Teixeira picks his first fight

March 14, 2011

Paul Teixeira

UPDATE: Tuesday 9:16 a.m.

San Luis Obispo County 4th District Supervisor Paul Teixeira asked that his proposal to replace the elected South County Advisory Council which represents the Nipomo area with an appointed advisory group be taken off the agenda to allow time for further consideration, after a large public outcry from the citizens.

Original story:

San Luis Obispo County 4th District Supervisor Paul Teixeira’s proposal to dissolve the elected South County Advisory Council (SCAC) and replace it with an appointed advisory council has come under fire since it was first announced.

Opponents of replacing the SCAC with a committee appointed by Teixeira, claim the move comes as a complete surprise. Teixeira never mentioned the issue during his 2010 election campaign, nor did he share his concerns with SCAC members before sending a letter to the home of SCAC chairman Dan Woodson at the beginning of this month.

In addition, there is widespread concern that Teixeira’s proposal violates county resolutions detailing the establishment and operation of advisory committees.

“In addition to violating Resolution 96-485, the 2007 guidelines, and basic constitutional rights, terminating authentic community advisory councils is a serious blow to participatory governing and should not be slipped through on a consent agenda,” wrote Cynthia Hawley, a land use attorney from Cambria, in an email obtained by CalCoastNews.  “Any action to terminate advisory councils should, at the very least, be brought back to your Board as a noticed public hearing.

“However, I recommend that you consider the legal and community-wide consequences of the recommended action and that you deny approval of the proposed resolution.”

SCAC consists of a 16-member committee that advises the Board of Supervisors on land use issues in the Nipomo area, but has no official vote.

Teixeira contends the SCAC members have been rude to some members of the public and do not represent the community as a whole. He wants to appoint an 11 member committee composed of two people from Nipomo, Oceano and Arroyo Grande and one each from Halcyon, Suey Canyon, Huasna Valley, Corbett Canyon and Edna Valley to represent the entire 4th district.

However, the 1996 resolution, which established criteria for community advisory councils, requires that the councils be based in and represent a defined community.

“The 1996 resolution provides a list of criteria that, once met, authorizes and empowers a community advisory council to be recognized by the Board of Supervisors,” Hawley added.  “If they meet the criteria, they are recognized.

“Under Resolution 96-485 and the 2007 Guidelines, your board does not have the authority to terminate advisory councils that conform to the required criteria.”

Newly-elected Teixeira’s proposal will be on the Board of Supervisor’s consent agenda on Tuesday, Match 15, which generally consists of routine items that do not require discussion unless a supervisor requests an item is pulled for debate.

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Breaking News: Teixeira will not address this issue. He’s allowing public comment, but he will speak to the community first before taking any action “so there won’t be lack of communication on anyone’s part,” says Hill.

Bingo. I would say Teixiera is learning the politics of the job.

It occurred to me recently that Adam Hill is a good choice to lead the smackdown of the Los Osos Sewer Mafia, because he is not answerable to those particular voters at election time. No matter what you do in Los Osos, half the citizenry will actively hate you. So, it makes sense for the adults to send in someone who is shielded from the Osan childish tirades.

Teixeira take note. If the SCAC needs unpopular reworking, the impetus needs to come from somewhere unreachable by his electors. He should monkey with the Templeton Advisory, and have Mecham monkey with the South County group.

Your hatred for Los Osos precludes facts. It’s also irrelevant to the article. Next time, be sure to not make a childish tirade while criticizing childish tirades.

Adam Hill is answerable to Los Osos voters at election time. He is a Supervisor, is he not? All supervisors contribute votes in adopting resolutions relevant to Los Osos, do they not?

I have been here about 30 years and I’m trying to think of a bigger dunce who was elected supervisor, but I can’t. What rock did this guy crawl out from under? Is he for real? Were folks down south that afraid of Mike Zimmerman that they voted for this guy? Jim Guthrie finished third…behind this guy? How do these people get elected and why are they in such a rush to abuse their power? We’re in sad shape if this is the best we can do. Hopefully he won’t do too much damage before we boot him out in 2014 — or can you recall a county supervisor?


You live in Osos, right?

You did not vote for or against Hill, Teixiera, Mecham or Patterson.

You voted for or against Gibson, or you did not vote for supervisor. Did you not (to use your weird statement-as-question structure)?

My point has less to do with you people being childish, and more to do with the political maneuvering of the supes. Hill can afford to piss you off because you can’t vote him out of office.

It is germane to Teixiera’s situation, as I apparently inarticulately failed to convey, because Teixiera SHOULD NOT be in the business of pissing off his constituents. If, in fact, the SCAC make-up is contentious and in need of review, it will be more politically expedient for a supe from another district to be the lightning rod on it.

“You people”?

It’s true that I did not vote for or against Hill, Teixiera, Mecham or Patterson. Let me rephrase my previous statements and qualify them better. While it’s true that Los Osos residents cannot vote for or against individuals serving other districts than their 2nd district, each of those individuals you mentioned contribute to adopting resolutions that affect Los Osos issues until Los Osos is incorporated into a city (that will happen further down the line after the sewer goes online in 2014).

However, you are incorrect on your latter statements. Hill’s behavior toward Los Osos residents demonstrate his lack of leadership qualities overall, and his constituents are aware of his conduct. We all are.