Attempted murder suspect shot by sheriff deputy

November 29, 2010

A man was shot in the leg Sunday evening in an officer-involved shooting south of San Simeon on Highway 1 at about 11:30 p.m., the San Luis Obispo Sheriff Department reported.

Sheriff deputies were working to intercept a group of five people on an alleged crime spree. The alleged spree began with the three males and two females fled from a traffic stop in the stolen car they were driving in Pacific Grove.

Then, at about 10 p.m., the suspects were allegedly involved in an attempted armed robbery with shots fired in the Grimes Point area near Big Sur.

The suspects then headed south and were allegedly involved in an attempted murder for a separate shooting near the Whale Watcher Inn in Gorda.

San Luis Obispo deputies attempted to stop the suspects on Highway 1 south of San Simeon. The suspects initially yielded at gunpoint to the deputies.

The driver then turned the vehicle toward a deputy who took cover behind a patrol car, deputies said.

Deputies opened fire on the vehicle. The driver then headed south for several hundred feet before stopping.

One of the suspects received a gunshot wound to the leg and was transported to Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center where he was treated and released.

The number of charges, identification of suspects and final booking location is not available.

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I’m getting pretty tired of reading our papers almost on a daily basis and seeing these people abusing our law and order. Anyone see a common tread of who is committing these crimes: head on collison injuring a Paso officer and his dad then heading to Indio, driving drunk in SLO going the wrong way, gang bangers attempting murder and robbery, suspicious death in Nipomo Thanksgiving night, etc. etc. etc…. Do you know what this is costing SLO County. We house, feed, clothes them, provide legal attorneys, medical care and they take up the use of our Court system and then all the appeals. This does not include the free education, free breakfast lunch, food stamps, housing, and all the other programs to make them good citizens. I know there are exceptions but Lordy, this is getting ridiculous in our little County. Just saying!!!

I love the way we have to tippy toe around these issues otherwise we find ourselves ducking from the free loading liberals that pull out the race card every time someone dares to speak the TRUTH.

Believe me Slobird, Plenty of us have noticed this BS and have had it with all the do gooders and bleeding hearts. Close the boarders and deport the invaders.

We have met the enemy,and he is us.

And what is your nationality PaulJones? I guarantee you’re not native american you fat hipocrite.

Stop whining. You could be living in L.A,, but you’re not, you’re here and you should stop complaining

about the few instances of criminal behavior you have to deal with.

And in the paper this morning it comes out that (drum roll please)…………………..these fine individuals are members of the Bulldog St. gang. Ah again gangbangers. The ugly underbelly of society that contributes NOTHING and is nothing but a menance to. The really galling part to me, is to see all these perps mug shots and the toughnesss they try to display in them, while holding little regard for the lifes of those around them. To bad the cops didn’t to society a favor and finish them all off in San Simeon. Harsh?? You bet! I have no regard for these assholes who have no regard for life.

With the amount of damage they did along the coast (thank God it isn’t heavyly populated) could you imagine once they got to S.L.O. All their damage occured in only a matter of hours. Had they not been stopped…..????

More detail from the Big Sur end of things:

Wow excellent link thanks

Chalk one up for the good guys; and they are the good guys. THANK YOU Sheriff Dept. It appears they were on a crime spree with no respect or care for life or property. On most days, these officers do their shifts without major incidents. When the day does come to use force, it is usually a split second decision. I

wonder how their critics would react in a given situation. I know many in law enforcement in various agencies in this county, and they are ALL, outstanding individuals on and off duty. I thank each and every one of them for putting their lives on the line each day. A job well done.

I’m betting multiple deputies were involved (can’t imagine a lone deputy taking on 5 people on a crime spree). I would really like to know how many deputies fired shots and how many shots were fired. My concern is that only 1 shot is accounted for in the story. Sounds like a whole lotta “spray and pray” on the part of the deputies. Shot placement is critical. More ‘real world’ training needed perhaps?

Talk about an armchair quarterback!

It appears that plenty of shots were fired including shooting out the tires on the SUV. I think they all (LEO) did an excellent job. If the police from Monterey county had initially gave chase it would have placed many people at risk. The road in that area along the coast is only two lanes, very narrow and winds along the cliffs. They did the right thing to avoid a high speed chase.

I also have to commend the SLOSD for managing to bring these perps down without a slaughter. How often have we heard of a perp being hit 15 times? I’m proud that they are our protectors (particularly after the recent embarrassments) and it gives our county an excellent reputation for LE competence. These perps are crazy to come into our small county and think they are going to get away with committing these types of crimes. They should stay in the valley where they blend in with the rest of the gang bangers and meth heads.

Too bad justice was not dispatched on the spot, to much money and time will be wasted on several non contributing members of our society.

While in my gut, I agree with you… I also hold a high regard for due process. May they each get the harshest penalty that the law allows.

Humm, No doubt the Deputies did a god job here, I have to wonder about opening fire when there were two woman in the car who might have been victims rather than willing participants. Considering that only one person ended up shot and it was in the leg, I’d say the Deputies did an outstanding job containing and capturing them, thanks guys. What’s with all the criminals showing up in our neck of the woods lately? Seems like it’s getting worse.

Thats a remarkably sexist comment Cindy. I am ashamed of you.

Unbelievable. This is 2010, dirtbaggery is no longer reserved for one gender!

The woman are perps accused of attempted MURDER. I’m sure they knew this very well ahead of time from the Monterey County Sheriff. Please don’t imply wrongdoing when you don’t know what the facts are.

Yeah, Yeah, OK Everybody. I have the full story and they were all gang banging criminals. Yes, although I never thought about it, I guess that I am sexist. I don’t mean to be, but it’s rare for a woman, let alone two of them to voluntarily go for that kind of a ride. I thought they might have been victims and I was reserving my judgment. Go ahead, give me the red.