Dystiny Myers was beaten, hogtied and suffocated

February 7, 2011

Dystiny Myers

Gruesome details about the murder of a Santa Maria teen Dystiny Myers were revealed today during a preliminary hearing for five suspects accused of killing the 15-year-old. [KEYT]

Firefighters found the badly burned body of Myers in a shallow grave near Santa Margarita in September.

San Luis Obispo County Sheriff Coroner Stuart MacDonald said Myers was found hogtied with her legs bound behind her, a glove stuffed in her mouth, sweat pants tied around her throat and her hands duck taped across her chest.

MacDonald said the primary cause of Myers’ death was mechanical asphyxiation and that blunt force trauma and a methamphetamine overdose were also causes.

There are more than 400 pieces of evidence in the case including a baseball bat and two samurai swords found stained in blood.

Cody Miller, Jason Greenwell, Ty Hill, Frank York, and Rhonda Wisto have all pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges stemming from the death of Myers.

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No matter what the coroner’s report determines the cause of death to be it will be incorrect. My daughter met this little girl a little over a year ago and spent a lot of time with her. Cause of death in my opinion was abondonment. This little girl’s death has been very devistating to my daughter because she knew how severe Dystiny’s situation was. She sobbed at the thought of her death because she said “Mom, she had NO ONE…” I had no idea how bad it was for dystiny. I asked my daughter why they didn’t tell me or anyone what was going on with Dystiny. My daughter said they didn’t bother to really tell anyone because they felt like it wouldn’t change anything. We are starting a big sister program in her honor. If we can atleast start with reaaching out to the girls within arms length of us hopefully it will continue to spread and make some sort of an impact. This is all in early developement stages. My daughter (17 yrs old) and I are going to be brainstorming and reaching out to friends and businesses in our community to help with ideas, resources & etc. If anyone would like to help or get involved on any level we welcome the support. Please feel free to contact me at sarrag@live.com

Why does it seem like so many of the problems in this area are tied to meth. Let’s see, arresting legal medical marijuana collective directors outweighs finding who is producing the meth. Where are the labs NTF?

It seems as if Mid East or Drug Cartel Terrorist are less cruel than this.

They ARE drug “cartel”. They’re in the business.

In my opinion, the attorneys for the defense are going to have a field day with the cause of death and the murder charges. It doesn’t sound like they can actually prove her cause of death to me and they are contradicting themselves! Because – According to KSBY:

“An expert testified Monday that the 15-year-old Santa Maria girl found dead and burned MOST LIKELY died from asphyxiation but also suffered from methamphetamine toxicity and blunt force trauma.”

He said the amount of methamphetamine in her system was in the potentially toxic range and that she would have needed additional oxygen in her system because of it. However, he said she MOST LIKELY asphyxiated in about four minutes.

My question is that if she needed “additional oxygen” in her system because of the toxic overdose of meth then how did they cause her asphyxiation? Maybe he is saying that she needed more oxygen than she was able to get because she had a glove shoved in her mouth and was only able to breath from her nose (rather than her needing oxygen through artificial assistance)?

This is such a very sad case, it seems to me the fact that she was 15 and that they were adults who were in possession of meth (that was found at toxic levels in her system) makes them guilty of murder no matter what caused her death. There are only three things that she could have died from or a combination there of and they caused all three of those possibilities so they are guilty of murdering her no matter which reason.

There are no words to adequately represent my thoughts on this horrific murder. I am stricken with the cruetly of some people who claim to be human.

Yes, this was truly senseless crime and a shame. RIP young lady, not matter what you were involved in you did not deserve an end like this one. Hopefully those who killed her and tried to cover up her murder will get their just punishments…