Parkinson responds

October 7, 2010

Ian Parkinson, the front runner in the November election for county Sheriff, defended his actions Thursday as an expert witness in a 2000 civil trial. [KSBY]

Parkinson has come under criticism after CalCoastNews reported that the San Luis Obispo police officer and accident reconstructionist failed to publicly reveal that the plaintiff in the case was a relative.

Rita Tavernetti, Parkinson’s sister-in-law, was awarded $1.4 million following the death of her father in an automobile accident in Monterey County. Parkinson’s testimony during the trial contradicted eyewitness accounts and a report by the CHP that both supported the other side.

A review of the trial transcripts by CalCoastNews indicates that neither Parkinson nor the plaintiff’s attorney, James Murphy of Arroyo Grande, ever revealed the family connection to the judge or jury.

“I disclosed it to the attorney. The attorney says he disclosed it at least twice,” Parkinson said on Thursday, referring to Murphy.

The defendant’s attorney died a few years ago. Both his co-counsel and private investigator told CalCoastNews that they were never aware of the Parkinson-Tavernetti connection.

When asked by a reporter if Parkinson’s involvement in the case was ethical, the candidate responded by saying, “You keep going down to ethics and the challenge here is, when you disclose it, it’s very ethical.” Parkinson also insisted other accident experts testified on behalf of Tavernetti.

As reported by CalCoastNews earlier this week, Murphy used at least one other expert witness in the case. Steve Blewett, a mechanical engineering expert from San Jose, who is also an auto reconstructionist, testified before the jury about how the trailer disconnected from the truck in the accident that killed Tavernetti’s dad.

When contacted by CalCoastNews, Blewett said he would not testify for a family member or friend because of the appearance of impropriety and laughed when he learned Parkinson was related to the plaintiff.

Parkinson also claimed that his relationship to Tavernetti was “irrelevant” to his testimony because “the accident reconstructionist just says how the accident happened.”

In addition, Parkinson said that he had asked if he was required to have a city business license and had been told he did not need one.

Asked to comment Thursday afternoon, Parkinson’s opponent, retired police chief Joe Cortez said he would “let the voters decide” how important the allegations were.


Pardon my lexicon but I think informed voters in SLOC are simply pissed-off. We voters are having Parkinson shoved down our throats in the typical fast-food, slick-ass, persian-bazaar manner so common in this county. When someone takes exception, the good old boy/gal politicos dig in and out come their dirks and daggers looking to destroy anyone that would dare disagree positions designed to benefit them directly.

If Steve Moss was still with us and in-charge at the New Times I firmly believe that Parkinson would have withdrawn from the race last Friday following a story in the New Times on Thursday. That might even have happened if the Tribune had some guts and honor but they don’t (shame on you Bruce Ray) so Parkinson continues to hobble forward — his supporters getting ever more bitter with every stumble.

The good and vital works of Karen Velie have now become the focus of the good old boy/gal politicos. Hang in there Karen — they’ve becoming mean because they are becoming desperate. You’ll survive this and will be the stronger for it. We voters are in your debt.

In the end I’m going to do what’s right — what my conscience requires me to do, and it does not include voting for Ian Parkinson.


l worked with both Parkinson and Cortez. I am voitnig for Parkinson. HIs braod experience rivals that of any LE officer in the county…experience as a training officer (when I supervised the Field Training Officer Program for training new officers, I assigned trainees who were struggling to Parkinson as he had a knack for getting through to them), detective, traffic accident investigator, defensive tactic instructior (including extensive training of the department on liability relating to the use of force), SWAT team leader, and extensive experience as a supervisor and manager. My personal experience with Parkinson is that he was very honest and not afraid to take an unpopular stand. Cortez is a nice guy and good public speaker, but doesn’t come close to Parkinson in areas like leadership and technical expertise.


I don’t doubt he has the experience, BUT he has shown himself to be untruthful. I changed my vote to Cortez. He has the experience and integrity. We need leadership in the Sheriff’s department with honesty and integrity along with experience. Ian really doesn’t have all three. Is his unpopular stand not admitting certain things?


Lets start with the truth! Lets look at Cortez, he is a man that tried to scam the disability system for a permanent disability off bogus claims of hearing loss and heart conditions? Then he is not healthy enough to be under the stress of being sheriff. Are you kidding me with Uncovered SLO? They can’t try to appear to be more biased! Have they covered any part of the disability claims of either candidate? NO, they can’t do that, they would have to acutally right real news! I am disgusted by this site now, they used to be true journalism, good, bad or indifferent and now they are definatley biased!!! Please don’t attempt to get into a discussion of facts and relevance, this site would fail not only on merit, but on actually facts.

Pathetic! That is this sites new name, Pathetic, Obvious, and Opaque! Please find me a journalist I can respect now, there are none that exist in this county any longer! Your comments tell me you have no integrity or honesty. Most on this site don’t, they are just sad and looking for a place to vent their miserable sadness. This site allows for it, because it has no choice now. It has to pander to the negative sad persons that are willing to lie.


JimE: As a field supervisor or a person assigned to enhance training, having “a knack for getting through to them” should be very important, no argument; as the person at the very top of the pyramid though, I do not believe that relating on a one to one basis is as important as how you set an example, how well you delegate and any your ability to follow through on your directives would seem to be more important. Ian Parkinson has had his credibility shredded due to his past actions coming to light, many of those instances first being aired here on this site. If Ian had simply admitted on Dave’s show when the caller claimed that he not paid some back tax liens that he had let them slip and they were now taken care of, I’ll bet you that most of what has come out would not have been pursued so relentlessly. Mr. Parkinson’s decision to not respond to many of the allegations has also damaged his credibility, and the age of google and electronic records, stuff does not always stay buried anymore. Bottom line for me and many others, the more that law enforcement personal come out in support of Ian Parkinson, the more the idea of Joe Cortez seems the way to go due to his stated mission of reorganizing the Sheriff’s department, which most people agree is in desperate need of happening. Vote for Joe.


Did you work on Law enforcement and get kicked out? Of course you support a man that makes claims he can’t support. Cortez only has designs to get a better pension or retirement. What has come to light is actually your pathetic attempt to slander a good man. You refuse to see the truth about the taxes, even when the truth comes out. Please try to truly recognize a good man when you have one in front of you like Ian Parkinson. The only reason people try to falsly tear him down, is because they know they can’t run against him on true merits!


Just how much “broad experience” does Parkinson have? He doesn’t have a degree. He doesn’t have any military experience and he doesn’t have the benefit of leading different organizations as a chief.

He’s another liability for the taxpayers…


Liability? Lets look at Cortez and his false claims and request of permenant disabliltiy for what the judge called “pre-existing conditions.” Even Cortez said he could hear the radio and his heart was bad from stress. Did you miss that? Oh wait, Uncovered SLO happened to conviently miss that story!


There was no “false claims.” No you’re simply lying…


Wow, a brave soul to say that is convictions are where he lies his truths! I can say this, JimE will be disliked on this blog, because of all the psychophants false claims and inuendoes! Thank you Jim for your honest EXPERIENCE with both candidates. Not many here can say that.


“defensive tactic instructior (including extensive training of the department on liability relating to the use of force)”

I don’t think Parkinson’s extensive training of the department in the use of force is anything to brag about, especially after it failed and the city of SLO had to pay out $195,000 after three SLOPD officers were found guilty of police brutality after giving Jeff Milne a brutal beatdown and Parkinson’s recording equipment also all simultaneously failed. Another example of a egregiously bad use of force is SLOPD Office Scott Cramer chasing down and punching out a 50 year old disabled person while off duty.

The SLO Sheriff has already had several cases of people dying in their custody, so I fear that this may not change if Parkinson is in charge of their training.


If Ian had such good leadership, why did 2 officers in the SLO PD go to Mexico and bring back

large amounts of illegal drugs???? And Ian has a problem with ethics big time.

Joe Cortez has my vote.


Bitter is this blog by you and it is definately obvious. Were you arrested by SLO PD at some time and you harbor resentment? Karen refuses to cover the truths and current news on your “boy Friday” Cortez. Ian Parkinson is the real deal! He is a good man, has a good family, and works very hard to represent everyone in SLO and this county. If you had one ounce of pleasure of really getting to know him, you would think the same.

Calcoast is actually the weaker from it, they refuse to be journalist with integrity. They used to be untouchable! But now they are simiply lower than the tribune. As much as I hate to say it, they ahve fallen from grace and impartiality.


No matter what, it all boils down to Parkinson not having the foresight to see that this might look bad.

Politics is all about controlling perception. If he can’t spot that this might look bad, how can we expect him to have the foresight to run our county?


NO! It all boils down to Parkinson not acting with integrity while being an employee of the City of San Luis Obispo.


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After reading the first story and now this story something really bugs me … bugs me bad.

Its about Parkinsons not getting a PI license for being a private investigator even though he is charging $150.00 an hour.

I know there are many people out there busting their butts trying to make a living in this economy. They advertise to do any kind of construction (like building a fence or doing a simple bathroom remodel) and only charge 25 bucks an hour to help feed their family. What happens to them is the Dept of Consumer Affairs stings them and busts their ass not having a contracters license …. but good ol Parkinson can run his $150 dollar an hour side business without a license at the same time he is getting paid mega bucks from us working folks for being a Captain of the Police.

What a bunch of BS BS BS !!!

I wouldnt ever vote for this clown




You must be a follower…


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You people have no life’s outside of bashing Ian….


You people have no ‘life’s’ outside of bashing Ian….

I think it’s more of a dire concern that the right person becomes Sheriff of our county!

And yes, I will be afraid of loosing my life if the wrong person becomes Sheriff as so many have under Hedges!

It’s not BASHING it’s just people that know how to spell with real concerns and real ‘lives’!


Cool…. I miss spelled a word I guess I will never become sheriff then as long you are around….

Nitpicking at it’s finest, thank you for the grammar lesson….


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And yet you are here, reading what people have posted…that makes YOUR life, what??


Parkinson keeps talking about running the larger SLO police department as opposed to Cortez’s experience as Chief of Police of the much smaller Pismo Beach police department.

If Parkinson is running the SLO police department then why in the hell are we paying Deb Linden $231,855 a year!

And if Parkinson is ‘running’ SLOPD then how does he find time to do that with his ‘expert witness’ business AND do a TON of campaigning to boot!


The city budget cannot resolve until binding arbitration is repealed.

I don’t think too many people realized the impact it had on the city’s budget.


Given the HORROR of binding arbitration where newbie SLOPD cops begin at $125K/year I suggest the following.

Once Cortez is elected I would like to see the City of SLO contract for police services with the SLOC Sheriff’s Department. Liquidate the SLOPD and either mothball the HQ or use it as a Sheriff’s sub-station. Those officers that wanted to remain as deputies (under the deputies wage scale) would be allowed to if they were indeed qualified and needed.

Maybe in 5-10 years we could then look at re-building the SLOPD — but only if it was cost effective…


Check out the latest at the Tribune. Notice how they say that they don’t have all Parkinson’s records so they can’t say if he also checked off the “permanent disability” box ! “Parkinson said he does not recall whether his claim sought permanent as well as temporary disability.” How convenient, considering that they have all of Cortez’s records and point out that he checked off the “permanent disability box” but fail to take note that the New Times reported that Parkinson did the same thing.

Per Tribune: Parkinson said he does not have any current complications, only some numbness that he’s not sure is related to the shoulder injury.

Per NewTimes: Parkinson said his injury has since healed and hasn’t caused him significant problems other than occasional soreness.

So within a period of two days he goes from still having “soreness” from his injury (that he incurred 20 years ago) to some numbness that might not be from the injury (that he incurred 20 years ago). He just makes it up as he goes. Neither statement is a concern except that they contradict each other.

Read more:


He is one big contradiction! That is why I changed my vote to Cortez. Sorry Ian!


Cindy… is not the topic! moderator says: focus comment more on the story less on other member opinions.


How to win a civil or criminal case

Provide new empressive evidence (e.g. Expert Witness) Cause the CHP officer not to appear by any timing, circumstance or subversive outside means. The case is won! (You all know that if an officer does not appear or prevented to appear and new additional evidence is given, it will outweight the previous evidence)

More importantly any stipulation to use a bias witness must be approved by the judge, in Murphy / Parkinson’s case, it obviously WAS NOT!!!!

And the victims were sprayed as in the wrong to the tune of $1.4 million.

This is only one case!!!!!


Obviously you didn’t know the facts my friend. Are you a scorned wanna be SLO PD cadet? There were other expert witnesses to the case that testified. Did you miss that or just plain fail to acknowledge the facts, just like the reporter that covered the story from the beggining? Don’t lambast a case you have no real knowledge of. Please stick to what you may know, or may not, that is what Uncovered SLO does.


OK, undoubtedly he needs a Business License. On his campaign page, under Achievements he states:

•Court-recognized expert in the area of accident reconstruction in San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Monterey Counties.

He clearly states he is doing this in 3 counties and since his residence is in SLO and he has no business location, he would need not only a Business License but a Home Occupation Permit for conducting the business out of his home; unless he is renting space from Abbey Home Loans for those cute commericals he did for owner, Sullen Iness of Pismo, (President and interim CEO of Pismo Beach Chamber of Commerce – read this story, on this site about “Pismo Beach Chamber Clams Up Over Missing Funds”, Sept 28, 2010).

No State License, No Business License, No Home Occupation Permit… If guess if you are in Public Service you don’t need to read or abide by the same laws and rules as the general population does because your are king and we are your subjects that pay the paupers…


Can you imagine what that looks like to all of the people who were sent letters about a house they rent and didn’t apply for a business license?

If you are one of those people and are voting for Ian Parkinson, think again.

He clearly admits he has this business, but yet has no operating license. He is full of manure when he say’s he spoke to someone and they said he didn’t need one. Why didn’t you go to the city, you know, the one you are employed by for your policeman’s job! I mean seriously.

Not one of you that support him have addressed the issue’s of his integrity or lack thereof. You refuse to believe certain things that are fact. I guess the river denial runs deep within the Parkinson camp.


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Are you serious with this?


I can’t wait until Cortez is Elected. I am sure he has all kinds of Fantastic ideas to spruce up the Sheriff’s Department like he did with Pismo. My first suggestion would be get rid of that horrible looking SQUAD CAR and brighten it up. I know you cant put a “Lion surfing a wave” on it, that wouldn’t be right, but im sure he would be open for comment. Next, those uniforms just say “I’m going to whoop your ASS”. I think softening up the all green pants with some Pin Strips down the side would look “FABULOUS” and maybe make them all wear ties and bus driver hats like the Old Days.

Pismo Looks Awesome with the Wave on their cars, Clam Shell Buttons, and pin stripping. This is SLO county lets throw some FLARE into how our deputies look, maybe making them look ridiculous will be the start of them minding their manners.

Please Post your ideas I would love to hear them!!!


Turning cop cars into kartoon kars seems to be the province of Mr. Parkinson as evidenced by the ridiculous and costly hot rods the SLOPD no employs. Nice job, Ian.

Actually the SLOC Sheriff’s uniform could stand some updating. As they are, they sorta look like park rangers. The southern bubba hats (for those that actually wear them) look downright foolish. The CHP (for example) uniform looks a great deal more professional.

Nice try “knowtheFACTS” but you failed.


You really are sad that you fell for that! You must have been a CHP officer or at least pulled over by one… :)


I can’t wait, filing for permenant disability for false disabilities will be an academy special course! You can learn how to work the system before you are even in it. That would be great! I for one want to be a sheriff if Cortez gets elected. He can show us all how to work the system for a better reitrement, disabilities and false claims.