Blakeslee accuses state GOP chair of “thuggery”

March 18, 2011

State Senator Sam Blakeslee (R-San Luis Obispo) called the outgoing state GOP chairman “a failed leader who has resorted to thuggery” after storming out of a heated meeting of the Rules Committee Friday at the start of a three-day Republican convention in Sacramento. [SF Chronicle]

Blakeslee, who has been leading the charge against attempts by conservatives to revise the party’s endorsement of candidates, left the meeting at the Sacramento Hyatt and leveled his criticism of outgoing chairman Ron Nehring to the press.

Conservative activists want to change GOP bylaw allowing for state and local committee members of the party, typically conservative grassroots activists, to choose to endorse one GOP candidate over another in a primary election — a first in the party.

Rep. Kevin McCarthy of Bakersfield, Blakeslee and a host of state elected officials have protested the move, saying that it would hurt the party’s future and in effect take endorsement of GOP candidate out of the hands of GOP voters.

Both Blakeslee and Sen. Bob Dutton, the state Senate minority leader, walked out of the rules meeting in protest.

Critics say that change proposed by Nehring would make it far more difficult for moderate candidates — or even incumbents — to get the endorsement of traditionally conservative party activists, while giving them undue power on endorsements.

Blakeslee later returned to the meeting, telling his colleagues “I am disturbed by the conduct of this party.”





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This could be the start of something worthwhile-a split in the GOP. Hopefully the teabaggers will break off and form a third party, leaving GOP mainstreamers alone with their corporate sponsors. Sounds like a winner!

If I am a teabagger, does that make non-teabaggers teabag-ie’s???

From the Tea Party Patriots website, their mission statement:

“The impetuses for the Tea Party movement are excessive government spending and taxation. Our mission is to attract, educate, organize, and mobilize our fellow citizens to secure public policy consistent with our three core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Constitutionally Limited Government and Free Markets.”

Odd, that sounds like a dead ringer for what our founding fathers fought and died for to forge this nation.

How can somebody be against fiscal responsibility, Constitutionally limited government, and free markets??? Boy, if you can’t get behind those principles…..

There isn’t anything wrong with those principles but it we must have govt. oversight.

I can’t even write the one Bagger policy ”to educate” without LOL. Have you seen any of the leaders debate in an open forum other than on Faux news? The few that do sound ridiculous. Palin won’t even go on another network because they won’t spoon feed her easy questions. Back in the old days when she went on other networks she sounded like a complete moron, that’s why she stopped being interviewed by other journalist. Bachmann goes on other networks but she won’t answer any questions, she stares off with a blank look and babels right wing talking points without answering any questions, she goes on and on and amazes anyone that interviews her with her stupidity. It’s a joke to watch them. I bring them up as they are the Bagger queens.

I went to a Teabagging. I asked them what they would do if their daughter was pregnant and it could kill her to go to term with the pregnancy. Everyone of them said that they wouldn’t allow their daughter to get an abortion and that their faith in God would determine what would happen….. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! I was standing next to a Bagger mom with her teen daughter and her daughter looked a bit freaked when her mom said that. The things they were saying were so stupid. They went on and on about not wanting THIER taxes raised (this was when the tax issue was on the table). I asked them how many of them made over $250.000 all except one of them said that they made less than that. I explained that the tax increase wouldn’t effect them but they simply had that deer in the headlight look and told me I was wrong,,which I wasn’t. They went on about death panels, birth certificates….etc. come on chop, I know you’re smarter than that.

I’m not against free markets but I am for regulation over that free market so it dosn’t own and control us (ie insurance companies) till we have nothing left while they get filthy rich. I’m not for the rich taking their money and manufacturing overseas and if that means govt regulation then so be it.

It’s funny how they want less govt. unless it’s something they want. I want less govt. when I have to pay taxes but I want more govt. when it comes abortions. Hows the free market been working with regards to insurance companies, off shore money, banking etc.,,,,it’s been a disaster. Hows the govt. been working with our roads, the FDA, EPA, etc….not bad IMO. Bush operated under your rules,,,less taxes for the good ole rich guys,,,how has that worked for the last 10 years? Are things better now that we are paying all the taxes and basically the wealthy aren’t? From my bank account and the people I know, it’s been a complete failure, we were much better off when the wealthy paid higher taxes,, they were still wealthy, it didn’t hurt them.

In other words, they’re not fiscally responsible, they only want limited govt. when it suits them. Everyone wants a free market but they want it to be fair and the only way it can be fair is to have govt. oversight. There are also somehthings the govt. needs to be in charge of. But this post is way to long so I’ll spare you from all that.

All critiques of moderation,and some etymologies of “tea-bag” have been deleted.

questions ?? ccn.moderator thank you.

Government on all levels, local, state and national are heading in the direction and past the point of no return, to sustain and serve GOVERNMENT without ANY regard to the people that elected them!

The GOVENMENT on all levels is working HARD to disconnect themselves from the PEOPLE to the point your VOTE will mean little (vote for a Democrat, Republican, Independent, etc… ALL of them will FLEECE you) but your MONEY will mean everything to them! They are relentless in their quest to nickel and dime us to death and they have the power of prison if we don’t pay!

It must be the nature of mankind for a self chosen few to rule the many.

As an Independent Voter since 1992 my opinion of Mr. Blakeslee has greatly improved.

It could be refreshing to watch Sam and a few others rescue the GOP from calcification. Unfortunately, we are in too much of a mess to wait for the needed correction. Sam and other able minded politicians should change to the Democratic Party, throw in with Governor Brown and take action for the citizens of California. According to this report:

Sam hasn’t signed the hideous Grover Norquist tax pledge.

Well… politics is such a fun thing to watch… the backroom deals… the choreographed outrages. The real interesting thing is how much closer the two parties are in the way they are doing business… selected candidates by an elite few… be they elected officials or party hacks.

The Republican Party in California is — unfortunately — been in retirement for all too many years and the party in control — I think someone used the term ‘wackos’ — has been really running things for a long long time… and look where we are now.

So, looking at Sacramento, let’s see what has been done to pull the state out of the mess we are in? Nothing… actually, it has been worse than nothing. For example, Cal Poly has been expanding their no teaching staff with provosts and the like ( in case you didn’t know, ‘instruction’ as a CSU budget item is below 50%… and we wonder why we are where we are?) Also on the local level, it is my understanding that the San Luis Coastal School District just separated one democratic job in — I believe ‘instruction’ — into two… one for high school and one for elementary. While business folks are combining jobs and doing more with less in this tough economy… local administrations are spending like everything is fine.

So, before we all get too invested in discussing how meaningless the Republican Party is in California… let us remember WHO got us here.


In large part the people who got us here are the morons that think voting for an actor is cool. Neither Reagan nor Ahnold were qualified to run the government of California.

We’ve been paying for Reagan for a long time, now we have to pay for Ahnold.

Falling for quack propositions funded by outside the state corporations isn’t a brilliant thing to do either. It’s all well and good for people to have ‘convictions’, but when they are based on the thin air of a face, a name, a predisposition to vote one’s pre-disposed prejudices the results come back to bite you where you sit.

Most of what I see gone so wrong in SLO and California is because people are too damned smug or too damned ignorant to look for the facts. We used to call it the lemming factor.

Remember, when you point a finger at others, three are pointing right back at you.

Oh God they’re turning on each other. United they stand divided they fall.

The crazy extreme and ignorant Teabag types are taking over the very few bright repubs that are left. It is encouraging to see that a few of them are getting some cajones and taking on the wackos.