Los Osos man shoots at juveniles for moving a log

February 21, 2011

Dan Richard Mulligan

A Los Osos man became angry with a group of juveniles playing near his home and allegedly shot at the youths on Sunday afternoon.

The seven youths ages 12 through 14 were playing in the vicinity of Dan Richard Mulligan’s home on the 500 block of Skyline drive when they moved a log.

Mulligan,59, allegedly confronted the youths, threatened to kill them, brandished a shotgun and shot in the direction of the juveniles. No one was injured.

The children ran from the area and called the authorities.

San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies seized Mulligan’s shotgun and arrested him on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, terrorist threats and brandishing a firearm. He was taken to San Luis Obispo County Jail with bail set at $50,000.

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It;s okay he thought the zebra were attacking again.

So will the judge offer Dan Mulligan a Mulligan?

His house is so going to get tp’d and the bag of poo.

I’m not a terrorist, I swear.

Re: “Terrorist Threats”, this Calif. Penal Code section 422 preceded our adventures in the middle east. See: http://www.shouselaw.com/criminal_threats.html.

The charge fits the allegations.

Ray: Thank you for the link. Apparently our Sheriff’s Department needs to upgrade their copy of the California Penal Code as your link pointed out that the actual charge is “Criminal Threat” which used to be called “Terrorist Threat”. You are very correct in that the charge fits the allegations. Thanks again.

Just guessing:

Bad divorse, bad governemnt, bad politics & economy, Alcohol!

Some have lost thed touch or contact with humanity, all he or any of you had to do is go and simply talk with the children.

I hope the children were not physically harmed.

I know some of you who post here belong to a few of the web sites I also belong to. Many of us are avid hunters and we also possess concealed firearms permits. This type of illegal activity really gets us upset. People like this shooter broke a number of laws if allocations are correct. When the general public reads the article or watches this news on TV, those that are anti gun oriented ask for more strict laws regarding firearms. There are already enough firearms laws if they would be enforced. Statistics show criminals and the mentally ill do not pay attention to laws. We the legal and law abiding firearms owners often get punished for illegal actions such as we read here in this article.

If the shooter did indeed do what is alleged, the DA needs to charge the shooter with a crime that will stick and that takes away this man’s gun ownership rights. I hope Sheriff Ian Parkinson is in agreement with me.

The old man yelling at kids, “get off my lawn” gets real ugly when a shotgun is brought into the picture. Very appropriate to arrest him for brandishing a firearm and suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon, but “terrorist threats” ? Really? Perhaps someone with more common sense than I have can explain that one to me; to me it seems like tacking on another charge because they can and it helps give their arrest more gravity. It is very fortunate that no one was hurt or injured.

Must have been all that hate filled news and radio programing?