Jerry Brown: Flip-flop No. 1

November 4, 2010

Brown's Oakland Hills home

It didn’t take long. California Gov.-elect Jerry Brown told a Wednesday morning press conference that he will not be moving to Sacramento, contradicting an earlier pledge and creating his first official flip-flop. [Capitol Alert]

“I will live in Oakland, but given the fact I said I’m going to be working virtually nonstop on the budget, I’m going to have to find some place to sleep in Sacramento,” Brown said. “I’ll find a place.”

Brown told reporters he wouldn’t sell his five-level, $1.8 million Oakland Hills home “until it attains its original value. And that’s going to take a lot of work on my part.”

The Democrat had said in September that he would move to Sacramento if elected. “I will move in here,” he said at the time. “There are plenty of nice places downtown.”


Jerry brown has traditionally led by being an example himself.

I am convinced that many of you are too young to remember that when Prop 13 passed, Jerry brown predicted correctly that it’s morph version would devastate the future and he was correct. Prop 13 was originally intended for the home owners and convoluted to include benefits for business speculations. In the 1970’s many of us agreed that even Jaris has a price when targeted by special interest.

If all of you feel Jerry Brown is going to send California or allow California to go to hell, simply move out to a better resting place, for those who were in tune to the real facts of the earlier years be lucky this experienced man is still alive to do whatever he can do to salvage screwed up crooked state.

If you think that Meg Whitman was trying to become governor for the benefit of the people of California , ask yourself how she was able to milk a billion dollars into her pocket from EBay, it sure was not for the benefit of those that served her!

Kevin Rice

Prop 13 SAVED California. The idea that it did otherwise is a simpleton ignorance of the GIANT spending problem in this state. EVEN WITH Prop 13 California has the highest taxes in the country, the highest paid state employees, and the highest paid teachers.

The ONLY thing that ruined California is the FAILURE to live within a means which was THANK GOD limited just a little bit by Prop 13!!! Even so, we still manage to have the highest taxes in the country. What would California be like without such protection??

The reason Prop 13 was enacted in the first place was the unscrupulous Sacramento-Union marriage which continues to beget it’s children of the devil upon citizens of this state.


Prop 13 destroyed California, but dream on.

Kevin Rice

Flip flop? Maybe a 3 on a scale of 10. This is salacious journalism knowing the headline will grab readers–it does.

HOWEVER, with Jerry Brown’s gang-Green illness, it is VERY CONTRADICTORY that he will be spewing exhaust making the commute back and forth to Oakland. He should live what he preaches and rent another flop-house across the street from the Capitol.

Jerry is also deluded if he thinks his Oakland home will ever be worth what he paid for it. And, it’s disingenuous to use that excuse as the same home in Sacramento is also equally devalued and, thus, he could sell and reinvest at no loss.

Paul Anthony

Where do you read he’s going to commute?

Kevin Rice

Gee, Paul, I don’t know… what does this say to you???

“I will live in Oakland, but given the fact I said I’m going to be working virtually nonstop on the budget, I’m going to have to find some place to sleep in Sacramento,” Brown said.

Paul Anthony

My wife loves quoting. Let me do it again for you so you can read it more clearly.

“I will live in Oakland, but given the fact I said I’m going to be working virtually nonstop on the budget, I’m going to have to find some place to sleep in Sacramento,” Brown said. “I’ll find a place.”

Let’s tease it apart for you SLO ones.

He will keep his home in Oakland.

In other words, he will not sell his home in Oakland.

He will be working hard in Sacramento.

“virtually nonstop on the budget”

In Sacramento.

He can’t do that from Oakland, unless he can enlarge his home, bring staff, phone lines, computers. You see this, yes? He’ll be living in Sacramento, not living in Oakland.

While he is working in Sacramento, he like the rest of us mere mortals, will still need a few hours sleep a night. Surely, they can put him up in the capital, and I don’t doubt he’ll sleep on a couch there from time to time. But, he will need to find a place to sleep, and he is wise to find a place downtown. Except for working, and hopefully eating well to nourish his body, he won’t be “living” in the same way you and I might.

But, if you are in an argumentative mood, please continue. While you do that, I will go do some living that Brown won’t be doing. I’m going fishing!


I am old enough to remember the FACT that if Prop 13 had not passed, my parents would be out of their home due to increased property taxes, which at the time were based on assessed valuation. So, if you had the good fortune to live in a popular area, you PAID serious taxes on your home. A 13-19% PER YEAR tax increase on a home was not uncommon, and was getting absurd.

If Gov. Moonbeam thinks that we’re not paying attention to his promises, let this simple news blurb be a lesson: SAY WHAT YOU MEAN and MEAN WHAT YOU SAY. (Yes – I know its naive to think a politician will actually do that.)

Brown has done far more harm to CA than most who voted for him can recall. I, however, am old enough to remember his father, and it was Gov. Brown Sr. that got Moonbeam into office.


Politicians or not, he can change his mind, maybe Obama should spec him.

Like sailing a boat, may (if smart) have to adjust your sails to the ever-changing winds and conditions for himself or his constituents. We have him or we are stuck with him, flexibility may be smart in this era, it can also be a sign he is going to align stabilizing housing value for all including him.


So environmentalist Jerry Brown will be commuting from Oakland to the Governor’s office in Sacramento on a regular basis. Just another “green” hypocrite. Will he be flying in his private jet or riding on a bicycle?


Didn’t say he was going to commute — just that he was not going to sell his Oakland house. “…I’m going to have to find some place to sleep in Sacramento,” Brown said. “I’ll find a place.”


Big deal, not even worth reporting.


Yeah sure, Lets not report that he is a “LIAR”, from the get go.


He’s a politician: of course he lies.

The shocking part is that he is so upfront about it. Often the obfusticate their dishonesty.


Here is the problem with politics, no matter which side you are on. This is a BIG nothing in my book. It does not affect Governing, where you live. I am not a Brown fan but common lets not nit pic. There are bigger issues at hand. If we are going to disagree as an electorate, let it be about something of bigger importance than this.


Disagree, He LIED, what is it that you don’t get about blatant lying to the public apart from the fact that we are so accustomed to it that we don’t care? How sad, How sick?


I get blantant lying. Not hard to understand. It is like displining a child. When they say I didn’t take a cookie but did, do you punish them as harash as say when they lied about playing with matches?

In a PERFECT world we wouldn’t have to lie but we do. You do, I do and epecially POLITICIANS do and we know that. If we sit around wait for the PERFECT politician we will get NOTHING done. So you break it down. If he lied about his taxes or a money issue or something that would make me suspect of trusting how he would deal with our money or something like, yes not acceptable. But COMON get REAL. He lied about where he lived. Is this the hill you want to die on?? Learn to pick your battles on the bigger issues or we as a nation will just keep going down hill like we have been. It is called compromise. On this I am willing to compromise and give him a pass. That doesn’t mean I will on the next or bigger thing or lie.


I disagree with both of you. Maybe he did lie, I don’t like lying and if he did lie about such a simple thing then it would be a little glitch on character IMO. But what if he just changed his mind? What if after coming down from that long crazy topsy turvy life on the road campaigning he simply changed his mind. I recently returned a pair of shoes because when I got home I changed my mind and took them back, that doesn’t mean I’m a liar. But I do agree BTDT that this is petty in the first place. My gosh with the problems of this state and people are whining because he decided to live at his home which is relatively close to Sac..


Who cares, what’s the big deal? As long as he does his job it really doesn’t matter where he lives or if he changed his mind about where to live. I would like to judge him on his performance in office not where he lives. How silly. I would hate to vote in a robot that never changes his/her point of view. Why is being flexable such a bad thing?


Only Ca would have flip-flops in winter…HA!

We know not what we did. My body parts are crossed for luck. Good luck, California.


To quote the TD Ameritrade commercial baby, “Here’s my shocked face.”

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