Man shot at popular San Miguel bar

March 20, 2011

UPDATE: The San Luis Obispo Sheriff”s department said they made a mistake on the location of the shooting. It occurred at the Elkhorn Bar at 1263 Mission Street, not the Ranch Bar.

ORIGINAL: A man was shot early Sunday morning in San Miguel after a fight outside the Ranch Bar ended with multiple shots fired.

At about 1:55 a.m., San Luis Obispo Sheriff deputies responded to a call at the Ranch Bar of at least five people involved in a fight and gun shots heard. Upon arrival, deputies were unable to find a victim or the shooter.

A short time later, a local hospital reported a gunshot victim in the emergency room with a single gunshot wound to the leg.

Sheriff detectives are investigating the incident.

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Here’s the truth.

The shooting took place outside both The Ranch and The Elkhorn…they’re right next door to each other. Please do not take this wrong…this is not a racist comment! The Ranch has hispanic night every other Saturday night, the shooting happened from customers exiting The Ranch, a fight broke out and someone had a gun. It was NOT an Elkhorn customer!!!! This is not the first time customers at the hispanic night have gotten into fights outside the establishment. On hispanic night there are rival gangs that show up at The Ranch. I know former security people that have quit working at the Ranch because of the gangs there on Hispanic night. Except for Hispanic night, there is rarely any problems up there! Unfortunately, these are the times we live in.

Latest from the fishwrap is that he has gone back home to Sinaloa Mexico. That seems like a long trip up and back just to shoot someone in the leg…

A few years ago the bar owner told me the Elkhorn was the oldest bar in California. Right after that I was watching one of Huel Howser’s California Gold shows and the state historical society officially designates a bar in old Sacramento as the oldest bar in California. I wonder how old the Elkhorn really is?

As far as I know the Elkhorn is the 2nd oldest CONTINUALLY operating bar in California. The Iron Door in Groveland CA is 1st. The Elkhorn was established in 1853.

There is a historical plaque just outside the front door, perhaps someone can stop by and clear up the historical aspect.

The Ancient and Honorable Order of E CLAMPUS VITUS

The trib is reporting that this happened in front of the Elkhorn, not the Ranch bar. Seems that the sheriff dept made a mistake, like it matters.

I went there was actually pretty quiet. I have to admit it was pretty early in the evening when I was there. The bartender was nice looking, that I clearly remember.

Glad to see that at least one bar in the county is carrying on local tradition.

I remember when I got here in ’80, that this use to happen once in awhile at the ol Muddy Springs in Paso. Knifing here, shooting there. I was always told (and scared) not to go in there once you turn 21.

Now the old Muddy has been some nice restaurants over the years.

Yeah there used to be a bunch of wild bars around here. Happy Jacks, El Coyote, Harry’s, to name a few…

I’m totally shocked that this wonderful establishment could possibly….. Jesus, I’d have to already be pretty hammered to go thru that door, Yee fr1ckn haw!!!