California’s 2011 recovery dismal

March 9, 2011

Economists are predicting that California’s job market recovery will be more sluggish then original estimates, according to a recent UCLA report. [LATimes]

The unemployment rate will remain in double digits until early 2013, the report says. California’s unemployment rate was at 12.4 percent in January, a month the state added only 12,500 jobs while 2.2 million Californians remained unemployed.

Rising gas and commodity prices have made employers reluctant to hire.

On the positive side, the report predicted that after California gains momentum, it will grow faster than other parts of the nation partially because of exports to Asia.

The economists point out that California may be losing out to states with less stringent environmental and other regulations. They suggest the removal of obstacles that slow growth and a focus on the state’s strengths.

“Policies which chase after smokestack manufacturing are likely to be relatively ineffective,” said Jerry Nickelsburg, a UCLA economist, to the Los Angeles Times. “Whereas policies which enhance the business climate for those sectors which California has a comparative advantage in — innovation, technology, entrepreneurship and trade — are likely to be the most efficient.”

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What? sending my kids to college for those expensive degrees because “knowledge is power” isn’t going to assure security and hapiness now??? Operating a computer in a sealed encasement twelve stories in the air won’t keep me warm, happy and safe in the coming mess? I told my brats to learn to live in isolated places where the human piles ain’t. Where the pollution, soul destroying turmoil and most desparate ain’t. Where the college-bred dreamers who want the stainless, granite kitchen symbols of “happiness” ain’t.

Colleges better add courses on how to protect yourself from hordes of desparate people who will be taking that crap from them who have obtained it by investing in Asia, not a faltering America.

Economists, what a bunch of BS’ing fortune tellers. They know they’re out of a job if they mention the truth, which is that we’re F’d. First they say we’re on our way back then a thousand announcments about how it’s a little slower than first stated. Jesus. Why do we look to the over educated for answers? They are the farthest from reality!

Wanna make it through the coming mess? Learn to dress warmer in tattered clothes. Learn to drive an older car that you can fix yourself. Learn to live in larger family groups (yeah, share a room with your mother-in-law and that sister-in-law you can’t stand). Learn to relate to poor people, not be fearful of them. Learn to not put your brain on hibernate by turning on expensive to operate electronic Prosacs all night. As for the illegals (does it really matter if they’re legal or illegal? THEY”RE HERE ! They will survive and be kicking our ass because they are already or (all ready) adapted to what’s coming. Yep, we really did plant the seeds of destruction by letting “them” in because our educated egos couldn’t handle doing labor, too smart and cool for that and we could possibly get dirty.

I’ve got one question: If education is so critical to a great future then why after the huge increase in the college educated here are we now doomed to bow in the future to the uneducated of the world who we thought would be doing all the “work”, namely China and India among others?

It’s so hard to believe that we aren’t going “forward” into the great lit future but into a dark one. But at least we will then finally dwell in reality. The strong will survive and strength isn’t derived from some remote concept called education. Strength comes comes adversity and we ain’t had any but it’s coming soon. Can YOU handle it? Not if you’re flattening your butt in some expensive class with some drone spewing tech at you for hrs. as a Chinese dude is making something on a dirty assembly line that you are required to have to just survive but that you have no idea how. And are not even close to being prepared to produce yourself because you are too educated. Oh, but you can tell him how?

Are muscles and physical strength built by thinking about lifting things or actually lifting things? Simplify your thought patterns. Truth and sucess comes into focus through simple common knowledge that all people share not trickery of all others by leaving them behind you by laying down a net of confusion and complication, namely education or over-education. Don’t be part of the future group who will be standing around saying, “I can’t believe what happened”.

And they will never be dealt with,

the ILLEGALS are here and have had anchor babies assuring their stay and nothing was done in over 25 years to stop them or solve the problem.

And taxes are going to go up under gov. moonbeam, just you wait and see…

How funny, we haven’t hit the the hedge or derivative meltdown, and if Califoolishness doesn’t mend its

ways, there will never be a recovery. Isn’t socialism fun?

How could this possibly be a surprise to anyone?

A quick, cursory look around reveals a quickening of events pulsing through lands oily while Colonel Gadhafi struggles against being hoisted up a lamp-post on a high-C piano wire until his head bursts like a rotten pomegranate, Egypt devolves into “sectarian violence” (religious war), The House of Saud resolves to “cut off any finger” raised against its despotic rule, and 30 million young people in Iran are no longer willing to be told by bearded ignoramuses how to pull their pants on in the morning.

And yet here in Splendid Isolation we are spellbound by all things Charlie Sheen and convincing ourselves that the economy is “recovering” and we are safe and warm when global reality clearly shows that the world’s economic fate now hangs on the success of the various Wahabi secret police squads and violent repression of its young people so that soccer moms can feel more comfortable bidding for Auslin Veneto leather handbags on The Shopping Channel.

Unfortunately it’s getting harder by the day to maintain willful blindness to the results of our past folly: Falling living standards, no role to play in the economy (that is, a job), and a shocking array of social pathologies ranging from nearly universal family dysfunction to men acting like babies to obscene discrepancies in income to massive public greed, arrogance and corruption. I won’t even mention overpopulation as my suggestion to make abortion retroactive has not been greeted with enthusiasm.

The world is now blowing up politically at the same time that it is blowing up financially, and there should be little doubt about the relation of these two conditions. At a time of rising resource and capital scarcity you can be sure that things will get weird. Wisconsin is surely just the first of many beefs that cry to be settled – and that state is not nearly as broke as Illinois, New Jersey, and our beloved California.

Americans are lost in our own little Techno-rapture and the inane Twitterings of Lady Gaga and have no idea how fragile our vital supply chain system is. If the lands around the Persian Gulf and the Red Sea continue to fall apart politically, you can be sure that something required by the oil markets will get broken over there – whether it is an oil terminal, or a shipping channel, or a royal skull – and before you can say Mike Huckabee the shipments of food to America’s supermarkets will be interrupted, with predictable results.

We’ve flattered ourselves for years about how wonderful it is that everything is connected in this world – the Tom Friedman fantasy about the eternal sunshine of the global economy. Now, we’re more likely to see the dark side of connectedness, as the planet’s goodie-bag deflates and folks in funny costumes start fighting over what’s left.

This short article fails to mention the high taxation in Cali and the huge illegal alien population that continues to drain the state.

Until those issues are dealt with we will not see Cali return to its glory.