Group wages battle against Glenn Beck

February 9, 2011


A group of San Luis Obispo County residents, prompted by last month’s shootings in Tucson, Ariz. that left six dead, has mounted a campaign to pressure local radio stations to limit what they call “hate talk.”

Since January, outspoken critics of the Glenn Beck Show began campaigning to local radio station KVEC 920 AM to change its programming. They initially contacted KVEC management and have progressed to asking KVEC’s sponsors to halt advertising until the nationally syndicated Glenn Beck program has been dropped from the station, which airs weekdays at 12 noon.

“We believe the violence is connected to the nasty rhetoric that they are supporting. They have nine hours a day of fanatics which is way too much,” said Pete Evans, founder of Alliance for Positive Programming (APP).

Another critic contends Beck’s incendiary political rhetoric is dangerous.

“The history of Glenn Beck’s incitement to politically-motivated murder of Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, Charles Rangel and others he wants to ‘beat to death with a shovel’ or ‘line up and shoot in the head’ is well-documented,” said David Broadwater in an electronic letter that is circulating to numerous local advocates, KVEC management and advertisers.

The Jan. 8 Tucson shooting spree that killed six people and wounded another 13, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), has prompted criticism of inflammatory language by some conservative talk-show hosts like Beck.

News media, blogs, and twitter have been rampant with accusations that conservative talk radio, particularly “right-wing rhetoric,” may have influenced the mentally unsound Tucson shooting suspect and have created a climate of hate in America. While investigators have yet to prove this theory, the shooting has prompted a new wave of backlash against extremism in conservative radio.

Evans said he would like the station to offer counter programming, such as the Clark Howard Show, a syndicated show about saving money and finance that the station aired for about a year and a half before it was canceled last July because of falling ratings.

Last summer, the station swapped Howard for Beck and within six months and the station’s ratings were back to pre-Howard numbers.

When asked for a comment by CalCoastNews, KVEC’s management did not respond.

However, KVEC talk show host Dave Congalton, who is also a contributing editor at CoastCoastNews, said that while he cannot speak for the station’s management, it is apparent that the Glenn Beck Program is widely supported on the Central Coast.

“It is not my job to defend KVEC programming,” said Congalton, who is in his 20th season on the air at KVEC. “We offer programming choices and the listeners decide.

“San Luis Obispo County overall is very conservative and conservative talk radio does very well on the Central Coast,” Congalton continued.

“In contrast, the liberal-oriented Air America station in San Luis Obispo limps along from year to year, barely registering in the ratings. What does that tell you?”

The alliance and its supporters plan to continue its campaign to persuade KVEC to remove Beck from its airwaves “due (to) his most explicitly documented record of advocating politically-motivated assassination.”

“This station runs nine hours of nationally syndicated loud and angry right-wing rhetoric every day, yet touts itself as ‘hometown radio.’” Evans said. “These talk shows often promote violence and would tend to convince the already unbalanced to take up arms against innocent people. We have seen this over and over during the past decade.”

Congalton argued the group is made up of “far left-leaning liberals” and has yet to make an impact. “I know they’ve contacted some of our advertisers, but we haven’t lost any clients due to this so-called campaign,” he said.

In a January letter, Beck defended himself against the backlash. “While Americans are grappling to understand the Arizona tragedy, the absolute vacuum of leadership on both sides is staggering,” he said.

“Far too often, we have seen in our schools and in our post offices, acts of violence from misfits of society. Turning these horrific events into an opportunity for a political attack is a very childish response to a very grown-up problem,” Beck said. “This is not about winning a political blame game.”

Beck continued by saying he denounces violence regardless of political motivation

Within the last few months the conservative commentator’s program has been dropped by several radio stations including one in Philadelphia where he got his start.


Beck’s show is dying in the ratings anyway. KVEC management would cancel his show now and pretend they are responding to the community (before they are forced to cancel the show because it’s a loser.)

Limbaugh is considered “too big to fail”, but Beck is quickly running out of sponsors willing to be associated with his insanity.

The audience for “Obama-is-a-socialist” radio is growing old and dying off at a quick clip. Young people want content, not opinions and lies from an insane clown posse with the maturity of a 9 year old sugar addict..

Extremist right wing hate radio has peaked. KVEC better think of something new and be quick about it.

In the meantime all of us patriotic Americans can “vote with our pocketbook” and make note of businesses that would choose to support Limbaugh, Beck or other hate radio programs in this day and age.

Even Dave Congalton is bound to realize that Beck’s show is dragging down The Dave Congalton Show. Beck, of course, could not care less about the damage he is doing.


Commercial Radio Station licenses should be subject to a review before being renewed, much the same way that companies operating businesses in National Parks face review before their contracts are renewed. Licenses would not automatically be renewed. The review would consider if other companies would provide better service, and licenses would be granted accordingly.

As it is now, a relatively small number of companies monopolize the commercial radio airwaves and their licenses are renewed with little review. Thus these companies that pay virtually NOTHING for the original license or renewals, basically get to monopolize the airwaves in perpetuity even if the quality of what they offer continues spiraling downward, and even if other companies would clearly offer more to the community.

If a company that sells hot dogs, or rents hotel rooms in Yosemite doesn’t automatically get their contracts renewed free of charge, shouldn’t we also review broadcasting companies before granting them a license to take offer control of a limited public resource such as the radio airwaves?


Yea, that’s the solution. We don’t have enough reviews and regulations. We need more and more regulations so that you can get your communist views out. The free market just isn’t working….

You will never silence me. And you get to blither on all you want. That is how freedom works. If you get enough people to enjoy your blithering, you can then get your own radio show. The last attempt at this, with your ideology was Error America. And guess what? So few wanted to hear it, it quickly went off the air. Focus on a credible argument with good ideas and see what happens!

We still live in a free country.


Still live in a free country. Follow the constitution, I want my country back. 911, 911, 911, 911, 911.

Marvelous quotes from really intelligent folks (from bush to the baggies). One’s views are called ‘communist’, which in its purity is a way better system than ours but of course that never existed. And the official carriers of modern day lousy communism (that none of us ever believed in and disliked as much as you did/do) collapsed 22 years ago-so aside from an intended infantile smear that has no meaning-what do you mean?


“The Jan. 8 Tucson shooting spree that killed six people and wounded another 13, including U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.), has prompted criticism of inflammatory language by some conservative talk-show hosts like Beck.” this is a creditable fact hotdog has focused on give him a break there is a lot of mustard on a lot of hateful faces on this blog, hate is what causes wars and deaths, peace to all of you.


“Focus on a credible argument with good ideas and see what happens!”

Congrats! That’s a really, really good idea. Think you can sell it to Beck?


We still live in a free country.

how about a nice cuban cigar or a trip there with your Canadian friends?


Ever since the Citizens United ruling, we’re all just codpieces of Free Market Capitalism. Don’t bother to gold plate it, my friend, it just makes you look silly.


If you believe a truly free market works, please explain why our economy collapsed. I’m curious to read your explanation.


So SLO, you believe that corporations should automatically be GIVEN the privilege of using the public airwaves without having to compete with other businesses for that privilege? That would be pretty much like supporting “no-bid” government contracts, except that corporations get their radio licenses renewed for free.

Why are you so eager to give the airwaves over to corporations that don’t pay for the privilege and don’t compete for the privilege? Why are you supporting government give-aways for wealthy corporations?

By the way, what “communist views” are you talking about? I believe you are misinformed and a victim of propaganda. It seems more apparent than ever that you literally don’t know what you are talking about. I suggest you lay off the extremist right wing hate radio/propaganda programs for a while and see if the swelling goes down.


They should regulate without a doubt and they do, and that’s why Glenn Beck is on the air, because 4 million +listeners tune in daily along with another 4million +to watch the TV broadcast. Again just because you and others don’t like what he has to say it shouldn’t be banned. Should they ban you because I don’t what you say? Its called freedom of speech.


Actually, you have it bassakwards. What you describe is not “freedom of speech.’ It’s market capitalism, which translates to the tyranny of the majority. The majority wants Herr Beck, so that’s what the station broadcasts. It has nothing to do with freedom of speech. If you really had any respect for freedom of speech, you would consider lobbying Congress to re-institute the Fairness Doctrine. That would ensure that all sides of an issue had a fair hearing. As it is now, Beck can say whatever he damn well pleases truth be damned, and he can hide behind the First Amendment, and yahoos like undertow will beat the drum Free-Dumb, Free-Dumb, Free-Dumb without giving a damn about what is fair, or correct, or beneficial, or truthful, because they happen to be one of the 4 million+ mindsucks who think Beck is an “entertainer.”


Well said. When FOX and others can spend billions of dollars at a loss to promote their shows, how does anyone compete with that? Now that corporations are people how can real people compete against such money and power?


Problem here, as has been mentioned, is we seem to have a ‘failure to communicate’. Those who defend free-dumb refuse to actually read the article and think. These are the defenders of beck. Those lame elements of society who are so ideological they are blind with rage at anyone who challenges their position, without regard to any facts or reason.

The article is about inciting murders, and of course to some of us we cringe at the childish lies and hypocrisy he spews that seems to appeal to our lower classes.

The other day Ron Reagan was chatting with a beck-alike in Fla, Ron has written a book about his Dad, who used to be President. The interviewer didn’t like some of the candid comments by the SON about his DAD so he threatened him and challenged him to a physical fight! This is the environment of crass fools who listen to nothing other than brown shirt thugs and refuse any and all facts from those who actually know something about the subject at hand.

However, this is a lively conversation and it is wild to see some of the viewpoints expressed here-sort of like being kidnapped by aliens!


Undertow, you write, ridiculously, “Should they ban you because I don’t what you say? Its called freedom of speech.”

I don’t what you say?????????

I just don’t know what to say to that, but if his own home town station banned him, I think every town should and will eventually jump right up on the banned wagon and follow suit, or just file suit for in-sighting murder, no law against that either. Peace to Republicans and Democrats alike!


It’s called, “Jump on the Bandwagon” , not the banned wagon. Amusing, but not correct. Should be inciting murder, not in-sighting murder (a gun imagery).


Sorry they kicked me out of the third grade, nit -picker, is that right? And banned wagon is the term I meant to use, critic!


Ding, ding,ding..we have a winner!!! 102 posts so far over some actor who comes on TV every night. Good to see everybody speaking out and riled up while the important things in our community are ignored or forgotten about. A Sheriffs dept with the reputation of an outlaw club, a political base in many cities such as Atascadero who’s under investigation by the FBI, local business owners who have robbed residents and/or tax payers blind and ran off with their life savings,corruption abounds, and everybody is screaming bloody murder about a TV personality and his right to free speech..


I agree with your last half sentence about free speech. That said I think the rest of your post is WAY, WAY, WAY, off base!!!!!

You must not read much here or your memory is horrible or selective to your views of things. Any mention of the Sheriffs dept here in the last couple years has had a LOT of good debate. Same about Atascadero. Gearhart? I don’t know anybody guess how many articles in last few years? At least 14 I think? Estate financial, Century etc. All articles I and MANY here all commented on and majority in disapproval on.

So I guess I would ask you sir/mama where is your facts?!!! I don’t see it. People are upset about this as much as all the other issues you mentioned. I like that you defended free speech but your LAME arguement supporting it is horrible!!


Point taken however I still do not see the 102 people at the Board meetings, Supervisor meetings or otherwise. Posting here isn’t enough, get involved on a personal basis, we are are you?


Well I haven’t been to the board meeting but have talked to the F.B.I. Does that count?


You are sort of right, In a civil and intelligent society he would have been fired 12 years ago or whenever he started spewing is hate. But we are not, he was not, and we have him in our midst corrupting our socieaty. He makes a fortune doing it, on our airwaves. This is not legit alternative political chat, it is banging his shoe on the table and inciting the lower class masses to violence. That is something to confront, something important.

I remember when Reagan was a two bit radio guy; his rants were sometimes out of sight but I don’t think he ever stooped to the childish lies and incite to violence that is now so prevalent on our airwaves, our public airwaves. Beck is one of the worst, there are many others.


Conservative thinkers should be the most offended by Beck’s hateful sophistry. Is he making you look like fools or merely exposing you?


If the clowns didn’t have a circus tent then nobody would know where to go watch the idiots.

Bless AM radio and their ability to reach even the ones that can barely operate a radio.

Glen Beck. the twenty first century Bozo.


Beck ought to be a ‘must see’ today, what with Mubarack stepping down. After all, it has been 18 days of the Egyptian people demanding a better government – and not a bloody expensive 10 years war to effect change. That will surely be a two-blackboard show, don’t you think?


From your dear friends at APP (Alliance for Positive Programming).

Well, hypocrisy abounds. It is impossible to argue with repetitive lies and childish rants. The video referred to has beck advocating murder, with a prominent swastika behind him. Cute. We’ll see where this all goes. As reported, some stations, even beck’s hometown station, have removed him. If the good people of slo respond to this reasonable effort maybe kvec will have the sense and concern for the community to remove him as well. In this and most other things what counts is money and power. The station runs trash because we have ignorant listeners who seem to like trash, and so they may buy the junk the advertisers sell-duh, that is just simple business. But if enough wise and caring people wield their power to convince the station or advertisers that Beck’s shows are harming the community and nation then he is gone, simple as that. Look at Egypt and another hundred reversals of power throughout history-when the people speak the Earth moves. The only question here is will the people stand up for their rights, and what is best for the community. Of course that is in contention.

Short sighted and blind zealots have accused APP of trying to censor the airwaves; more drivel with no basis in fact. What is fact is the incessant censoring of the far right of art at the Smithsonian, starting in 1902 of statues of Roman soldiers and in 1982 with Jesse Helms, that bigoted right wing Republican Senator from the south, intervening in other art exhibits; and shamefully, the bush admin censoring public viewing of the dead soldiers coming home from his wars. And there is so much more, all on the right.

The complainers here of our efforts to reclaim some sanity at KVEC are just ideologues with no concern for the truth or fairness in programming.

They are frightened and desperate, that is too bad.

Glenn Beck’s ratings are down 50%. Program directors all over the country (KY, Atlanta, Philadelphia, XM Channel) are reconsidering their right-wing talk shows, as listeners lose patience with Rush racism. It’s over with the old, nasty, name-calling, no-solutions crowd. There’s a change in the wind.

Those who call us ‘far left liberals’, as if that is an insult, are sadly out of touch, using this tired conservative (intended) slur is a long standing attempt by those who oppose progress. I dare say that when one is frightened for one’s job one would do anything to bow to one’s masters. The author of that quote knows only one of us, so it has no basis in fact.

Stay tuned kids, we have only just begun. You can reach us at


The media matters Clip of Glen’s show tonight is worth while the comments there are pretty good, some of them really funny, you have been warned!.


‘It’s over with the old, nasty, name-calling, no-solutions crowd. There’s a change in the wind’

“Short sighted blind zealots”

“ignorant listeners”

“The complainers”

“bigoted right wing Republican Senator”

“repetitive lies and childish rants”

“ideologues with no concern for the truth”

“The station runs trash”

Your words and contradictions speak for themselves.

Too bad you have ended any credibility when you have only just begun!

Your a funny guy!


Well, your ‘quotes’ are not contradictions but here are some ideas to ponder. Pete is not paid $50 million to preach preach on the public airways. Pete does not promote lies, hypocrisy, hate or murder (mentioning, and citing, instances of this on the part of others does not constitute the same).

But let’s make a deal. I will urge Pete to retract everything and if you will agree to gather up your allies and do one thing for me.

Get Beck to stop promoting lies, hate and murder by hypocritically rattling his paper saber.

Finding some fault, real or imaginary, large or small, with a posting does not negate the reasoning. This is a hot issue, our personal politics is involved, which it need not be. Ososkid above approaches that issue, but we are all swept up in a wave of controversy.

Knit picking will not help us solve the puzzle, but is a popular effort for those without valid argument,


I love when humor ties in with truth. This is Beck at his best:

Are we not supposed to post links? I see a little note about the moderator needing to check my post???


We love links (see the bottom of the comment guidelines page) if your comment has linkage it has to be manually approved,

part of our anti spam efforts.


Typoqueen you are so keen, seems Glen Beck has already put himself between the cross-hairs on the W.W.W., hate talk of Jews , Nazi symbols , President bashing , hell the C.I.A. will probably take him out to dinner and poison him, don’t order Mexican food, better order Tie Food.

Great Video, I am in stitches, thanks for the link, hope they don’t shoot it down, people need to see this, in closing I only Listen to KVEC when there is a link from Karen about important things, these guys just do this to make money from idiots. They don’t even have these political views. IT IS ONLY ABOUT THE MONEY THEY CAN MAKE !


Beck hates the 911 widows and the victims of hurricane Katrina all in one breath.


@Wiseguy and Hotdog. You went too far in trying to push your argument. Anyone knows that if Beck or O’Reilly actually told people to physically attack abortion doctors, or advocated killing people, on radio or tv, that they would be jerked off faster than you can say Jack Squat. You are relying on a far left web site and their little pieces of video from 30 minute shows where Beck uses the entire program to build an argument. Sometimes, Beck uses jokes or satire to make his point. I don’t know if you have ever listened to or have seen an entire Beck show, but you are only repeating the mantra of the left and the thoughts of others determined to take Fox News off the air.

Try making a reasoned argument and people will listen.

As you said “Those who will be shouting the loudest, and dumbest, on this site about this issue would probably like to solve problems with a gun, or by shouting their adversary down. We have sunk to new depths…” This is you.


We have sunk to new depths…” This is you. Why doesn’t some one put you, Glenn Beck and Oh Really? On the net.

Let’s just put some cross hairs on the W.W.W. for you guys and see if some liberal nut case blows your head off, just to test your theory, I was taken off my job and fired for my political views when the stupid war in Irac started, then the Republican they replaced me with sued them and cost them fifty grand to get rid of. Dos Osos of Los Osos knows now they should of stuck with me, and wave every time they see me, the Republican replacement that sued them, just gives them the finger.

In closing these right winged fanatics are the stupid ones who put peoples lives in danger.

This is not about every Republican or Democrat, it is truly more about right or wrong.