100,000 California jobs added in February

March 25, 2011

California added 100,000 new jobs in February, the highest monthly increase since the current record system began in 1990. By contrast, only 700 new jobs were created in January. [LA Times]

The increase of 96,500 jobs was the largest month-over-month jump of any state in the nation, the government said. The number of new jobs created in February alone was almost as high as the total created for the previous 11 months, 99,800, the California Economic Development Department reported.

The biggest monthly gain was 39,900 in the professional and business services category, which includes high-tech employment.

However, California still ranks second behind neighboring Nevada—which has a jobless rate of 13.6%—in unemployment rates among the 50 states.

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When I walk down and see closed shops on Wilshire in Beverley Hills and downtown San Luis Obispo… I don’t see ‘economic recovery.

The quality of the information is questionable. ‘Figures lie and lairs figure.’

You may not be aware of this , but there has been a battle in academia over which is more psychotic, Republicans or Democrats, Liberals or Conservatives? A few folks have thrown out some ‘tongue-in-cheek” studies that show how easily data can be manipulated.

Did anyone see the study circulated in the news: “Democrats fake orgasm more than Republicans” ? It was fairly funny. The main data set showed that women faked orgasm much more frequently than men ( Unless you are Steve Martin in “L.A.Story”)…. and since more registered Democrats are female (58% female 42 % male — BTW, this data is tough to come by) the conclusion is that more democrats fake orgasm. It wasn’t a serious study, but was made to throw water on all the leftist inspired garbage that has flooded academic circles about conservatives.

Personally, I call this fine sex survey ‘social justice!’ !

Perhaps these numbers are inflated, none of us knows for sure. But Jerry Brown has worked tirelessly to find ways to get employment going in this state. He’s not only traveled to other states but other countries to work on getting companies to invest in our state. But you don’t read about it, those things are printed in small print hidden by other more important stories such as Charlie Sheen ‘winning’. I don’t doubt that Brown has already had a positive effect on this state. He did amazing things for Oakland in a short period of time and he was one of the best governors that this state has ever had in his previous stint as gov.. He’s not a talker he’s a do-er. Personally I feel that things are moving in the right direction.

Do NOT wholeheartedly believe this.

Next to follow is rise of consumer confidence – and do not whole heartedly believe that.

I take every statistic any government agency releases with a grain of salt. I am still waiting for that Stimulous Bill to stimulate, the Job’s Bill to create jobs, and the Affordable Healthcare Act to make healtchare affordable. I seriously doubt any of this will happen in my lifetime.

Both the stimulus and the the Health Care Act have helped my family. I know plenty of people and probably even you indirectly that have been helped by stimulus money. There’s been a great deal of building that was financed by stimulus money that has greatly helped those in the construction industry. Local hospitals, low cost housing, universities, and roads have received money for either new construction or improvements funded by stimulus money (all local). It was so funny that recently I heard a carpenter bitchen about Obama and the stimulus program,,,,as he was working on a job that is financed by stimulus money. Regarding the heath care issue. It’s helped me a little bit, I have a collage aged child (always be a kid to me) that is able to be covered on my insurance. Many women are now able to get mammograms that they couldn’t afford to get before. I’m sure that once people understand that they don’t have to pay out of pocket for mammograms and colonoscopies that we will find that many lives will be saved because of those preventative measures. Also, lets not forget that much of the health care benefits haven’t started yet.

Danika,,why don’t you just admit it. It wouldn’t matter what a liberal such as Jerry Brown did, no matter how positive you would still hate him,,,especially Obama. Obama could never please you unless of course he dropped dead tomorrow. Open your eyes, it is happening in your lifetime, you just don’t want to see it.

California still wants to be the worst place to do business. Until we try to become the best place in the world to do business our future will not be bright.

We’ve never had more media outlets in the history of this land, or been more poorly informed.

Case in point: California jobs numbers. A quick glance at the historical data reveals that a full three years after the peak of employment in California and the ensuing jobs crash, total employment in the state has made no recovery at all. None. Nada. Zilch. And worse, these levels are lower by more than 250,000 from TEN YEARS AGO. Jesus wept.

The only entities hiring and giving (massive) raises over the last ten years are those who produce nothing yet possess the power to generate “income” by simply taking your money.

The mythology of an economic recovery is “factually challenged”. California in particular remains in a massive fiscal emergency as we are indebted to Washington for billions in unemployment costs, with no jobs growth, and no prospects of growth. Food stamp growth rates in the big counties of Los Angeles, Riverside, and San Bernardino are sky rocketing and when added to rising food and energy costs can only make “the cheese more binding”.

So Ca. went from 700 jobs in Jan. to 100,000 in Feb. More phony stat’s from the Gov. still beating that poor dead horse. Maybe the EDD hired the 96,500 peeps to come up with this BS report.