Man shoots at restaurant in San Luis Obispo

February 12, 2011

A Santa Maria man was arrested for allegedly shooting a gun from his car towards a group of people standing outside Tonitas Mexican Restaurant on Nipomo Street in San Luis Obispo at 1:58 a.m. on Saturday.

After purchasing food from the late night restaurant, Armando Andrew Ruiz, 21, was involved a fight outside the crowded diner. Ruiz then got into his car, drove by the front of Tonitas brandishing a firearm and fired a single shot towards the restaurant.

A San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputy spotted Ruiz’s vehicle in Pismo Beach. The deputy discovered the loaded firearm during a search of Ruiz’s vehicle.

Ruiz was arrested and booked into San Luis Obispo County Jail for discharging a firearm from a vehicle, discharging a firearm at an occupied building and possession of a loaded firearm. Bail was set at $250,000.



  1. kellygirl says:

    In the Tribune report, they refused to identify the restaurant by name. Must be an advertiser, you think?

  2. danika says:

    He obviously didn’t watch Oprah’s “Happies City in the US” show.

  3. fastrodeo says:

    Tough guy, shooting a gun from his car, I say dot his ‘good’ eye

  4. Shawn says:

    Perhaps they got his order wrong.

    • undertow says:

      Looks more like he got his A XX kicked and was looking for revenge, Im sure he’ll have his chance sharin a cell with somebody 5 times his size while in the slammer.

  5. Mr. Holly says:

    Must have been on his way back to Santa Maria.

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