission: improving the job situation, reforming the tax code, and realigning “revenues and responsibilities between state and local government to improve accountability,” according to Blakeslee’s office

If Blakeslee wants to hold this seat he should continue to be seen as a moderate, even a progressive on environmental issues,”  said Paul Mitchell, Democratic strategist.

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This is a typical Blakeslee tactic. When he runs in a primary he is a conservative. Then when elected he pretends he is a moderate and throws a few sops to some ego-centered environmentalist in the community in and they support him. Bottom line is his voting record in the assembly and it is conservative. Also this man plans to make politics his career and as a Republican he can only move up the ranks if he is conservative.

We need more moderates in both parties. How else can we expect common sense to someday be the prevailing thoughts in the capital building!

The only real “news” here is that most of the time conservatives swing right for the primary then to the middle for the general, and Democrats tend to the left for primaries and again towards the middle for the general election. I think Saw really wants to be perceived as “in the middle” but the middle has shifted so far to the right in the past ten years the political middle is still very conservative. Just my opinion.

I feel he has always been a moderate .

How quickly they change after election…