McCarthy drops by White House for private lunch

February 9, 2011

House Majority Whip and Republican congressman Kevin McCarthy has a special lunch date Wednesday. He’ll be eating in the private dining room of the White House with President Obama and Vice-President Biden. [LA Times]

McCarthy, whose congressional district includes parts of San Luis Obispo County, will join Republican colleagues Speaker of the House John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor at the private lunch.

Obama has invited the Republican House leadership over one week before he publicly releases the details on his plans to cut federal spending.

McCarthy is in his third term of office and recently assumed the leadership position, making him the third most powerful Republican in the House. Last week, when visiting Paso Robles and San Luis Obispo, McCarthy was accompanied by U.S. Secret Service agents.

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In the Republican Party you move up the ranks by kissing butt and doing what your sponosrs/lobbyists ask you to do. McCarthy is a bought-and-paid for tool of special interests/crooks.

Lois Capps has done an amazing job of protecting the interests of her district, without corruption and without scandal. There has never been a time when honest, hard-working and caring politicians are needed in Washington and Lois Capps fits that perfectly. Lois Capps is a hero and she doesn’t have to grandstand to let people know.

Kellygirl started off this thread attempting to compare Kevin McCarthy to Lois Capps and coming up with her conclusion which seems to illustrate that she is more impressed with power and influence than the ability to serve the constituents back home. Interesting; so it is more admirable to be power hungary then it is to concerned about what is going on back home? At least you have the honesty to admit what it is you admire about a Congressional Representative.

“You could say I lost my faith in the people on TV

You could say I’d lost my belief in our politicians

They all seemed like game show hosts to me”


Those lyrics apply to the Beck story and Kevin M.

KM is being primed for a higher office, he’s their golden boy in training. Rubbing elbows with the Prez will do nothing other than look good on his resume. The Repubs have said from day one that they won’t work with Obama and they won’t and that includes the golden boy. Obama is bending over backwards for them and some of us are sick of it.

Is there an independent thinking politician that can’t be bribed by corps/lobbyist or/and just worry about the next elections? I don’t trust any of them but I will continue to vote liberal as I still believe in the liberal principles, even if some of them have lost their souls.

Legislators lunching at the White House is for preening peacocks to strut their tail feathers. Perhaps a photo op and ink for their resume’. Productive for folks like KM? Doubtful. Ego tripping.

Best to compare McCarthy & Capps by their voting records & how they’ve rep’d their constituents. Capps is way ahead of McCarthy.

When I listen to Rep. McCarthy on the Dave Congalton Show, I often marvel at his ability to speak without apparently taking a breath; the last time he was on I called in to question him on an issue or two and the four minutes or so of our “exchange” consisted of him filibustering me by carrying on his non answer answers to the point that I was given maybe one tenth of the time. I don’t blame Dave for this, he has to give his guest some leeway and not jump in on top of the guest’s talking, but Kevin is like the energizer bunny in his ability to just keep on “going and going”. I bring this up to wonder if Rep. McCarthy has the ability to listen to the President and the Vice-President and keep his answers to them to a respectfully short sentence or two. I also wonder if Rep. McCarthy tries to steamroll his version of facts and/or reality when he is in the company of those who hold a higher position in government that also have a command of real facts; had I had the opportunity to challenge Kevin on his “facts” during our conversation on Dave’s show, I am sure that I could have pointed out several instances of him not having actual facts about the subject he was talking about. Rep. McCarthy, IMO, represents the modern Republican politician who will talk about almost anything as long as he has control of the conversation and can keep the focus on the conversation on his set of what he considers facts and is not seriously challenged by someone who does not have the same set of beliefs or values.

McCarthy’s set of beliefs and values is whatever the party tells him his beliefs and values are going to be. As you indicated, it’s about talking points. The Republicans aren’t any more conservative or principled than the Democrats, and vice versa. They each just pitch a different angle of the same line – statism, crony capitalism, and imperialism.

I agree with kelly’s comments on Capps, but I’d like to point out that Kevin McCarthy voted Yes yesterday on the attempt to renew provisions of the Patriot Act.

Don’t be fooled by the rhetoric. These provisions have the effect of allowing a roving wiretap to be used without specifying either the specific person or building to be tapped, essentially giving the feds carte blanche on wiretapping anyone they want, at any time.

Let me actually rephrase that. They are currently wiretapping *everyone* *all the time.* (For more information: This just determines whether they can point or click on your line and use that information in court.

Any politician that would vote to continue this is in violation of their responsibility to uphold the Constitution of the United States, and is, for all intent and purpose, a criminal. If you don’t believe that such a security apparatus actually exists in the United States, please read the included links and go from there.

Kevin McCarthy: Third term in Congress. Also has the #3 position in the House. Power guy. Having a private lunch at the White House with Obama and Biden.

Lois Capps: Six terms in Congress. Done nothing. Only gets to go to the White House when she pays to take the tour.