Tom O’Malley is Atascadero’s new mayor

December 29, 2010

Tom O'Malley

The Atascadero City Council voted unanimously on Tuesday to appoint Tom O’Malley as the city’s next mayor.

In November, voters approved the election of future mayors.

Councilmember Bob Kelley was selected as Mayor Pro Tem.

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I cant speak to Tom’s dealings with Kelly G, but what I can say having working with Tom many other times is that he is a political wind sock. Tom takes care of Tom, like most politicians. He is the only REAL politician on the council, and I dont mean that as a good thing. I think Tom will be eying Jim Patterson’s seat on the county board when it comes up, that is why he needs to be mayor one last time now. I will say this for Tom, he has been instrumental in bringing state and federal money to Atascadero for road work as part of SLOCOG.

Jerry Clay means well, he just cant help but be a simple good ole’ boy that many times in just in over his head. Roberta Fonzi is also well intentioned and balanced and I think she has done a great job given what she has to work with. And Kelley …. I dont trust him at all. He was knee deep in the whole La Plaza deal but backtracked as quick as he could so he wouldn’t have to recuse himself from voting.

Wade is just a chameleon. He does whatever the current council wants him too so he can keep his job. He is good at it too, evident by the fact that he has been there 10 years and Warren Frace is just lost. He lets things slip because he doesn’t know what he is doing half the time or because he is too weak to stand up for himself. The biggest cancer at the City is probably Jim Lewis. That guy is so arrogant that he thinks they named street and a new bridge after him. The city could save 200k a year by getting rid of Jim and making Wade and Warren do their jobs better.

As far as climate change and whales go …. Atascadero needs to focus on real issues pertinent to the city and economy and stop wasting time at city council meetings talking about feel good meaningless platitudes like unicorns and fairies. The city council should be digging into day to day operations of the city and fixing it. Whales …

Just a few of my opinions anyway ….

Well heck darwin-i-r-o, where is this coming from? I am sitting here doing a double take because you seem to be on the same page that I am on (for once) except I don’t have as much animosity towards Jim Lewis as you do. The poor guy got hired by Wade and what do you expect? I don’t think Jim really knew what he was getting himself into and it is only human nature to become defensive when you’re following orders and being told that “no one can touch you”.

Apart from from that, you called it exactly as I see it !! Except I forgive Bob Kelley, he cracks me up sometimes. He is playing all the sides, how fun to watch. I have no idea who he is but it’s a breath of fresh air at times.

I also agree that O’Malley is looking for a seat on the BOS but he can not take Patterson’s seat. He has a long way to go to get the support of the people who put Patterson in that seat and those tired people can wake up in a heart beat when necessary.

PS, I have to admit that I am not exactly pleased with Patterson but O’Malley isn’t even a close “tenth place” at this time.