Abel Maldonado to run for Congress in 2012

February 25, 2011

Abel Maldonado

Former Lt. Gov. Abel Maldonado said he plans to run for the congressional seat currently held by Democratic Rep. Lois Capps in 2012. [FresnoBee]

“Washington needs people who are independent and bipartisan and who are fiscally responsible, and I think I’ve demonstrated that. I’m prepared to go back to Washington and to show some results for the people of California,” he said in an interview with the Fresno Bee.

The Santa Maria Republican has formed a federal campaign committee to challenge Capps in the 23rd Congressional District, which stretches along the coastline from Oxnard to Ragged Point, and includes Santa Barbara, the Five Cities, San Luis Obispo, Morro Bay, and Cambria.

However, the district could change as a citizen commission redraws the boundaries.

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Abel has nowhere to go, regardless of redistricting. The Dems won’t vote for him obviously. He is not conservative enough for Republicans. And there really is no Hispanic base in SLO County. If there is a new district announced, I suspect someone more conservative ( or perhaps Sam Blakeslee) would jump in.

I have also heard rumors, and I emphasize rumors, of transgressions Abel allegedly made when he was a young man. The story goes that he never ran for federal office because he was afraid those stories would come out. Should be interesting to see what happens.

IN a Capps vs. Abel race, Capps wins. Abel needs some kind of appointed position. He can’t win one.

Abel has my vote simply because…he ISN’T Lois Capps. ANYONE would have my vote but Lois Capps. She should have “termed out” along time ago, IMO. Go Abel (or anyone else) !

What’s your problem with Lois Capps? Is she too honest and hardworking and scandal free to appeal to an extremist “conservative”?

Lois Capps has done a wonderful job as our representative in congress. We need more politicians with her integrity and work ethic.

Lois Capps Rocks!

Lois has some good points but she doesn’t seem willing to stand up and speak out on a lot of issues. Agree or disagree with her views, it would be nice to know what exactly she is doing and how she is doing it. She strikes me as someone who “goes along to get along” way to often and it is really hard to figure out where she stands and HOW SHE ACTS on the issues she chooses not to publicize — and there are a lot of them.

I don’t know if Abel would be a lot better, but I think that he would be somewhat more open about his positions. My big concern with him is that, despite the courage he displayed in not caving in to party politics in Sacramento, he might do so in DC and I despise the political games being played there. (The GOP is worse but the Dems aren’t great either.)

I also heard a rumor about Abel from the times when he first tried to move up from Santa Maria city politics. The one I heard about was a relatively minor offense and I think that his representation in Sacto. was sufficiently good to give him a pass on it.

PS Lois: I don’t like being asked to give up personal info to be able to email you. If you don’t want to hear from constituents anonymously, you will hear mainly from those who are die-hard supporters. That may please you, but it is not going to be a reflection of reality.

What are you talking about? Lois Capps is about the most honest, open and transparent congressional representative you are likely to ever find. Her positions are no “mystery.” Check her website, check her voting record…and get real.

Abel Madonado, on the other hand, is always cagey, ducks the press, rarely speaks candidly in public, and generally only communicates where the atmosphere is controlled and he can recite carefully scripted responses to questions.

The GOP better step back and reflect on the Whitman, Fiorina debacle.

Quit putting empty shirt celebrities up, and get rid of your good ‘ol boys.

The electorate is ready for new blood, provide it!

Every election is yours to lose.

When I watched Able debate Lois he was awful. He was rude and angry and resorted to personal attacks. Lois was courtous, professional and direct. Able acted like a spoiled child that would hold his breath till his mommy gave him his lollie.

Good god! Could this turd of a politician actually try getting a real job? This guy is a joke and will just make me not want to vote. ABEL MALDONADO, JUST GO AWAY DAMN IT!

Able was created for one thing, to get out the Latino vote. That’s all he’s there for and always will be. He would hang on Arnold with that happy grin, maybe because he didn’t have to pay his taxes.

Is there anyone who actually LIKES Abel Maldonado?

This is exactly why we need Lois Capps in office. Otherwise it goes to another pretty boy with a nice haircut who is an absolute bought-and-paid-for tool of lobbyists and crooks whose job includes screwing the public in order to enrich a few people.

Maldonado has a long history of ducking the press, never speaking candidly, and in general playing all the B.S. political games that your average liberal AND conservative can’t stand.

If Abel Maldonado is the best the Republicans can come up with, then it’s more evidence of the moral and leadership bankruptcy of that party.,

Remember Maldonado being all “buddy-buddy” with George Bush? What does he have to say about that now? Bush used him, he used Bush. They are now both EX-politicians and the world will be better off it it stays that way.

We need more farmers,not more politicians. Go back and tend your broccoli , Abel, the broccoli you always bring up when you play “farmer” whenever it is convenient for your public relations campaign.

I can’t stand this clown.

Me neither, but still better than the current clown.

Oh goody! We have the official sacrificial Republican candidate to be beaten by Lois Capps, again. I’m sure the local media will appreciate all of your* money (*whichever corporations choose to back him) that will be spent in the futile effort to unseat our Congresswoman. I have to profess that I am surprised that you don’t already have a nice cushy lobbyist job, but maybe you actually think you have a chance at winning the election so that after two years you can then “retire” and get a higher paying lobbyist job. Me thinks you have bit off more than you can chew sir.

Once the districts are redrawn, Capps won’t stand a chance. Better get some seasonings Bob, you are going to have to eat those words…

Redistricting is behind unAbel’s decision to be sure. This is also a clue to how we can expect in the new districts to be drawn.

Funny to see the anti-Capps contingent jumping on his square-wheeled bandwagon already.