Adam Hill quietly begins re-election bid

March 12, 2011

Adam Hill, 3rd District county supervisor, is already mapping out his campaign for re-election in 2012. Supporters have been reaching out to local public officials, inviting them to attend a kick-off rally for Hill, set for early May, when he is expected to make a formal announcement.

Observers suggest that the strategy is designed to discourage possible challengers. The one name consistently mentioned is that of Grover Beach mayor John Shoals. Hill and Shoals have been allies in the past, but Shoals has not ruled out entering the race.

Hill was first elected in 2008, after defeating incumbent Jerry Lenthall by 18 points. He has come under criticism these last few months for his handling of supervisor meetings, and most recently was the subject of a scathing attack by COLAB SLO.

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Adam Hill is a huge disappointment. I find him to be pompous and condescending with little regard for public opinion, Los Osos or otherwise.I think he let his victory go to his head (not recognizing that it said more about lack of support for Lenthall than it did about any big love for him) He has power thirst and I hope that he is soon gone.

I think it’s become obvious to many is Adam Hill’s biggest interest and concern is Adam Hill continuing to be Adam Hill, County Supervisor.

Otherwise this guy stands up to real challenges like a dried up leaf in a strong wind.

Hill has begun to drop his guard after his first year in office and I’d say the honeymoon is over for many of his earlier supporters.

His recent petulant outburst via email to various people in the county over the COLAB SLO representative’s comments was over the top and indicative of someone used to gaining control through intimidation and anger. Hardly a quality seen in a competent leader.

I imagine the New Times “attack” mentioned above may simply have been a rebuttal to Hill’s slanderous remarks. Time will tell.

Anyway, it’s obvious to me. and several others that I’ve talked to, that Hill was masquerading as a moderate when he’s really just another product of the question authority generation. His supporters deserved better.

I’d say if John Shoals chooses to run, Hill most likely will be a one timer.

Anyone got a copy of Hill’s hit-piece email that Shreddo was working off of? Care to share it?

Oh, C’mon! Hill released a fabricated diaperload of B.S. to Shredder; Shredder ran with it without (apparently) any fact checking; and no one but me has any prurient interset in what he said?

What part of it was BS? So far I can’t get a read on Hill.

Hill has been admirable in putting the Los Osos time hoggers in their place. I admire his guts for taking on the self-entitled sewer gods of Los Osos, who seem to think that no one else in the county is as worthy as they are of the Supe’s attention.

“Time hoggers,” “LONs,” “obstructionists,” gypsies, tramps and thieves.

This is merely a sampling of what Mythbuster has used to describe the people of Los Osos among other things since 2006. I’m not sure if Mr. Hill is on the same wavelength as Mythbuster philosophically, but he has most certainly drawn a lot of attention by placing cops in the back of the room during public comment from Los Osos residents in an oppressive manner.

Members of public office make good leaders when they demonstrate tolerance of public opinion. When a public official knowingly discriminates against a group of people speaking about a certain issue, that public official has demonstrated that he or she is incapable of being a leader in that they cannot maturely participate in the free marketplace of ideas. As constituents, we have the built-in expectation that our point of view would be acknowledged by the people we elect into office, and to violate that expectation by intimidating and verbally harassing members of the public from behind the dais — no matter what they say or how they say it — is to deny themselves the right to be called a leader.

Ah poor baby… Hill had his chance and has shown a lack of leadership skills. Reminds me of someome in washington…

Kevin McCarthy?

PG&E knew what they were doing when they hired Shoals to be their local PR guy. Personally I don’t like the fact that he has the power and influence that he does and that he is able to use it to help out PG&E. I’ve met Shoals on numerous occasions and he’s always been a nice guy to me but I don’t trust him. Smart move by PG&E though, they knew that hiring a mayor that works in this area was a win win for them.

I agree whole heatedly. I don’t trust Shoals for these very reasons that you have expressed.

Given a choice, I would vote for Shoals. He’s liberal on social issues, but very pro business, so I think he would offer the best of both worlds. I don’t have much against Hill, but he seems to enjoy his power a little too much.

BOTH gentlemen would bring honorable character to the office.