Alleged bank robber caught

January 4, 2011

Denardo James

San Luis Obispo Police arrested a man for allegedly attempting to rob a Chase Bank at 1235 Chorro Street on Monday.

Police said Denardo James, 26, walked into the bank at about 11:30 a.m. and ordered everyone onto the floor. He then left the bank, empty handed and fled on foot.

Officers found him a short distance from the bank and arrested him on suspicion of robbery. Police booked James into County Jail in lieu of $60,000 bail.

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This reminds me of our own NTF. Ordering everybody onto the floor and then leaving empty handed. It has happened too many times to tolerate it any longer. Little boys like to play with big toy’s. Ain’t it the truth, where are the men?

No weapons, jut use of fear.

No money taken.

No indication of resistance to arrest.

My take on this is a crime of circumstance, needy, desparate, destitude.

During the depression and occuring in the 1980’s, people would break windows and wait for the police so in the arrest they will have shelter, warmth and food rather than dealing living in the freezing alleys or bushes. And we the tax payers help or assist them in this aweful way.

One can surmise that it is a crime to be poor.

What frightens me more is so many are deep in debt (poorer than this guy) ,inches to destitude.