Californians back public-employee pension reform

April 25, 2011

A majority of California voters support capping pensions and a later retirement age for current and future public employees to balance the state’s budget, according to a poll by the University of Southern California. [LATimes]

Seventy percent of respondents supported a cap on pensions for current and future public employees and 68 percent said government employees should have the amount of money they contribute to their retirements increased.

Many public safety officers can retire at 50 with a pension equal to three percent of their final salary for each year worked — for example, after 30 years on the job an employee can retire at 50 with 90 percent of their salary.

Increasing the age at which government employees may collect pensions was favored by 52 percent of poll respondents.

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When the well is dry, no one drinks. Even one who may be mal-educated on finance is beginning to realize this. Welcome to the eleventh hour…

Looks to me like Roger said “no more taxes” like in no more new,added,increased,hidden,done behind our backs,bla,bla,bla taxes. I seriously doubt Roger meant abolish all taxes. In case you haven’t noticed there’s a problem in that our government dosent have the ability to spend or plan wisely thus shooting down your scrutiny thought which has led us where we are, but then again you maybe be thrilled with the current state of things, who knows. At any rate perhaps you can explain how saying no more taxes is suspect and foolish and a comment which in your opinion is typical of Neo cons?

Are you a liberal who loves spending other peoples money all the while having no accountability for it?

Well for one,

our legislature could actually come up with a budget (and not like now when we are nine months into the fiscal year) every single year and stay with in that budget.

Next they could cut the frivolous spending and waste, which there seems to be more than enough of.

Then if they had some spare time left over and they always seem to have some from all their “fact finding” jaunts around the globe, they could actually overhaul the tax code in order to m,ake it fair and equitable.

… are our local and state politicians listening????

Even Bloomberg is saying “no more taxes.”

What do you or anyone else mean by “no more taxes”? Where is the government going to get revenue to conduct our business without ample taxes?

All taxes and expenditures should get scrutiny for worth and efficiency but mindlessly saying “no taxes” is childish nonsense. Saying “no more taxes” is suspect in this day and age of foolish greed by the neo cons.

There is a HUGE difference between “no MORE taxes” and “no taxes” – granted, it is only one word, but it is a very important distinction. Read carefully before name-calling, as it completely nullifies one’s argument.

Good advice but you failed to take it yourself. Read my words.