Group wages battle against Glenn Beck

February 9, 2011


A group of San Luis Obispo County residents, prompted by last month’s shootings in Tucson, Ariz. that left six dead, has mounted a campaign to pressure local radio stations to limit what they call “hate talk.”

Since January, outspoken critics of the Glenn Beck Show began campaigning to local radio station KVEC 920 AM to change its programming. They initially contacted KVEC management and have progressed to asking KVEC’s sponsors to halt advertising until the nationally syndicated Glenn Beck program has been dropped from the station, which airs weekdays at 12 noon.

“We believe the violence is connected to the nasty rhetoric that they are supporting. They have nine hours a day of fanatics which is way too much,” said Pete Evans, founder of Alliance for Positive Programming (APP).

Another critic contends Beck’s incendiary political rhetoric is dangerous.

“The history of Glenn Beck’s incitement to politically-motivated murder of Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel and others he wants to ‘beat to death with a shovel’ or ‘line up and shoot in the head’ is well-documented,” said David Broadwater in an electronic letter that is circulating to numerous local advocates, KVEC management and advertisers.

The Jan. 8 Tucson shooting spree that killed six people and wounded another 13, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), has prompted criticism of inflammatory language by some conservative talk-show hosts like Beck.

News media, blogs, and twitter have been rampant with accusations that conservative talk radio, particularly “right-wing rhetoric,” may have influenced the mentally unsound Tucson shooting suspect and have created a climate of hate in America. While investigators have yet to prove this theory, the shooting has prompted a new wave of backlash against extremism in conservative radio.

Evans said he would like the station to offer counter programming, such as the Clark Howard Show, a syndicated show about saving money and finance that the station aired for about a year and a half before it was canceled last July because of falling ratings.

Last summer, the station swapped Howard for Beck and within six months and the station’s ratings were back to pre-Howard numbers.

When asked for a comment by CalCoastNews, KVEC’s management did not respond.

However, KVEC talk show host Dave Congalton, who is also a contributing editor at CoastCoastNews, said that while he cannot speak for the station’s management, it is apparent that the Glenn Beck Program is widely supported on the Central Coast.

“It is not my job to defend KVEC programming,” said Congalton, who is in his 20th season on the air at KVEC. “We offer programming choices and the listeners decide.

“San Luis Obispo County overall is very conservative and conservative talk radio does very well on the Central Coast,” Congalton continued.

“In contrast, the liberal-oriented Air America station in San Luis Obispo limps along from year to year, barely registering in the ratings. What does that tell you?”

The alliance and its supporters plan to continue its campaign to persuade KVEC to remove Beck from its airwaves “due (to) his most explicitly documented record of advocating politically-motivated assassination.”

“This station runs nine hours of nationally syndicated loud and angry right-wing rhetoric every day, yet touts itself as ‘hometown radio.’” Evans said. “These talk shows often promote violence and would tend to convince the already unbalanced to take up arms against innocent people. We have seen this over and over during the past decade.”

Congalton argued the group is made up of “far left-leaning liberals” and has yet to make an impact. “I know they’ve contacted some of our advertisers, but we haven’t lost any clients due to this so-called campaign,” he said.

In a January letter, Beck defended himself against the backlash. “While Americans are grappling to understand the Arizona tragedy, the absolute vacuum of leadership on both sides is staggering,” he said.

“Far too often, we have seen in our schools and in our post offices, acts of violence from misfits of society. Turning these horrific events into an opportunity for a political attack is a very childish response to a very grown-up problem,” Beck said. “This is not about winning a political blame game.”

Beck continued by saying he denounces violence regardless of political motivation

Within the last few months the conservative commentator’s program has been dropped by several radio stations including one in Philadelphia where he got his start.


Uh, censorship ring a bell anyone? There ARE other radio stations.


What’s your point, “Thinker”?

The Glenn Beck show sucks and we have every right to express our opinion and hope that better use is made of the limited radio airwaves resource.

Nobody is “censoring” Glenn Beck, but it sure would be nice if he censored himself. Hasn’t he already made enough money selling his soul to the Devil? Or maybe he won’t stop until there is a new civil war in America.


Wise guy, remember Charlie Manson’s big thing to provoke a race war ? Glen Beck gets his juice from old John Birch journals, back in the 60s Birchers claimed the civil rights movement was a communist front and Martin Lucifer King was a communist agent ! I am starting to see a pattern here,,,,,, Charles Manson and Glenn Beck are trying to accomplish the same goal!! to tear down America and establish a Dominionist theocracy according to GODS ETERNAL PLAN tm owned by the Koch family of corporations.


A society that makes Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh incredibly wealthy celebrities is exactly what Charles Manson, in his twisted, perverted way, was warning us against.

Manson, Limbaugh and Beck, all in the same room, that’s a thought. Probably a weird mixture of mutual respect and mutual repulsion.

Remember, Charles Manson was not convicted of actually murdering anyone himself; he was convicted for getting others to do killing for him. I think Limbaugh and Beck can relate.


It’s interesting that no one here can stand or bother to listen to the Beck show long enough to identify local advertisers, if there are any. Five minutes at a time is all I’ve been able to stand. I bet even Republicans have a hard time listening for very long.

I can imagine some people claiming to surveys they listen to Beck, even if they just barely listen. Beck’s “popularity” is mostly an illusion I think, made real because he was pushed onto so many stations so fast, with contracts signed, and it just coasts along now, buoyed by sensationalist rantings and other stuff that get’s Beck some headlines. It’s a bubble I think. His shows sure do suck, though, and it’s no wonder so many people feel its a civic duty to try to rid the airwaves of his destructive, divisive insanity.


If nobody is listening to him, then how much of a pest is he really?


Unfortunately Wiseguy can only speak for literate people. I suppose GB has many listeners, very sad that we have people in this country who feel anything but revulsion listening to his rantings. Racism, fanatical and hypocritical religious blather, incitement to murder. What sort of person is attracted to that stuff?


Researchers discover a surprising threat to democracy: our brains this link was suggested by Bill Moyers in this fantastic article

:political scientists have begun to discover a human tendency “deeply discouraging to anyone with faith in the power of information.” He was reporting on research at the University of Michigan, which found that when misinformed people, particularly political partisans, were exposed to corrected facts in new stories, they rarely changed their minds. In fact, they often became even more strongly set in their beliefs. Facts were not curing misinformation. “Like an underpowered antibiotic, facts could actually make misinformation even stronger.”


I suspect that this occurs when people simply want what they want regardless of the cost to their fellow countrymen or planet.

Seems to me that the Reps are frequently all about how much money they can scam and the Dem’s are frequently about entitlements regardless of an individuals contributions. It’s a no win situation.


Okay after reading all this again, I have summarized it all up and am ready to drop the bomb,

“””””13, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords”””””

This was prompted by HATE TALK and 13 is one hell of an unlucky number, whether you are a Republican or Democrat, or somewhere in between, this is wrong, people on this blog are leaning towards insanity, this godforsaken country has to try to regroup, as a whole or it is headed for it’s own demise, look at history, it repeats it’s self over and over again, the only difference is this is about the last time mother nature is going to give us fools another chance!

We are all different, so should we prompt the extermination of the human race, the choice is ours, we can work together as a whole, or just end it in this decade. Why are people so stubborn in this country, not to try to reach some middle ground?

United we stand? What a joke! This blog is living proof that adverse political parties hate each other, every body hates each other in this new decade, because they can’t get at the real enemy, the corporate take over of the world, and we are all too blind to see it. I beg for the people on this blog, (only for starters), if we can find middle ground and peace here, it may be possible for the rest of the world to follow our tiny example! Give peace a chance, let’s start with ourselves instead of acting like children.

I will lead others may follow,” I apologize to anyone I have ever demeaned, criticized, offended, made intensely mad,or other wise even slightly annoyed with my constant gibberish.

All of you Republicans, Democrats alike, and all the other parties. You have my deepest and sincerest apologies ten fold. Now I feel this is still one country so let’s act like it, did you ever stop and look at the big picture, remember Napoleon, divide and con-cor!

We may be falling into the trap the real enemy wants us to, lets make up or break up and split this country in half at the Mississippi River, I figure this is the good half, so who ever doesn’t want to play this new game start packing! Peace to all creatures on this poor messed up planet.

WE CAN DO THIS IF WE TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Good points, and what the APP group seems to be addressing. I know I have contributed to the rancor; we all have very strong opinions. I would bet that many of the folks at the level most of us are on would agree on many issues if given the chance for responsible debate, but that seems to be impossible in a world filled with simplistic accusations. I am sure the corporate powers are behind all this divisiveness; they are the ones who benefit from the battles we wage against each other.

The right wants smaller government and more efficiency-so does the left if that doesn’t sacrifice public safety. We all want decent health care at an affordable price. I hope we all want real democracy. Everyone wants safety when buying cars, riding on planes, eating food and breathing air. We all want our next generation to have access to education and do better than we did. We all hate the drug scourge and religious extremism. I want equal opportunity for a good life for everyone without regard to gender, race, religion or other involuntary or voluntary way of life one chooses. I would wish all people to consider these points when railing against the ‘other side’. I think we are prevented from considering these issues by hate and divisive behavior sponsored by the rich and powerful who stand to lose if we ever get smart and direct our angst to where it belongs-at them,


“I am sure the corporate powers are behind all this divisiveness; they are the ones who benefit from the battles we wage against each other.”

Exactly! Your points are the best on this blog! Most are blind to empathy! Your debates are civil and centered on your and my objective! We don’t need anyone telling some one else to do their killing for them!

My post was merely an example, of the snowball effect that comes with any form of hate, whether racism, politics, views on terrorism and war, it all will escalate to the demise of the world we know and love.


Makes sense to me


Makes sense to me too roymann. Unlike you, I always identified with the Democratic Party until last year. I have always been a registered non partisan but was born and educated in the blue states of New England and raised by a family where my brother was elected as the Chair of Chairs for the Democratic Party of the State of Rhode Island. Yes we loved the Kennedy’s and I still do. However, you and I share some similar beliefs about believing and how we got there considering our backgrounds.

What’s interesting is that while you recently stopped voting a straight Republican ticket, I stopped voting a near straight Democratic ticket ! While you have found yourself embarrassed by the vitriolic hate and divisive ramblings of the Republicans, I have found myself embarrassed and sick of the entitlements demanded by the bleeding heart Democrats.

Yes, there is surely room to meet in the middle. I found hotdog’s plea to be the most heart warming and a sincere attempt to unify the citizens (if not of this Country) definitely of this county that I have seen in a long time.


Cindy I suspect you and I are meeting someplace in the middle politically, that is were most the nation is…somewhere in the middle. When Obama was elected I was surprised to find just how prejudice so many of my friends are. When they weren’t making racial slurs they were reassuring themselves that he was going to be assassinated. Political disagreement has always been around and always will be, but this is the first time I’ve seen this kind of hate toward the other side in the United States Of America. How can the Country solve so many pressing problems with this polarization.


It wasn’t that many years ago that I listened to what I now consider THE HATE MONGERS, the list included Chief bigoted hater RUSH LIMBAUGH, THE SAVAGE NATIONS MICHAEL SAVAGE, SEAN HANNITY, MiCHAEL REAGAN whose father ex-pres RONALD REAGAN I still consider my favorite President of all time, and I voted almost a straifgt Republican ticket. Those days are long gone, it took a while to see just how bad I was being ripped off the the Republicans and their Corp. sponsors. The far right is a lot scarier than liberal thinking by far. I remember as a boy my parents voted for Richard Nixon who lost to John Kennedy. After the election it didn’t take long for them to get behind the new president and wish him success, after all OUR SUCCESS IS TIED TO HIS, OUR COMMANDER IN CHIEF. When the Republican party which I am still a member of distances them selves from the above mentioned haters who are helping to keep us from uniting as one nation under God I will reconsider.


How typical that you have thrown Beck into the Republican hate machine party as your kind refers to it. Had you ever listened, or watched Beck you’d clearly see he is not a fan of either the Republican or democrat parties, he bashes either equally.


“When the Republican party which I am still a member of distances them selves from the above mentioned haters who are helping to keep us from uniting as one nation under God I will reconsider”.

How can a person who makes a comment like this not look like a sheep? Your saying our nation will never unite because of some jackass on TV for 30 minutes a day? Look around you, what is or isn’t is quite clear without somebody telling us their opinion, and then living our life by their jaded views. Don’t be brain washed like the rest of the flock, live outside the idiot box.


Confusing, mixed messages but wrong again. Not 40 minutes a day, 3 hours combined with others makes it 3, 6, 9, maybe 12! Right about the jackass, and wrong that the ‘sheep’ should stand up and not be sheep. They are sheep, moving relentlessly towards the cliff like brain dead lemmings, but they move nevertheless. Thinking takes work, most folks don’t want more work in their lives (duh, that’s where tv and drugs come in to fill the void with sawdust). It’s real hard to get outside, and stay outside, the idiot box, but I applaud you in bringing that up. Just look back at some of the mindless blogs here, you have a lot of work to do towards freeing up Americans from the shackles of the like of Beck, Limbaugh and others like that. You might want to hook up with the group that inspired this story, that is what they are attempting.


You missed my point completely. I live by no ones jaded views. My point is I’ve never seen our country so divided. I used to watch Beck almost nightly and I watched him become more and more flaky. . I’ve looked around and sheep like you are the one’s living in the idiot box.


WRONG UNDERTOW, I’m saying my party needs to distance themselves from the people I mentioned. About a year ago the head of the Republican National Committee tried to criticize Rush Limbaugh stating he did not speak for the party and was just an entertainer. Rush Fired back and the Republican Chairman backed down and apologized to Rush publicly. . Are you proud of the party for allowing Rush to intimidate it ( talk about sheep). A lot of people listen to, and follow egomaniacs like Rush. They are the one’s that are brain washed. maybe you’ve been living inside their idiot box to long, open your eyes their is more to life than radical right wing politics. Most of the country is in the middle, not far right or far left. When the Republican Party figures this out they may win the White House again.


You’re wrong.


Why doesn’t somebody just provide a list of advertisers that appear during the hours that Glenn Beck is on the air and lets get on with it. I don’t listen to him and don’t have the stomach to spend half my day listening to find out who they are. Give me a list and I won’t patronize them, I’ll even contact all of them and tell them why. I might add that the reason isn’t because I don’t agree with his philosophy or political grand standing (although I don’t), it’s because he promotes hate and violence.


I agree and a few others should be added to the list.


One hotly discussed aspect of all this jazz about advertisers is this: Are all the KVEC advertisers, even the ignorant ones, in a way sort of responsible for supporting a station that brings us hate radio or is it only those that actually appear on the offensive shows? Can the advertisers determine where their ads show up?

Many communities across the nation have initiated campaigns like this one, according to a google search of stopbeck etc. I decided to do some snooping and it is amazing how much activity along these lines there is.

Cindy, you ask a valid question, I hope the people doing this will respond. And, of course, anyone can listen to any show and determine content and advertisers.


Merchants surely do request that their advertisements are allocated at particular times ie: 65% during prime time and 35% across the board or even during particular segments and they pay accordingly.

Either way, in the long run the outcome of this approach is the same because if enough advertising has to be allocated away from the stated undesirable programming and into other time segments then it (advertisement) inundates those more desirable programs requiring the gradual cut back of the undesirable programming. Everything is a process, let this be the beginning. It starts with 2 or 3 advertisers that refuse placement in the undesired slot and it builds from there, one advertiser at a time. Would someone please post the starting point which is the current list?


Verizon Wireless is a national advertiser of Mr. Beck’s program.


I happened to listen to Beck the Monday following the attack in Tucson. He started off with pious and sweet talk and pledged some idiotic ‘peace’ bond to the palinistas. Following that he whipped himself into a frenzy of contempt and hate for all he doesn’t like. Anyone who can listen to him and not come away disgusted blows my mind. I guess the public leaves its sense and heart in the other room when Beck in on.


I find it fascinating that true intolerance is generated from the left and generally focuses on a constitutional right of the American people (in this case freedom of speech). Gee, I have freedom of speech as long as my speech agrees with yours. Thank you.


What are you talking about? Glenn Beck has “freedom of speech.” And we have the right to “vote with our pocketbook” and not support his sponsors or the radio station that pushes his propaganda. That’s called “The American Way”. You got a problem with that “srichison”?


Isn’t this article about having him removed from the airwaves. That’s quite a bit different from not supporting his sponsors. I noticed in an earlier post from someone that supported removing Glenn Beck, and that person used the term “crosshairs” several times. Kind of ironic I thought. Somebody also mentioned bringing back the Fairness Doctrine. What exactly would make the other side any more believable? Funny how the perception is the “liberals” have it all right, and the “conservatives” are nothing but corporate loving warmongers.


Seniorcrit, I don’t understand what you are talking about. How do you imagine someone would have Glenn Beck “removed from the airwaves” as you imply?

I don’t believe any of the Beck critics posting here have advocated doing anything illegal to restore common sense and honesty to our local airwaves. What exactly are you complaining about, seniorcrit?

By the way, we certainly can’t speak for all “conservatives”, but certainly Beck and Limbaugh, are, what you refer to as “corporate loving warmongers.” Perhaps “loving” is not the correct term. More like “corporate butt kissing warmongers”, or “corporate sponsored warmongers”. Don’t you agree on at least THAT much , “seniorcrit”?


It’s “seniorcit”. The second paragraph of the story states that the group wants the KVEC sponsors to quit advertising until the Glenn Beck program has been dropped from the station. Does that clear it up for you wiseperson.

I noticed in your rush to belittle my screen name you failed to address the “crosshairs” issue. I guess it’s alright to use those kinds of terms when it serves your purpose to attack conservatives.

No, I doubt that I agree with anything you have to say.


I still don’t get it. What exactly are objecting to, seniorcit? “Voting with your pocketbook”? If KVEC decides to drop the Glenn Beck show, shouldn’t KVEC have that right? What is the problem?

As far as “crosshairs”, again, I don’t know what you are complaining about. I have never used that term in this forum, I know that much. What’s the matter with “crosshairs”?

Finally, you never answered my question: Do you or don’t you consider Beck and Limbaugh “corporate sponsored war-mongers”?


You’re right. You don’t get it. This group is trying to get sponsors to stop advertising until the Glenn Beck show is removed. That is not the same as simply not tuning in or not using the products they are advertising.

I didn’t say you used the term crosshairs. Somebody did. Is that not one of the terms Sarah Palin was villified over? Does crosshairs not connotate a visage of a gun?

I have no idea if Beck or Limbaugh are corporate sponsored. I don’t know if they are war mongerers. I don’t listen to them. Just like I don’t listen to Maddow or Olberman.


The drive on here, and across the nation, is to clean up our filthy airwaves. That is public space being used to vilify certain people, the government (no calm reasoned criticism of specific issues but rather vehement shrieking against the ‘black copters’ etc.). How you gonna feel if someone you know in the government (your mailman, trash service person, Congressperson or stream inspector) is insulted, shot or maimed by some crazed fool who actually believes the filthy drivel spewing from Beck’s mouth?

And if the government is such a train wreck and depository for slime how come the neo-cons are so intent on populating it? How come the

‘small government, low taxes’ people always increase the size of government and raise taxes-especially on YOU, the average Joe?

The equitable thing to do, that would benefit YOU (unless you are a mega corporation) is to raise taxes on those who benefit most from our glorious land, and lower them for the rest of us just scratching by-reaping fewer rewards for our efforts. Assuming you and most other bloggers here who defend those who make many millions lying to you are regular people-you are being used and twisted by Beck, Limbaugh and others to defend their high style. Blows my mine, how you defend your sensational and mean ‘royalty’.


Seniorcit, thank you for confirming what I already pointed out: You literally don’t know what you are talking about.

Sure people want Beck off the air. And some are willing to go public with that and let others know. So what? Isn’t that their right in America?

And I still don’t know what problem you’re having with someone using the word “crosshairs” on this forum.

Maybe if you did listen to Maddow you would have a better perspective and a better understanding regarding much of what you are trying to communicate about. Unlike Beck and Limbaugh, she doesn’t lie and deceive and hold her listeners in contempt and disrespect.


My words have deceived me. I am not defending Beck and Limbaugh. Words don’t carry alot of weight with me. I believe very little of what I hear. One needs to know ALL of the facts to come to a proper conclusion, and in todays world that just does not happen. Like the healthcare bill. Everyday people telling the rest of us what it will or will not do. Huh? Nancy Pelosi said “we have to pass this bill to find out what is in it”.

i’ve tried listening to Maddow and some of the others and just can’t get past their perceived rightousness. It’s as though they and everyone on their side is only looking out for the good of man, while the other side is evil. I believe people like Maddow and Oberman fan the flames just as much as Beck and Limbaugh.

On a funny note, I am ahead of you in the “likes” number. And i’m trailing you in the “dislikes” column.


If Im not mistaken the end result is the same, silencing what you don’t personally care to hear, censorship thru black male. Thats kinda like you workin at a company I own and I tell you to stop posting here or I’ll fire your arse.


“A group of Tea Party leaders aim to meet with Proctor and Gamble to convince the company to abandon its sponsorship MSNBC’s Hardball because, they say, host Chris Matthews intentionally portrayed Tea Party groups and individuals in a bad light during a recent documentary”


Does that go for the Tea Party as well undertow?



I find it fascinating that the right is so full of hypocrisy. You are allowed to practice those constitutional rights but we can’t and yes I mean freedom of speech. The following was CCPed from an article from last year:

“A group of Tea Party leaders aim to meet with Proctor and Gamble to convince the company to abandon its sponsorship MSNBC’s Hardball because, they say, host Chris Matthews intentionally portrayed Tea Party groups and individuals in a bad light during a recent documentary”

Read more:

So typical, it’s okay for you to do what you want. ‘We don’t want the feds butting into our lives,,,well unless a women wants the right to do what she wants with her body’. Always the same with you guys. Well guess what, we have rights to and if this group wants to go in and try and do exactly the same thing that the Tea Bags did then all the power to them. This is America not N Korea, you can’t shut people up because they don’t agree with YOU.

Gee, I have the freedom of speech as long as my speech agrees with yours. Give me a break.


I guess the thumbs down here are simple ideological automatons marching to the beat of hate radio. Any of you nay sayers even read the queen’s citation to see if the comment holds water? I wonder. I doubt it.


It still amazes me how they close their eyes when facts are presented and in this case they close their eyes with a thumbs down.

seniorcit, srichison, SLO LOCAL, danika, undertow, Roger F. and the rest of the right wingers here, how about what those Teabaggers were doing to Chris Mathews as stated in my last posts. Is the Tea Party also trying to take away your rights or was that okay? Come on speak up I want to hear how you twist this one.

This is why so many of the Teabaggers won’t talk to real news reporters because when presented with facts they don’t have anything to say.



Sorry Typoqueen. I just now read your post and didn’t know you had asked me to respond. My response is, I don’t care. I don’t really align with either side. I have my own core values and I don’t need a radio or TV personality to tell me what my values should be. The electronic age we now live in has altered our lives such that so many now seem to have the access to try and tell us how we should think. It used to be, news reporters would just report the news. Now they tell us what it means, as though we are too ignorant to figure it out for ourselves.

Let me ask you a question. Are the Teabaggers trying to bring America down? Is the Liberal left trying to bring America down to everybody elses level? Personally, I prefer a Country that holds itself in high esteem.


I don’t believe that the Teabaggers ‘think’ that they’re bringing the country down. I believe that they feel that they know more than us as far as what is best for the country but they really don’t. They absolutely don’t understand the concepts of diplomacy and working together for the better good of the country. It’s their way or no way, they are right and everyone else is wrong. Without knowing it the Teabaggers are bringing the country down to an all time low, no question about it.

There’s a difference between high esteem and arrogance, thinking that we’re better than everyone else is arrogance. I don’t feel that the left is bringing the country down. I don’t feel that we need to be better than everyone else, I feel that’s arrogant and why a lot of countries don’t like us. We aren’t better than the UK, Germany etc.. and why do we need to be? We need to learn from them just as they can learn from us to make the world a better place. Just like my children, some have strong strengths on some things and others on other things. We don’t have to be superior and dominate those that we don’t understand, we don’t have to be better than everyone else. We need to be good people, technically innovative, strong, productive, educated and live by example. I would never have a friend that thinks that they’re better than me and I’d never be a parent that thinks that I’m better than my child. Some of us believe that thinking that you’re superior to everyone else is morally wrong.


OMG, sorry that was so long.


Thanks for your civil reply Typoqueen. While I am going to quit debating this issue because I am so un-informed, let me leave some parting opinions. You stating the Teabaggers think they know better than us and they don’t, and they don’t know how diplomacy works is a bit of arrogance on your part.

Also, when I said I would rather hold ourselves in high esteem, that does not translate into thinking we are better than everyone else. I would prefer our Commander in Chief not go around apologizing to leaders of other countries for our behavior. I especially disagree with our President taking the side of Mexico regarding illegal immigration.

Come to think of it, if we want to be equal to everyone else, maybe we should start by quit giving aid and billions of dollars to other countries. They certainly don’t do that for us.


” I will never apologize for the United States of America I don’t CARE what the facts are.”


” I don’t CARE what the facts are”

And there you go folks, that about says it all.


My brother, yes you do,…

“Beck continued by saying he denounces violence regardless of political motivation.”

The fact is Beck is a complete idiot and a hypocrite on top of that, he is a liberal only fraudulently portraying himself to being a right wing fanatic, because there is no money to be taken from all the dial up poor democrats. There would be a lot more green on their side if they had any money, to buy a computer with.


Zaphod, you are right on the money with that video, there are many like it, check out Jesse Ventura exposes the gulf spill, the company that cleaned up the spill was purchased by the rig that spilled it ten days before the spill, they made billions off the clean up,(more than they would of of the oil from the rig) Dick took off the remote shut off switch with deregulation s , wake up typo queen, who’s side are you on. I apologize to the Iranian people for are stupid military shooting down THEIR airbus! I apologize to the world for our government giving them all medals for killing civilians. I was never religious but it truly looks like the bible may be right, Typo Queen watch the Video, before you chastise.

I repeat follow the money. I’m saving to move to Argentina!


Okay cheseburger, I didn’t see that there was link on zaphods post. That was disgusting part of our history where once again we screwed up and refuse to take responsibility for our blunder. Another gift of shame from our last prez.

I love a good conspiracy theory, but Jesse Ventura is too over the top with his conspiracy theories. I really like Jesse V., he’s a smart guy who says it like it is. When I saw that he was going to have a TV show I couldn’t wait to watch it. I watched the first 4 or 5 episodes and became extremely disappointed. JV has conspiracy theories for everything. I still like Jesse V. but unfortunately I don’t give any credibility to Jesse’s con. theories.


Even Fox News is trying to distance itself from Beck’s insane comments about Egypt:

Beck continually lies to his audience, but he’s managed to top himself with his latest outrages against truth and humanity.

Rush Limbaugh is also trying to mislead his listeners about the realities of the Egyptian revolution, with comments so far from the truth that it boggles the mind, for reasons that have to be either sinister or a result of some sort of madness. And STILL, some people hold respect for these two men, these two enemies of truth.


Thank goodness for Glenn Beck informing everyone tonight that the Egyptian revolution was caused and backed by Islamics, communists and socialist,,,he must have forgotten the Nazis. He said that the rest of media doesn’t know this, only he does,,,,. He also informed us that this was also part of Obama’s plan, that the rest of the world will topple and we are all doomed. Yes, he even blamed Obama for the revolution and said that he is fooling us, that Obama knows that this wasn’t for democracy. Beck went as far as to call Obama and the media “accomplices”. He could tell that Obama was behind it as he mentioned in his speech that the revolution was because of young people that wanted change,,,,the young people are bad and are our enemy???

Beck is definitely riding the crazy train to some type of a meltdown.


You must have watched a different show than we did. I took the time to watch Mr. Beck in it’s entirety. Where I don’t completely agree with his context, I didn’t find him to say the things you have stated here. You are misrepresenting what he said. Talk about “hate mongering”…


Just to clarify: Misrepresenting someone who fosters hate and fear to have them removed from air is not “hate mongering.”

While he may have not said those things in the program you watched directly, he has said them repeatedly in many previous broadcasts in which they were not taken out of context as a whole. I’m sorry, but I can’t agree that pointing out his message as a whole and linking it to his most recent broadcast is “hate mongering.”

More like brutal truth.


Danika, Beck is pretty easy to understand so I’m not sure why you don’t.

If anyone is interested, the following Youtube link is the first 15 minutes of Becks show yesterday. One only needs to watch the first 5 to get it. But if you Danika believe that I’m misunderstanding then please feel free to explain what I’m missing. From about the 3rd minute to about the 6th minute if you don’t have the time pretty much sums it up.

I’m not hate mongering, I’m simply stating the facts. Fear and hate mongering is the forte of the extreme right not the left.


A few years ago I heard all this talk about this glenn Beck guy and how full of hate he was so instead of just accepting this I actually listened to the guy on his radio program on average an hour a day for a couple of years now. I honestly did not know what to expect and I tried to keep other’s comments from coloring my perceptions. Long story short I did not find the hate nor advocation of violence or any kind of racism. What I did find was a strong conservative/libertarian point of view mixed in with sophomoric humor and a large dollop of paranoia. Glenn is very passionate about his beliefs and while I don’t agree with many of them I respect where he is coming from. At his core I believe he is a decent human being.

Reading through the comments it is clear that for many Glenn seems to provoke alot of anger. If I had personally heard the things he is accused of doing/saying then maybe I could understand the desire to have his show cancelled. I have found that in my own life that when someones words really provoke me that there is a lesson in it . Instead of silencing this person maybe I need to dig deeper in to my own belief system and edit/improve it. Conflict can be constructive.

I think that especially for liberals Glenn could be embraced and seen as an evolutionary tool with wich one could strengthen and refine one’s beliefs. Isn’t the essence of liberalism to be as open- minded as possible? To calmly and rationally look at all sides of an issue?


Right on man. Though you missed the essence of Beck the thrust of your comment and last two sentences are terrific.

But we have listened and tried to understand, and put up with it for a decade or so. And in many venues the issue has been raised in a responsible manner-Beck tells his critics to “go to hell”. I don’t find it funny for Beck to be ranting with a swastika behind him, I find it instructive. If you have listened to Beck with a clear mind and not come away with the impression he is an opportunistic liar, with subtle and not so subtle promotions of violence I don’t know what to say.

Ask those who listen to Beck, they think he is cool and therefore get guidance from him. That is very dangerous for a civil society, which is dwindling fast.


“Beck is definitely riding the crazy train to some type of a meltdown.”

Everytime we hear Glen Becks voice, we are that much closer to the crazy train meltdown.

I bet 2 bucks it will be tied to the future drop in gold prices. Everyone knows Glen is sponsored by gold merchant’s right? At the almost top of the market.


“You Want To Call Me Crazy? Go To Hell. Call Me Crazy All You Want”