KGO radio tackles Diablo safety issue

March 31, 2011

KGO News/Talk radio, 810 AM, out of San Francisco is scheduled to air a segment Thursday night from 10:05 to 11 on safety issues surrounding PG&E’s Diablo Canyon nuclear power facility. Guest host Christine Craft will interview guests Jane Swanson from Mothers for Peace in San Luis Obispo and journalist King Harris. Listener phone calls will be included.

Meanwhile, Mothers for Peace has announced a Diablo Canyon protest demonstration for Saturday, April 16, at noon by the Avila pier. Organizers hope to build public opposition to PG&E’s attempts to extend the license to operate the nuclear reactors, now set to expire in 2024 and 2025.

The local political scorecard shows that Cong. Lois Capps, state Senator Sam Blakeslee, and three county supervisors—Hill, Gibson, and Patterson—all want the licensing renewal process to halt until local seismic earthquake standards can be reviewed. Cong. Kevin McCarthy, state Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, and supervisors Mecham and Teixeira want the process to continue as scheduled.



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Why would anyhting that walks on two legs reject a seismic standards review of a Nuke plant as Japan struggles to save big part of it’s nation from being walled off for 20,000 yrs.? Because the four mentioned above need that dirty money begotten by dirty deeds.

KGO has a huge audience round the clock, with a signal that allows listeners up and down the west coast (particularly at night). An excellent venue to discuss a subject that could impact a large area, including major agricultural and water sources.

Achadjian, Mecham, McCarthy and Teixiera should NOT get your vote in the next election.

Clearly, they feel the interests of PG&E are far more important that your interests .

They can take all the money they want for campaigns – your vote is the ultimate power.

Use it wisely.

I interpret their desire for the process to continue that they feel it is in OUR best interest. An unnecessary delay results in higher costs to the consumer. Not everything is a conspiracy or corrupt.

Nuclear is the most expensive way to get electricity.

If it involves politicians or big big corps whether it’s GE or PG&E you can bet there’s plenty of corruption.

You got a small typo there queen. Nuclear is the 2nd cheapest source. Hydro is the cheapest, except in California. Nuclear is also green energy, no hydro carbons. It has a very good safety record (no one has died here or in Japan) It is high maintenance and requires watchdogs, but its better than some alternatives

SanSimeon,, there are two schools of thought on the cost. The actual output of electricity is cheaper. The cost of building the plant, maintenance, getting the supplies, licensing etc. over-rides the savings of output. I understand that it’s a debatable topic but when I look at all the costs it appears to me that it’s not at all the cheapest form of energy. I wonder why users of nuke electricity pay as much if not higher electricity bills if its so much cheaper. I can tell you that my electric bills are much higher than a family member of mine that doesn’t have electricity generated by nuke energy.

Although the following link takes my side of this issue I have seen stories that claim the opposite. Everyone should read both sides and see what makes sense to them. To me this one makes sense:

Consider the source, nuff said…

…and dangerous as hell. As we run outa hydro nuke becomes more and more expensive, Sam. And the waste doesn’t go away. Jeez,man.

Why aren’t people satisfied with a shutdown way off in 2025? Man, aren’t we supposed be at least be “moving” toward alternative energy? Yank the reactors, cover them thar hills with mills, low bills.

Justme, I agree. I don’t get it, why aren’t we moving more towards alternative clean energy at a faster speed. My bet is corruption. If you watch the documentary Who Stole the Electric Car you can see the power of oil companies. This is the same thing. I’m happy that a few politicians are taking steps towards not re-licensing but I do wish that they would just stop it now. I feel like we’re living next to a time bomb.

Typo, It’s because the world has already agreed to use up the oil & gas first, then comes passive and if you want that to change you’ll need to follow the Libyans model and shoot it out with the National Guard. Same with Nuke.

Nuke lobby is crazy powerful, it’s tied to energy AND weaponry.

We gotta hope the giant one going in the valley (that we only just now heard about since Japan, where’s the Trib. been?) could allow Diablo to convert to other sources before it spews, no matter what the output drop would be. This is where the future pop.will come not the fricken valley so….

Remember who has his hands in determining what happens to the property around Diablo? Sam Blakeslee and company and his investor’s money I would think. Maybe he’ll get the reactor removed someday but the whole place built-out as a trade-off. I’m sure he’s trying.


You two crack me up. You think these problems are so simple and straightforward. Why don’t the two of you get together and start an alternative energy company. If you can deliver an alternative fuel to power my car that is cheaper than gas, I would buy it. Maybe you could develop solar panels that deliver a constant supply of energy. Day and night. Rain or shine. I mean how hard could it be?

Your gov’ telling you to make changes,so are the science communities, everybody. Life or death issue supposedly, right? You’re supposed to be into it, you’r e an American. But business is balking. Sooo… we’re discussing it.

Want cheaper gas for that car you drive? Back alternative energy and demand for gas will drop, thus the price.

Peak power usage is during daylight when collectors produce.

What life or death issue are you referring to?

So are you acknowledging that there is not a cheap alternative energy source consumers are willing to buy?

There is a lot or research going on but it will be a while before those technologies become cost effective.

What going to power you electric car at night? Gas, coal, and nuclear. Solar will never provide a 100% of our energy.

In the absence of information you two default to the most simplistic explantation; big corporation conspiracy.

1.Referring to the general concensus that we are dead meat IF we don’t make radical changes in energy use.

2. No, not “acknowledging .not cheap alteratives…consumers…will….buy. The recession ain’t helping.

3.True, so when does even the commitment come? How about the dough for the 30 planned new nukes? That’ll be the start, why not? No bov’t help,

Power yer wheels off the grid By the Nat gas.& probably coal powered tubines. Actually battery power can work @ night. Why do you think we want NO gas, nuke or coal fired stuff, Dude? Just the minimum.

4.10-4 Solar won’t be 100 per cent of our energy.

5. Got the info, the truth is usually simplistic and it is a big corp. conspiracy.

Why am I arguing with a guy called Knowitall, anyway?

because you think you’re right.

What politician is taking steps to not relicensing? You do not understand the issue. Your opinions are based off of false assumptions.

McCarthy, Katcho, Mecham and Teixeira don’t care about our safety, they only care about marching to the Tea Bag party line and the ole mighty dollar. Get some guts and break away from the Bags, be independent thinkers. I’m sure that intelligent republicans would respect them more if they cared more about commonsense and our safety over the usual party line politics. I have recently heard many conservatives speak up with concern about Diablo, this shouldn’t be an us vs them issue. I have a story for Karen,,did any of these politicians receive campaign money from PG&E? If so how much?

Yup. It must be campaign contributions. So what campaign contributions are dictating Capps’ and Blakeslee’s decisions or are they altruistic because you agree with them? Maybe it’s the free publicity? Exactly how are we safer by suspending the license extension?

Apparently campaign contributions ARN”T dictating Capps and Blakeslee. I believe that I read that Blakeslee did receive campaign donations from PG&E and yet he is being an independent thinker. Knowit, I don’t put bribery through campaign donations past any of them, dems or repubs but in this case Capps and Blakeslee are doing the right thing.

I can’t believe that you are asking my that last question, you can’t be serious>

You don’t give a good argument, I feel like I’m debating a child.

Any seismic issues discovered would be addressed regardless if license was extended or not. There’s my argument where’s yours?

“McCarthy, Katcho, Mecham and Teixeira don’t care about our safety”

Why don’t you back up that accusation by explaining how we would be safer by suspending the license extension.

They’ve already addressed the earthquake/seismic issue. When first addressed they retrofitted the plant completely wrong. Now it’s supposed to stand up to a 7.5 quake. What if we get an 8.5? That could and according to the experts will happen. If you know anything about Japan then you would understand that they were very aware of the issues they face with earthquakes and tsunamis and they are much more technically advanced in that area than we are. Look where it got them. I’m not trying to be disrespectful but the question is just silly. I mean if/when there are real seismic issues it might be too late for them to address them,,lookat how they’re addressing seismic activity in Japan right now.

You honestly don’t see how suspending their license would make us safer???? That’s like asking ‘how would my neighbor be safer if he didn’t catch his hair on fire’. Perhaps not the best analogy but the question seems so stupid that I feel stupid even addressing it.

“Lois Capps, state Senator Sam Blakeslee, and three county supervisors—Hill, Gibson, and Patterson—all want the licensing renewal process to halt until local seismic earthquake standards can be reviewed. Cong. Kevin McCarthy, state Assemblyman Katcho Achadjian, and supervisors Mecham and Teixeira want the process to continue as scheduled.”

The issue is not license suspension. It’s placing the license extension process on hold until further seismic study is complete. What politician is calling for DIablo’s license to be suspended?

With that out of the way, I’ll restate my question. How does putting the license extension on hold make us safer?

Wow, 10-11pm Not what one would consider prime time. I hope there is a follow -up article of what they decided for us.