Sheriff Parkinson takes charge

January 3, 2011

Ian Parkinson was sworn in Monday as the new San Luis Obispo County Sheriff. The former police captain, elected last November, took the oath of office in front of a packed audience in the county supervisors chamber.

Later in the day, officials released a copy of the memo Parkinson sent to his new staff today to mark the beginning of his tenure. Here is the statement, called Unite and Restore the Pride:

“I wanted to take some time before I officially take office to offer all employees some insight into my leadership philosophy and my expectations.

“First, let me begin by telling you how excited I am about becoming your next Sheriff.  Over the past 26 years, I’ve been very fortunate to have worked side-by-side with many of you.  During this time, I’ve always felt that the possibilities for the sheriff’s office are limitless.  I believe that today more than ever. I am eager to get to work, and I will be very proud to wear the Sheriff’s star, the tan and green, and to serve as your leader.

“One of my most urgent goals is to promote my vision of effective leadership.  As law enforcement officers, we are all responsible to be problem solvers and a big part of that starts with recognizing that we all have different strengths and weaknesses. It is our job to discover the strengths that each person brings to the job and to assist each person in improving upon their weaknesses.

“I firmly believe that no individual is more important than the Sheriff’s Office as a whole.  Just like a sports team, every position is as important as the next and to be successful we must value each other and work together toward our common goal by capitalizing on each person’s unique strengths.  This means that, regardless of your specific role within the Department, you are of equal value in my eyes to the team, and you deserve to be treated that way by every other employee.

“Over the next few months, I will spend a considerable amount of time getting to know each unit of the Department.  I will solicit your ideas and involve employees whenever possible.  I will carefully consider this information to make many important decisions for the betterment of the Sheriff’s Office; in other words, decisions that will benefit the entire agency.

“Some people will adapt to these changes easily but, predictably, others will have a more difficult time adjusting.  If we communicate with each other candidly and respectfully, the process will be smoother for everyone.

“I’ve always believed that promotion is simply a means to effectuate change in an organization.  I do not believe that promotion is for everybody, nor do I believe that promotion is always a measure of success. Some of our best leaders are not in supervisory positions.  I do not believe that the key to promotion is to try and please me.

“Instead, the way to promote is to gain the credibility and respect of the people you work with by being honest and fair, and working for the betterment of the team, not just yourself.  So, when I consider promoting anyone, the first question I’ll ask will be: Does the employee have the credibility and respect of the other people in the agency?

“My law enforcement philosophy is simple and straightforward. I believe that we should be tough on crime and protect the people we serve.  Every employee should treat the people we deal with in the same way we’d like to see our own family members treated. As long as we keep this in mind, The Sheriff’s Office will gain and maintain the respect of our community.

“If you remember one thing from this brief introduction, remember this: with our commitment to the Sheriff’s Office and to the community we serve, we will be the law enforcement leader in this county and a Sheriff’s Office we can all be proud of. Thank you for your attention.”

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We want a Citizen’s Review Board now! Issue a press release about THAT, Mr. Parkinson! What ARE you afraid of?

And maybe it’s time that the law enforcement officers who think the anti-marijuana fanatics in the force are insane or corrupt should come out and have the courage to speak up to put an end to this wasteful, losing war on pot that costs tax payers so darn much money, that could be better spent giving officers better training or improving education in general.

But perhaps too many officers like making pot busts because of what ends up in their pockets.

We would like to respect local law enforcement, but under these circumstances most people are finding it a bit difficult. So sad. Such a waste.

i’m looking at this photo of Ian and looking at it and looking at it. He’s got his hand raised, like he’s taking an oath. Where have I seen that before?

Oh, wait a minute. Wasn’t it up in Monterey County, back in 2000, when then-Captain Parkinson, expert witness, raised his hand and swore to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth (except for the fact that the plaintiff in the case was his sister-in-law who won $1.25 million based largely on his testimony).

Paul: Thank you. Speaking only for myself, I think you said a lot of things that most of us are either feeling or subconsciously felt but didn’t realize it. I also agree with you about paying Parkinson to not even show up and have Cortez come in to do the real work that needs to be done. And you are probably right about the three to four months before he lapses back into his same old way of being, but I hope you and I are both wrong.

“but I hope you and I are both wrong.”

Your NOT wrong, he intrinctly is unchanged, any signs of difference is superficial and artifical and whatever appears hopeful is not on his own choosing, but under advice of a wiser (and they are not that wiser or sincere, just politically smart!)

About done now. Thanks for listening to my pent up rant. Better to release here than on my subordinate…right Ian?

Those of you interested in starting a recall on Ian, wear blue and yellow next Tuesday.

DO IT! That would be most entertaining and inane.

We would be much better off paying Ian his salary and benefits….$350,000 a year, not counting what we pay him when he retires…. and get Cortez in there. I’d rather pay that and Cortez than have to pay out an average of 2 or 3 million a year or more in lawsuits.

Most grossly disturbing is REALITY. Yes, we are all hopeful. With all this focus on Parkinson, he will take heed and grow up, keep it in his pants, be ethical, refuse double and triple dipping, will focus on the department, will focus on benefiting the community.

My dream for sure.

Then I wake up and know that I am dreaming. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.

He’ll be able to do this for about 3 or 4 months, then he will return to his tedium, his mediocracy, his inanity, his need for gratification. Being sheriff will NOT be enough for him.

We simply have a younger and dumber Hedges. And we will PAY and PAY and PAY and PAY….

Start working more, because the county will need to raise taxes and fees to pay not only for the recent criminal activities that included the sheriff’s office, but all that is to come. And, it is coming.


#3 for you Willie, et al…

His strengths and weaknesses as you point out, are missing the most glaring and most concerning of all.

a- His brother wrote his essays for his position as SLO police captain, not he himself.

b- He purposely deceived the public and the COURT by not disclosing that he was RELATED very closely to a court case in which he was to testify. bull excrement all over the place. don’t tase me george

c- said testimony netted his family a free pass criminally and rewarded them 1.4 million.

d- appears there was a kickback to b and c above

e- more than rumor, but appears he porks his co-workers

f- said co-workers may cost the public – do your own research on that…

g- refused debates with Cortez

h- says in hindsight b, c, d, wouldn’t have done if he knew he’d run for sheriff

i – says he prepared for the role of sheriff “his whole life”

j- says if he knew he’d run for sheriff he would have done things differently

k- seems full of contradictions…maybe he can blame it on his attorney brother eric

ya’ll fill in the rest

porks? OMG, I had to laugh. I haven’t heard that term in decades. I think I just sprouted 5 new gray hair. THANKS alot!!! LOLOL


He wrote this to his staff to be.

He did not write this to the public, HIS EMPLOYERS.

Says quite a lot to me

Willie, et al…

1) He was in uniform before he was sworn in. Where is the arrest for impersonating an officer?

He is a peace officer. Where is the arrest for being petty and ridiculous?