South San Luis Obispo County beaches under health advisory

March 23, 2011

The San Luis Obispo County Department of Environmental Health Services issued a health advisory that warns swimmers high levels of bacteria at several south county beaches may cause “human illness.”

Officials posted warnings at Old Port Beach, Avila Beach, Shell Beach, Pismo Beach and the Oceano Dunes.

“A health advisory warns bathers to avoid water contact activities due to the presence of elevated levels of bacteria,” the advisory says. “Beaches are posted with advisory signs and remain posted until sample results indicate that bacteria levels meet state standards.”

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If a private company had this same problem they would taken out and hung. After that they would be fined a ton of money and driven out of business:-(

It may be coming but with state cutbacks the wheels turn slowly, Eco resources/ United water/ SOCI, a local contract outfit who was running San Simeon until recently was just nailed for $745,000 in fines for that plant alone. That’s only one of the plants in California they operated and got hit on multiple violations, the total of Civil liabilities add up to $26,223,000, that right, TWENTY SIX MILLION ++. Theres no doubt the Regional or State Board are still working on the Sanitation Districts spill liability as well as other violations. Considering The Wallace Group and John Wallace personally are the ultimate authority they /he will get hit hard,specially with the track record already established with charges of fraud,misleading authorities and depiction in reporting, add in the law suits naming Wallace personally and it will hurt if not shut him down locally, would you hire a company with the track record their holding as of lately?………. Hell no.


I would venture to guess that the reason we don’t have any “hard facts” about the bacteria levels in the South County SD area is that Wallace and the rest of his treatment plant flunkies don’t have any solid numbers to give. After all, who would want to risk their jobs by going against these yahoos who have a proven track record of “fraud and deception.”

Suspicious that after weeks of rain and steady flowing creeks, suddenly we have high levels of bacteria in the water, Fecal Coliform bacteria I ask?? . Who’s not telling us the truth here, somebody had another sewage spill and their not talkin. Yo Karen….where are you…

OK. Now all you dirty people stay away from San Simeon. We are pure and wish to remain pure