Parkinson takes on the Incredible Hulk (seriously)

October 11, 2010

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s candidate Ian Parkinson may avoid debates on KVEC, or interviews with our intrepid reporter Karen Velie, but no one declines an interview with the Incredible Hulk.

Just when you thought that Parkinson couldn’t become any more unpredictable after his TV commercial last summer for a local home loan company, comes this four-part “interview” currently available on YouTube.

The Hulk, AKA actor Lou Ferrigno, who has a house on the Central Coast, sat down recently with our Man-Who-Would-Be-Sheriff (if-only-CalCoastNews-would-stop-writing-about-me) and asked him the tough questions.

We wonder if critics will call it The Incredible Hunk meets The Incredible Hulk.

No word yet as to whether Parkinson will next appear on the Rick Martel Show.

Enjoy today’s surreal Moment of Zen and keeping telling yourself  The election is almost over.


One muscle-head talking to another muscle-head. They are interchangeable as shown by them switching places for the 4th video. Do we want such a mental midget as our sheriff? I don’t think so! Vote for Cortez.


This was probably one of the most poorly produced videos I have seen in a long time. My 8 year old son can make better videos with his eyes closed. Either no tripod was used or it was guided by someone having a seizure. Parkinson practically has his back to the camera in the first 3 parts – you can only see him in profile so it’s hard to see any of his expressions when he answers. You have a much better view of Lou who is the interviewer, not the subject. And, as others have pointed out, the audio quality is awful and despite clearly not using wireless microphones (as they should have), the audio amazingly manages to pick up noisy static halfway through the interview.

The video uploader is “InnovativeConceptsHQ”. If this video was actually produced by local tech company “Innovative Concepts” then it is a horrible advertisement for their technical competency.

At least both Ferrigno and Parkinson got the memo that it was fitted short sleeve shirt day, even though Parkinson couldn’t be bothered to dress up for the interview.


I must agree that the production was rather poor and sound was challenging at times. But, it did meet the intended purpose of sharing Parkinson’s thoughts and some of his goals as Sheriff. Usually being one that is critical of any candidate, this one provided little information compared to some of the other stories raised up by CCN. It seems more appropriate to attack the issues and not to attack Parkinson for the sake of attacking Parkinson. CCN scored an F on this non-story. Please keep the factual information flowing and don’t fill your usually informative site with this kind of garbage.


Parkinson is just a pretty face in an empty suit. I can just imagine him asking Ferrigno for a starring role in a Hulk remake ……. just in case the Sheriff thing falls through


Not worthy of my time. I didn’t even watch the full first episode. My vote remains with Cortez. He is simply the logical choice, given Parkinson isn’t ready to answer serious questions posed by serious interviews.

Paul Anthony

I only watched the first of the four. The audio was horrible. If this is the man who wishes to be sheriff, we are in for it folks. He’s inarticulate, spent almost five minutes saying what could have been said in less than 30 seconds. No pressure, cream puff questions for the creme puff.

He was not being interviewed by KSBY where he was clearly discombobulated by the simple question of ethics. He was being asked to talk about community involvement. Was that really so hard?

It’s amazing that he is in the running for sheriff, but then I was amazed that GW was in the running for president of the USA. He was elected and ran us into the ground.

Ian – as a member of the community, and as a person who is Policing in Advance, and at your request. please drop out of the race.

Let the embarrassment end today.


Oh. My. God. What a disaster. Did Ian record these “interviews” with his department’s latest hi-tech recorders that don’t always work? I could hardly hear the conversation! Sure, it is important that the county residents trust the deputies in the department, that the residents know that the Sheriff has the citizens best interests at heart; I am not surprised that Ian thinks that he is the only one who can deliver that. This was not an “interview”; this was two law enforcement officers talking shop, with just a little hint that they were discussing the sheriff’s race. Lame would be an improvement.


That was interesting. I’m going to post the link over at the Tribune tomorrow and tell everyone about his U-Tube, not quite sure I would cal it an interview, but it gave me some insight into what he thinks is important.


I like ol Lou. Have read many a thing about the man over the years. Seems like a nice guy. That being said is he getting played here (by Parkinson)?

I find it interesting in that Lou is a sworn L.A. County Sheriff. So is this just convenience for Parkinson to have a good ol boy throw him cream puff questions??

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