Oceano’s jobless rate highest in San Luis Obispo County

November 4, 2010


Several south San Luis Obispo County communities have the area’s highest unemployment rates, according to figures released by the state’s Employment Development Department.

Oceano leads the county with an 18.4 percent jobless rate for September. Trailing is Nipomo at 13.2 percent, Paso Robles at 11.9 percent and San Luis Obispo city at 11 percent.

The community of Shandon recorded the county’s lowest unemployment rate in September at 4.9 percent. Cayucos was close behind at 5.9 percent, then Cambria at 7.1 percent and Templeton at 7.2 percent.

Overall, San Luis Obispo County’s employment numbers increased from August to September with a gain of 1,700 more jobs, according to the report.

In September 2010, San Luis Obispo County’s unemployment rate was 10 percent, down from 10.3 percent in August 2010. The rate is higher than the national average of 9.2 percent and below the state’s 12.2 percent rate.

State and local government grew adding 1,200 San Luis Obispo County jobs, of those 200 were state employees.

As for lost county jobs, both the entertainment and real estate industries saw a decline in employment from September to October.

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I want to know where the new jobs numbers for state and local govenments came from. That’s a lot of new jobs for a small county like ours.

For thirty years I’ve heard that they’re going to fix up Oceano. Oceano has so much potential, it could be a beautiful tourist destination. They could really capitalize off of the OHV. But I’ve come to realize that Oceano won’t change and all you have to do is watch one of their district meetings to see why. The people on the OCSD board are whacked. I can’t figure out why when one whacked one goes another one steps in.

The unemployment rate in Oceano has nothing to do with the OCSD board. Oceano has the lowest housing prices and thus most “affordable” to those who are “underemployed.”

Also, a lot of farm workers live in Oceano, thus employment is seasonal for many and varies according to the success of crops and other farm related factors.

The OCSD IS messed up but Oceano remains a nice place to live with people every bit as good as anywhere else in the county.

If I’m not mistaken, on a per capita basis, Oceano has less violent crime and robbery than some other areas of the county. I certainly feel safe walking in Oceano at night.

Oceano remains a good place to be unemployed and a good place to return to after working a job somewhere else.

I love Oceano.

I forgot,,how many people have been killed in or in front of that little dive bar on their MAIN strip? I’m not saying that Oceano is a violent little town but in the areas where they could generate revenue are pretty nasty. It does IMO have to do in part with the OCSD. They have the power to not fight with each other and get something productive done. Katcho should have put a stop to their nonsense a long time ago. They CAN do things to fix up and encourage businesses along HWY 1. The OHV brings in more tourism and dollars for this county than anything else and yet Oceano is the only community that doesn’t capitalize on that. They need more than seasonal jobs and the OHVer pack Pismo on weekends.

You know Typoqueen, I have read your Oceano bashings on blogs for months now and you always seem to come up with the little bar on Front St. It has been closed down for a couple years now .Yes, there was the one incident . But tell me, how many people have been killed in the town where you live? There have been some pretty bad things happen in ever town in this county but people don’t get on blogs and start tearing those towns down. You seem to have some hard on for Oceano, so my suggestion to you is stay away, we are doing just fine here, and can do even better without your suggestions as to what should be done. Take care of your own community. Thank you.

You clearly need to eat more CHEERios. I didn’t detect any Oceano bashing there.

danika is correct, I’m not and I never have bashed Oceano, there are some very fine people that live there. I do bash the OCSD though. If you’ve ever watched one of their meetings then you must see that they are a very dysfunctional group of people that gets NOTHING done. I have always said that Oceano could be a gem. I didn’t know that bar was closed. It seems that it wasn’t that long ago when the last person was stabbed to death at that bar. So what’s there now, is just a strip of run down closed businesses? Of course you don’t have to worry about me going for a visit to Ocean anytime soon. Other than Old Juans and the Mellodrama why would I? I was simply stating what I’ve seen happening in Oceano. If you think that Oceano is in good shape and should carry on as usual than we have different ideas as to what’s good for Oceano. I would love to see Oceano move forward and bring in some well needed $$$. Perhaps you are on the OCSD and that’s why you feel everything is just fine there or perhaps it’s simply a mindset like yours that holds poor Oceano back from capitalizing on their fantastic location.

Oh yeah, BTW up until a few weeks ago I haven’t been posting anywhere. After several years I stopped posting on the Trib site probably about a year ago. This is the only place that I post….no time for too much blogging.

I’d be willing to bet that the level of unemployment in Oceano tracks the percentage of welfare recipients when compared to the rest of the county. That hasn’t changed much in my 40 years in the county.

Why don’t you check the statistics as to who pays their property taxes and has the LESS delinquent taxes in the County? I think you will find Oceano at the top of the list. While there check on which town has the most welfare recipients in the whole county, I think you will find that Oceano gets beat on that list too. You and Typoqueen……sheesh.

Hey, play games with typo or whoever you want but, I’ve lived in the five-cities for many moons. Oceano is what she is and serves a vibrant collection of farm workers but, mainly it lives way down the chain on contributing to our county.

It needs to be cleaned out before it can be cleaned up!

“Stunned”, Oceano is a nice community and doesn’t appreciate ignorant, prejudiced racists who spread hatred amongst the people.

——————Typooqueen, you have seen the videos of Caltrans actions in Oceano with the flooding of State Highway 1. The New Times this week touched on the Inverse Condemnation Case that lead to the closing of Oceano Nursery.

The main reason that Oceano is going no where is State Highway 1 and the $30,000.00 a year the County of San Luis Obispo collects in rent for trailer storage! Water once was stored on this County property instead of State Highway 1!

It is time in Oceano for the County to shut down OCSD and take full responsibility for the Community of Oceano. The Caltrans/OCSD signed contracts documents in 1985 that I have put on my websites shows shows what the State of California has done to the residents of Oceano!

Bill, you seem like a nice person but I don’t agree with your lawsuits regarding the flooding. You must have known what you were getting into when you bought that property. I’m sorry that your property had such flooding issues but there are lots of places that have flooding problems. Look at the area behind the airport around Honolulu Street, it’s like a giant lake back there when it rains. Buyer beware. . BTW Bill, I don’t think that you did such a bad job when you were on the OCSD. . I do agree that the county needs to take control of Oceano and dump the OCSD.

———————-Typoqueen, the Cal Coast news has removed my response to you showing the facts behind why State Highway 1 is flooding!

I am sorry that the San Luis Obispo County Residents can not read about these County, Caltrans, Railroad and OCSD documents presented to Judge Martin J. Tangeman!

I am sorry that I have had to mark your contributions here as spam. Having just deleted a huge copy and paste of this complete discussion submitted as your opinion,

no thank you.


off topic remarks directed to me are cheerfully deleted

I have got to say, you have certainly gotten under the moderator of the websites’ skin.

I thought moderators were supposed to remain impartial. The glee this moderator takes in your misery is evident, and, pretty unprofessional.

“off topic remarks directed to me are cheerfully deleted”….

The are a lot more tactful ways of getting the point across, moderator. Just makes me wonder what is ‘off topic’?

The moderator is quoting from the guidelines here: “We reserve the right to cheerfully delete comments for any reason. ” jobs in Oceano is the topic here not Inversese’s true but worn out story of flooding there .

——————-Zaphod———At the OCSD meeting last night (JOBs )where created by the County of San Luis Obispo in cutting down the trees in the drainage channel that has been clogging the communities storm water drainage channel along with the OCSD Pipe!

These Jobs will build a storm water retention on County Airport property! As herd at the OCSD meeting last night!

I do like the Cal Coast News and I hope that one day the documents that I had brought to the communities attention will be talked about by the Cal Coast News.

This new drainage should help the community of Oceano move forward and bring new business’s to Oceano, creating new JOBS!

Lets not forget where most of those local Gubment jobs go…catering to the toruists,setting up for events, cleaning up after teh aftermath, fixing roads where only tourists go , (hint hint Pavo and the mayors of the cities of the countries crappiest roads) and generally making it nice so we can attract more tourists so we can make more tax money so we can hire more workers who cater to the unlocals needs….pun intended.

Am I reading this correctly? Unemployment has improved with a gain of 1,700 more jobs BUT goverment added 1,200 jobs of those in this County of approximately 250,000 citizens. Even if you take away the 200 State jobs local goverment created 1,000 jobs and private industry created 500 jobs – 2 to 1…Umh, and we wonder why we can’t afford our goverment anymore!

You weren’t really supposed to figure that out!

I know, sorry!!! (LOL :-)