Breathe easy — radiation rumors are false

March 14, 2011

The Internet has been ripe with a persistent rumor during the last 48 hours, complete with color graphs, suggesting that radiation from northern Japan’s damaged nuclear reactors would be reaching California during the next ten days.

However, county public health officials have been quick to knock down the rumor, insisting in a press release that the stories are incorrect. Experts claim that there is no danger to California residents.

“The San Luis Obispo County Public Health Department and the county Office of Emergency Services, as well as other agencies, continue to monitor the situation closely and should the situation change in the coming days information will be provided to the public as soon as possible,” according to the press release.

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Diablo Canyon nuclear plant ‘near miss’ in report

Dia-BLOW!! San OH NO!! fre. Right now is the time to get our butts back to the gates of Diablo enmasse. This is a better time than the pre-opening! Think about it. Imagine how the world media would flock to that scene, perfect. The happiest people in America getting gassed and beaten.

Watching these PR guys from Diablo on the news is a joke. The Trib is going to have a question answer thing with a PG&E guy,,,like he’s going to be on the level. Can you imagine any of them saying ‘well yes sir, there could be a melt down at our aged nuke plant’? Of course not. Even as a bleeding heart I wasn’t that against nuke power before this, as a matter of fact I felt that it was the cleanest thing (for now). But now I have done a complete turn around. The Japanese are much more prepared and technically ahead of us in this dept.. If it’s too much for them then it’s too much for us. We must get that place closed down. Mothers for Peace here I come! Thank you Supe Gibson and Rep. Capps for opening this up and getting an investigation going. I look at this now and I thump myself in the head and say “what was I thinking”, this foolishness must stop. Anyone that thinks that we can trust PG&E, I have bridge to sell you.

All week the so called pro nuclear experts have said no fallout could reach the USA mainland. And this before knowing if there will be a really large catastrophe in Japan. Now this? So much BS out there. You cannot trust anyone except yourself and a dosimeter.

Official: Low radioactivity heads for N. America

‘It is nothing for people to worry about,’ Swedish government scientist says

Japan currently stores their spent fuel rods in outside tanks covered with water. This is becoming a serious problem do to lack of the pumps functioning. Things appear to be escalating as the continued updates aren’t getting any better and deadly radioactive leaks are being reported. I am getting worried for the Japanese people and for us as well.

It turns out that their electric company are a bunch of big liars just like our electric company is. Apparently the company that run’s these nuclear power plants (in Japan) were caught to have engaged in over 200, yes “200” cover ups over a period of 20 years. The Prime Minister say’s that he is concerned that he isn’t getting all the facts on a timely basis!