Fatal house fire in San Luis Obispo

February 12, 2011

A 100-year-old man died because of injuries suffered in a fire Friday at his home on Villa Court in San Luis Obispo.

Two firefighters searched the home which was engulfed in flames while additional fire crews fought the blaze. One firefighter was treated at a local hospital for second degree burns.

“We risked our own lives to go in and search for this victim,” said Matthew Lipson, fire captain. “The firefighter that pulled the victim from the home received second degree burns to his ears and was transported to the hospital.”

Paramedics from the San Luis Obispo City Fire Department and San Luis Ambulance Service initiated advanced life support techniques at the scene on the homeowner. The man was transported to Sierra Vista Medical Center where he later died from his injuries.

Firefighters arrived at the home at approximately 10:46 p.m. to find the home engulfed in flames. It took firefighters about 15 minutes to put out the blaze.

“It is very fast for a fire engulfed like this one,” Lipson said.  “We had a lot of resources available and we have fire stations strategically placed so we can knock out fires quickly.”

The cause of the fire is under investigation. The home appears to be a total loss.

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Those firefighters did exactly what they were supposed to do and they aren’t looking for any “cookies” because of it. They know it’s thier job, they love to do it and that’s why they did it. Most of those guys have wives and kids at home who hope they come home in the morning.

People like mkaney and madhatter don’t have an ounce of the balls these guys have. To know your family is at home and waiting for you but literally running into a burning house, without hesitation, trying to find someone who may be on fire or dead but hoping to get to them in time. Yes, it’s thier job, I know, but you have to be a certain type of person to be able to do that.

For people to say anything except “thank you” to these brave men would be reprehensible.

Wait a dang minute. They aren’t looking for a cookie? Really?! Then why make the comments he made. What ever happened to REAL humility and heroism that didn’t need to receive credit at every turn? Not only are these personality traits desirable, but they generally indicate a lot about people, and their motivations. Why would I say thank you when he’s thanking himself?

You say that I am just one of those people that you can’t reason with? I guess if reason is buying into propaganda, then you’re right, I can’t be reasoned with. But I consider reason to be a rational conclusion based on facts. So let’s see if you are reasonable. “You have to be a certain type of person to be able to do that.” Here are the top 10 most dangerous jobs, per 2009 data:

Occupation Deaths Deaths/100,000

fishing 56 200

logging 34 61.8

aircraft pilots and engineers 63 57.1

famers and ranchers 293 38.5

roofers 60 34.7

structural iron and steel workers 18 30.3

refuse and recyclble 19 25.2

industrial machinery installation/maint 81 18.5

drivers (truck and sales) 586 18.3

construction laborers 224 18.3

Do you give the same amount of reverence for all of these jobs. Interesting that firefighters are not on this list. So now are you a person of reason? Does this qualify as reasoning to you?

Ok…..they DO posess real humilty and heroism because they do great things for people every day that YOU do not hear about. This story is just one instance where I am sure the Captain was responding to a question posed by the Tribune reporter.

I agree that your peofessions listed above are all dangerous. However, none of those professions actually requires that person to sacrifice thier life for someone else’s. That is why I believe it takes something speacial to be a firefighter.

See this is what I’m trying to tell you. It’s like a religion. I can put out whatever logic and reason there is and you will find away to reframe it to exclude those facts to support your side. Now don’t get me wrong, no one ever said that in life, you MUST be reasonable. You are entitled to hold whatever opinion you want, and you don’t even have to have a reason why if you don’t. It could be that you are or are related to a firefighter, and that you know them to be good people so you are going to support them no matter what. But then BE honest about it and don’t say things like “you just can’t reason with mkaney.” Because frankly, I am ALL ABOUT reason.

And you cannot deny the steady mantra of glorification rhetoric coming from public safety. But here’s another thing. Just because they do the tasks they do, does not mean that they are guiltless angels that we would be helpless without. There are many previous services that they have absorbed over the years that they have become institutions. We didnt ALWAYS have organized, paid police departments and fire departments. And as they grow they absorb services. I do not feel that my life would be hanging in the balance if there were only 2 or 3 constables in SLO and no police, for example.

SEVENTY THREE percent of firefighters in the United States are VOLUNTEERS.

So what I’m saying is. If you support them because it serves your interests, that’s just fine, but don’t fool yourself. And don’t argue for them if you simply have a way of looking at the world that includes “heros” and “villians,” and then say that you’re being reasonable.

Well everyone, the Great mkaney has spoken. Where would we all be without you? *Vomit*

Unfortunate you want to take it that way, but it is what it is. We’ve watched this country take some big stumbles in the past 10 years, largely because the people making decisions are living in fairy tales or using fairy tales to cover up their eal motives. Unnecessary wars and a really big pile of bodies, two lousy Presidents, economic collapse, money stolen from the people to hand to the crooks that caused it, and city federal and states become bankrupted by people that consider themselves to be reasonable grown-ups. It’s all still just getting started. And why? Because B.S. and self absorption reign supreme in America. You may not see this little issue as having anything to do with all of that, but I do, I believe that I see it very clearly.So you’ll have to excuse me if it is my intention to start calling out B.S whenever I see it and begin having greater epectations from people, especially my “heros.”

I’m tired of hearing the same old talking points. If you can’t quantify / qualify what you have to say, then expect to be called out on it.


““We had a lot of resources available and we have fire stations strategically placed so we can knock out fires quickly.” Hmmmm, and you still lost a life. I wouldn’t be patting yourself on the back so quick

Yeah that’s a really good point. In fact, tact would dictate the captain NOT saying something like that. It’s not surprising though, the rhetoric is 100% tuned to keepin the revenue flowing 24/7 with the public safety crowd. You gotta love the $60,000 viper the cops use for the DARE program, that’s a real deterrent if you ask me. “Kids you should not sell drugs, because this is the kind of car you may drive.”

“You gotta love the $60,000 viper the cops use for the DARE program, that’s a real deterrent if you ask me. ” Um, that’s the Sheriff’s Department, pre-Parkinson; how exactly does that relate to the San Luis Obispo city Fire Department? The “facts” are that the entire house was engulfed when the Fire Department arrived; they went into a fully burning building, found the occupant who was in a wheel chair and not breathing, they got him out and put out the fire in 15 minutes, saving any nearby structures from danger. How about a simple “Good job, thank you for risking your life” ?

Bob….you can’t reason people like mkaney and madhatter. The firefighters could’ve saved 18 babies with thier eyes closed and one hand tied behind thier backs and these ingrates would find something to rag about. Unbelieveable.

Mad Hatter….you’re kidding me right? Now the firefighters are supposed to look into thier crystal ball and show up before the fire starts? Why don’t you blame the neighbors for not noticing the smoke earlier?? How do you know the guy didn’t die from a heart attack or something other than smoke inhilation and the fire started after he died?

Yawn………… Everyone has a point and I will make mine, wither you like it or not. A life was lost but yet our great firefighters have to be on the front page telling everyone who is in earshot how they saved a life. I am well aware that the guy might have passed on and I question why he was all alone by himself. Where were the caregiver, family, etc. When you post statements like ““We had a lot of resources available and we have fire stations strategically placed so we can knock out fires quickly.” You will open a can of worms and I will call you out on the carpet. It’s called freedom of speech.

They do have fire statons strategically placed so they can knock out fires quickly. They knocked out that fully involved fire in 15 minutes with no damage to any other structures. So what exactly is your point again?

Wow.. such humility on the part of the fire captains. You did your job, what do you want, a cookie?

Shite man, they rushed into a wall of flames not knowing how much the entire structure was engulfed, looking for the resident; how much would you have to get paid to do the same?

Guess what buddy, there are a line of people around the block that want that job and would do it for less money. There’s no market equilbrium there, just nepotism in who gets the jobs. I’m not saying it’s not an admirable job, but they are WELL paid so something needs to give, the martyr complex or the salary a bit.

mkaney…….nepotism, really? Prove it.