Gibson and Marx lose bid for Coastal Commission

April 15, 2011

Bruce Gibson

Brian Brennan, a Ventura city councilman and a member of the Surfrider Foundation, was appointed to the California Coastal Commission over San Luis Obispo Mayor Jan Marx and County Supervisor Bruce Gibson.

A coalition of 10 statewide environmental and coastal advocacy groups researched and interviewed five of the seven nominees for the Coastal Commission before recommending Brennan while asking Gov. Jerry Brown to reject Gibson.

Gibson and Marx sought the post along with Pismo Beach City Councilwoman Mary Ann Reiss, Arroyo Grande City Councilman Joe Costello, Santa Barbara County Supervisor Janet Wolf and Port Hueneme City Councilman Jonathan Sharkey.

The 13-voting members commission regulates land use in coastal areas. Brennan replaces Reiss, a Republican appointed in December by former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger before being removed by Brown.

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Not ‘crazy’ enough for the commission?

Anything is better than this pseudo princess (Jan Marx )

Happy Feed Uncle Sam Day to you all (April 18th ok too). The Rules and regulations governing the Coast are complex. Without Mr. Peter Douglass’s presence, The Coastal Commission could easily become a boondoggle.

My issue is not with Developers versus Environmentalists. It is that the complexity of environmental laws and the lack of adequate interaction between the governmental agencies, actually hamper efforts and projects that are Good for the environment.The decision was a political one and the success of negative lobbying on behalf of Brennan is worrisome in itself. The Politiko/Environmental groups may have sabotaged their own best interests on this one, but what else is new?

Remember; Environmental groups represent the interests of people who consider themselves environmentalists. Nature represents itself and it is telling us all isn’t well. It isn’t telling us how to fix it.

Yours in conservation.

I am very pleased by this news, especially to see One-Term-Mayor Jan Marx smack down. She promised to be a “full-time mayor” and then turned around IMMEDIATELY after getting elected to go for this appointment. Gibson is smart, but SLO County has no clout with Democrats in Sacramento. They always get overlooked because this is such a Republican county.

Can’t wait until Paul Brown announces his 2012 bid for mayor.

SLO county predominately a republican county, you must be kidding? Sure there’s a handful of rednecks and old money but this place is a liberal as it gets second only to the likes of San Francisco.

51.20% of the people in San Luis Obispo, CA are registered as Democrats. 45.85% are registered Republican. Remaining are independent: 2.947%.

See click on “voting”

Bang Bang! Jesse.

Still I do think that with a Small population, and a relatively conservative base,

Kellygirl may be correct in the affect on Sacto politiks.

Thanks for the info JJ

Those numbers are identical to the Obama Vs. Palin percentages in 08 (McCain? …Who?)

But look at this for The Re-Governator ©

MEG WHITMAN REP 52056 49.10%

JERRY BROWN DEM 47663 44.95%

The County is different from the City. According to Wikipedia:

“In April 2008, the California Secretary of State reported that there were 147,326 registered voters in San Luis Obispo County. Of those voters, 61,226 (41.6%) were registered Republicans, 52,586 (35.7%) were registered Democratic, 8,030 (5.4%) are registered with other political parties, and 25,484 (17.3%) declined to state a political preference.”

Bang bang,

Yep facts are a bitch aren’t they…

You really think it was Republicans that got Jan Marx-Copeland elected? She won the election because uninformed voters just blindly voted for the cadidate recommended by the DNC. Once CCN broke the story about her involvement with Jim and Tom Copeland and Measure J (while she was sitting on the City Council), suddenly everybody was angry because they didn’t get this information before voting. Those of us who don’t just blindly vote party-line already suspected she was dirty. North County might be more conservative, but San Luis Obispo is one of the few cities in California where the residents are more liberal than the college students.

I am appalled by cowards like you who hide behind the cloak of anonymity and cast spurious , unsubstantiated accusations against those you dislike. Why don’t you come out in the open and spew your filth. I know nothing about Jan Marx, but I do know that Bruce Gibson is an ethical and concerned environmentalist and a great public servant.

Bob McLaughlin

San Simeon

You need to relax and fire up a number, Bob. You’ll live longer.

Bob meet Kelly, so do you plan of kicking her butt or something when she “comes out in the open” and spews her opinion and you meet in person? I’ll guarantee one thing and that’s Gibson isn’t as much of an environmentalist as Mr. Brennan.

I am not planning to kick anyones butt, as you suggest. I am simply stating that those who inhabit these comments and say anything that comes to mind about anyone, should stop being so cowardly and if they have something to say, identify themselves. I am sure you are aware that anytime you or anyone else writes a letter to the editor, you must identify yourself. Settle down


Bob McLaughlin

San Simeon

Are you the same Bob McLaughlin that is head of Casa Del Mar Association and is also Area 1 representative of the North Coast Advisory Council? Aren’t you a supporter and donor to Gibson’s campaign?

I can deduce you support Mr. Gibson because he fought to preserve 82,000 acres of Hearst Ranch. After all, he was once the spokesman of Hearst Ranch Conservation Now., an organization you were once part of yourself. In order to capture the votes for that area, he had to support the measure. His support wasn’t something that came from the bottom of his heart. It was politics.

Once he got the votes and became supervisor, he became pro-development and pushed for a demonstrably unsustainable wastewater project in Los Osos while ignoring local and habitat conservation plans and allowing conglomerates — that produce energy-puzzling infrastructure projects with a substantial carbon footprint — into the fold.

If you’re going to volunteer your name, mention your interests as well.

Yes ,that is me, I wasnt aware that I had to present a resume when I make comments on here. How about you , lets hear what your agenda is.


Bob McLaughlin

San Simeon

Feel free to click on my nickname.

Paragraph 3 above is an OPINION of someone who does not live in Los Osos and it is not based on fact.

Now that Jan Marx is apparently going to focus her time on being SLO’s “full time” Mayor (like she promised in her campaign), will Jim and Tom Copeland have to pay her more loyalty and protection money for full time work?

Today is a great day in San Luis Obispo County.

YES,today is a great day in SLO County, the fact that Bruce Gibson was not appointed is wonderful!!!!

He,he,he,he….a Surfrider member in high places in this county…… its about time somebody who cares more about the ocean than money in this county had their say.

I understand the tone, kitten, but not the meaning of your remark.

None of it goes around without money. It’s a lofty good feeling that so many of us can afford to to put the environment above banal concerns like feeding our families and paying our mortgages. But the fact is, we still gotta engage in commerce to eat. Your view of the ocean feeds no one, except the Coastal Commission staff, who pass along the cost of their existence to the evil developers, upon whose back a great many other jobs ride as well.

A ridiculous conundrum I see up and down the coast is the “Surfrider” stickers on carpenters’ pickups.

Apparently there’s a lot you don’t understand. What do you find as a conundrum in that local carpenters like to surf and enjoy a pollution free ocean along with the rest of us ? We have to have sewage and chemicals in our ocean in order to create jobs? Banal concerns you say, commerce a priority over all else? So what office do you hold in this county?

In my experience you’ve got it backwards:

Local surfers like to support their habit via carpentry. ; )

Otherwise, I more-or-less understand what you say. I am not advocating sewage and pollution in our ocean by any means. My point is that it is shooting yourself in the foot to support causes that undermine your industry.

Some people like to make a living or enough to get by and enjoy life, some peoples idea of really enjoying life is just making money…to often at the expense of others or the environment. Theres more to living a good life than making more and buying things supporting “commerce”, that’s all I was getting at. Its all about priorities.

It is a fact that many surfers do have day jobs , since surfing is for enjoyment, working is to live


Well it seems that the rest of the state got the message. San Luis Obispo county residents elect corrupt unethical and in the case of Marx and Gibson law breakers as elected officials. The state has wisely decided that they want to steer clear of us and picked a clean individual to be on the commission. Now if our old buddy “moonbeam” is smart enough to see thru Marx and Gibson isn’t it a shame we supposedly educated citizens of SLO county can’t do the same.