Carpenter nails appointment to San Luis City Council

December 21, 2010

The San Luis Obispo City Council voted Tuesday night to appoint Dan Carpenter to fill the empty seat on the council.

The vote was unanimous with council members Jan Marx, John Ashbaugh, Andrew Carter, and Kathy Smith selecting Carpenter over the two other applicants, Kevin P. Rice and Patty Andreen. Carpenter was sworn in immediately and begins serving a two-year term.

The council vacancy was created with the November election of Marx to be the new mayor.

Carpenter later thanked all his supporters and said he was “ready to go to work.”

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Good to know the right thing was done in the end.

Congrats Dan and good luck.

Shame on you Patty Andreen…..character always wills out in times of stress……guess how you rated? Ahh well, we should just thank her for showing us portions of her true self…….knowledge is power doncha know.


Perhaps Patty was reading how badly her comments were viewed by commentators here; she wrote a letter to the editor at the Tribune, since it is fairly short, here it is:

A very good choice

Congratulations to Dan Carpenter for being selected to fill the vacant seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council. The support for him was broad and deep and the council wisely considered that, as well as Carpenter’s many contributions and long history in the community.

I am happy that I was able to participate as an applicant for the position. Having a choice was a good thing and Carpenter was a very good choice. Patty Andreen

San Luis Obispo

So, maybe Patty has some sense of decency after all.

My bet is that she attempted to initiate damage control with that letter. She probably wants to remain viable either as a future political candidate or more likely a future political appointee. She showed her true colors over the past several weeks. SLO does not need politicians with those qualities.

I was really saddened at Patty’s speech. She got her digs in and it just wasn’t right. I HOPE PEOPLE REMEMBER HER ATTITUDE if she runs in 2 years.

Mr. Carpenter talked with dignity and respect. As for Mr. Rice, while I hardly ever agree with him, made an excellent choice to step down.

To the council and mayor, if you can just keep up with listening to the majority of the voters in SLO I think we can turn this city around.

Andreen exposed a very low class side of herself when she took shots at Mr. Carpenter at the end of her little diatribe. She had the unmitigated gall to suggest that Carpenter felt entitled. SHE was the one who displayed all the signs of being entitled.

Just get a few winks of the eyes of your friends, apply a little grease here and there, write a rude letter to the editor and verbally beat-up your competition and the job is yours, huh Patty? I WILL remember her attitude if she runs in two years and I will actively campaign against her!

I think that was her mentality though — bet-up Carpenter and if need be Rice and then just glide into the

If not for Kevin P Rice shinning a light on this item, I suspect that the vote could have gone in a different direction. Power to the People and SLOCC, it’s a job well done.

Kevin Rice, CCN and the New Times Shredder all deserve praise for not allowing Marx/Andreen to bring their plan to fruition.

Nice job, Kevin Rice, for keeping a fire under the issue.

The right choice.

It’s nice to see that the new Mayor and City Councilpersons did the right thing and unanimously chose Dan Carpenter over Patty Andreen (Kevin Rice bowed out at the last moment) even if it was done for political expediency.

Apparently Andreen came across as arrogant, abrasive and ultimately out of touch during her 5 minute speech. You’re the loser Patty and your backroom hack-n-slash tactics have no place in SLO politics.

I wonder if all 4 let Andreen know that they were pulling their support for her before the meeting began? In the end, Andreen would have best served herself by listening to the one speaker who advised her to step aside for Mr. Carpenter…

Hmmm… I resemble that remark! Andreen could have withdrawn and saved herself the reality of receiving ZERO nominations in the straw vote. It would have removed the contentiousness from the process and made herself look gracious (and smart). There were 20 speakers for Carpenter (not including myself), and 2 for Andreen. Not that Andreen isn’t “qualified”… hell, I’m “qualified”. The point, is who did the electorate support? DAN CARPENTER.

The Council had a chance to do the right thing, and they did. Not that the city charter doesn’t need some fixing so this doesn’t keep happening.


Good job council members, now get to work.