Environmental coalition rejects Gibson for Coastal Commission

March 24, 2011

Gov. Jerry Brown

A coalition of 10 statewide environmental and coastal advocacy groups researched and interviewed five of the seven nominees for the Coastal Commission and put their support behind a Ventura and a Santa Barbara County public official while recommending that Gov. Jerry Brown reject San Luis Obispo County Supervisor Bruce Gibson

On March 14th and 15th, members of the coalition interviewed Santa Barbara County Supervisor Janet Wolf, Ventura City Councilman Brian Brennan, San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx, San Luis Obispo Supervisor Bruce Gibson and Arroyo Grande City Councilman Joe Costello.

With criteria included accessibility to constituents, having a non-ideological approach and having a track record of civility and flexibility in their deliberative process, the group recommended Brennan and Wolf.

“In addition, we feel it is necessary to send a clear message that Bruce Gibson, with his demonstrated low priority for preserving coastal Endangered Species Habitat Area and a propensity for politics-as-usual, does not exemplify the qualities needed in a Coastal Commissioner,” an email to coalition members said.

The Environmental Coalition which includes the Surfrider Foundation, California Coastal Protection Network, Natural Resources Defense Council, Southern California Watershed Alliance, Coast Walk California, League for Coastal Protection, California Native Plant Society, Pelican Network, Ocean Outfall Group and Environmental Action Committee of West Marin “sought to represent the public interest in seeking a multi-dimensional person with strong knowledge of and experience with the Coastal Act and coastal issues.”

A list of nominees that included city council members and county supervisor was sent to Brown, who will appoint one person–either from San Luis Obispo, Ventura or Santa Barbara counties–to represent the south coast area on the Commission. Brown has until mid-April to make an appointment or he could choose to start the process over at that time.

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Upon further reflection, maybe this “news” reflects more on the groups than on Gibson.

If Gibson isn’t green enough for them, who is?

Are they marginalizing themselves? In my reality, they have become “extremists” (like the Sierra Club) if Gibson does not pass their muster.

When they become extremists, we in the middle are allowed to ignore them completely.

When I voted for the creation of the Coastal Commission it was being sold as an agency that would bring more access to the coast. It is now about restricting access. We were all told that the commission was going to sunset when all the local coastal plans were approved by the Commission. Like everything about government it just gets bigger, costlier and never goes away.

PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT I AM POSTING HERE. Jerry Brown and my father were close friends going back to when he was in law school in the early 60’s at Santa Clara We have known Jerry for many many years and my father Elvin Meek maintained a solid relationship with Mr. Brown. Rest assured my letters and phone calls over the last few years informing our governor as to what has happened to our Dad and the way Robert Jones committed fraud and forgery, the way the DA’s offices in SLO is NOT proceeding with the complaint for fraud and forgery filed with Atascadero PD….has placed several people from the “good Ole boy network” on the RADAR.

that is all I am going to say about that……………..Rest assured Governor Brown is aware. If PEOPLE would just do the right thing…………….not cover up corruption and grow a a pair then the people coming forwad to expose the GOOD OLE BOY network will be rewarded and those who consistently make up excuses for NOT GOING AFTER those who commit crimes and covering up for them will NOT BE REWARDED. I am not going away!

This decision makes me very HAPPY! For sure, Gibson is NOT a “good fit” for that position! He has a track record of being the LEAST environmentally friendly person that I have ever met. He is a huge part of the “good old boy” network that’s alive & well in SLO County. He’s got to go, along with the rest of the SLO Board of Supervisors. SLO County really is the MOST corrupt County in the State. It’s time to clean house!

RU4Real – I have always considered Gibson a left wing environmentalist. Exactly what has he done (or not done) that leads you to make your allegations?

Good question watisup, I was wondering the same thing.

Left wing environmentalist… What do you mean? Do you mean someone who cares about those things and creatures we have abused for thousands of years? Do you mean someone who realizes our own salvation rests with the salvation of the natural things and events of the the planet? Do you mean someone who is aware enough to put some of their energy into protecting our air, land and water from excess pollution?

If those are the things that make up your ‘left wing environmentalist’ then I hope that Bruce and many others ARE left wing environmentalists. Anything less is a crime.

You may think you have cast some sort of negative definition on him, or others. You have perhaps defined yourself as a thoughtless and greedy right winger who cares only about short term gain-at the expense of the planet. Is that what you mean?

whatisup…Get a grip Girl! All you have to do is take a good look at this very contentious & disagreeable man’s track record.(actually lack of) YOU tell ME what he has successfully accomplished!

Actually – this is sad. Gibson is a pragmatic and contemplative man who would bring real world debates to the table. I wonder if these groups ever get tired of scratching each other’s backs?

Gibson has been a fake all along, he has fooled many of his followers!

Unfortunately he hides behind conservation.

Maybe an investigation on Mr. Gibson would be the answer to many questions……

rye, Not only is Gibson a fake, he’s also a fraud & a crook. But that’s typical for a “good old boy from slo county”. (Think Pat Hedges)

Wow, I’m surprised at this. It seemed to me that Gibson was a liberal environmentalist. If he’s not green enough then it makes me wonder who is??? Of course he’s political and one of the good ole boys, who in politics isn’t.

Yet another blow to the SLO county good Ole boy network.

I’m not sure the Good Ole Boys claim him.

IIRC, he won re-election handily, but I couldn’t tell you who voted for him …

The environmentalists rejected Gibson? That’s gotta hurt.