Christiansen drops bid for San Luis Obispo council seat

December 8, 2010

City Hall sources tell CalCoastNews that Carlyn Christiansen has decided not to apply for the open seat on the San Luis Obispo City Council.

Christiansen, currently serving as a county planning commissioner appointed by Supervisor Adam Hill, made her decision known Tuesday.

Other names mentioned for the vacant council slot include activist Kevin P. Rice, former San Luis Coastal School Board member Patty Andreen, and Dan Carpenter who lost his bid for the council last November by less than 1 percent of the vote.

The City Council is expected to fill the vacancy at the December 21 meeting,

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“Other names mentioned for the vacant council slot include activist Kevin P. Rice”

Really? Unstable much? Read his comments at the trib site under righton. City Council, I don’t think so.

Kevin P Rice is attempting to make a point. I don’t actually believe that he has any desire to sit on the City Council. He is correct about how they (current sitting SLO CC members) have usurped the will of the people. It’s very easy for a City Council to create a situation where they load a Plan Comm and the majority seats on the CC with those that will vote in the direction of a manufactured majority rule when they get to choose a council member.

Some people throw Democracy in the trash can if a partisan coup is on the table.

Council members should be ELECTED, not selected. The City of SLO needs to amend Charter section 406 to prevent this situation in the future.

ThomasPaine unwittingly agrees with me. I support his/her right to vote for a fifth council member (if T.P. were actually a SLO resident). As it stands, no one has a right to vote as there is no election.

From what I have read you are a bully and probably a pyschopath. Good luck with that

From what I’ve read, you’re an ass and a coward. Tu quoque (bite me).

I do not know the politics of the applicants, but it sure seems like Carpenter is the correct choice, based on the fact that he actually ran, and that he missed it by less than one percent of the vote.

Because SLOCC bases all its decisions on nincompoopery, Carpenter is likely the least likely to be appointed.

This shouldn’t even be an issue. If San Luis Obispo wasn’t so cockeyed to begin with they would not run an election with a “possible” seat left open after the votes are tallied. Seems to me if a seated Council Member decides to run for Mayor, then they have effectively vacated their seat. I can certainly understand the controversy over the CC now usurping the rights of the people to elect their public officials. Even as messed up as Atascadero was with it’s Mayor position, at least all the seated members were in effect elected, albeit that the Mayor ” title” got passed around.

It would seem that if Dan Carpenter lost the election by 1% of the vote, then he actually is the elected CC member that would have filled the vacated seat. Guess it’s a no brainer so why does the current CC get to even make this decision?

It certainly would be simplest for the next-highest vote-getter to fill the seat. The new council could just sit down and get to business on Day 1 instead of having to go through contortions of fairness to conceal their prejudices. But SLO City does not know the meaning of “simple.”