Hate speech vandalism in Arroyo Grande

April 4, 2011


Vandals broke into Mesa Middle School in Arroyo Grande over the weekend and covered classroom whiteboards in anti-black and Jewish graffiti, according to the San Luis Obispo Sheriff’s department.

Statements such as “White Power, Fuck Niggers and Jews” alongside swastikas were posted in an undisclosed number of classrooms at 2555 Halcyon Road in an unincorporated section of Arroyo Grande.

In addition, the suspects took California state flags from each of the classrooms and did minor damage to classroom fixtures. Sheriff officials are asking anyone who notices a current or former student of the junior high school with a 12-foot by 18-foot American flag to call school resource officer Dale Andersen at (805) 473-7139.

Students and teachers are currently on spring break.

San Luis Obispo Sheriff officials do not think the hate speech graffiti and theft has any connection to last month’s burning of an 11-foot cross outside an African American’s home on Elm Street in Arroyo Grande.

“Our initial investigation has determined that this crime is not related to the cross burning incident that happened inside the city limits of Arroyo Grande.” said San Luis Obispo Sheriff south station Commander, Ken Conway.

Nevertheless, several Arroyo Grande residents who claim on Facebook and Myspace to be skinheads, have photos of themselves in front of flags posted online along with statements about keeping non-whites out of Arroyo Grande.

CORRECTION: The flags were California state flags not American flags.

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Just a speculation:

These little white boys probably came from an abusive white environment (likely still under social services’s jurisdiction) and views their abusive whites as the effect and the black/ jews as the cause.

It is no different as black kids growing up in an abusive black environmenrt and views their abusive blacks as an effect caused by the whites.

In either case neither will accept that they are a low life white or black by their own attitude and actions which they and only they have control over.


The media is all over this dinky story. The cops know it’s nothing, that’s why they didn’t get nearly as excited as the Trib.and TV news. Then THEY got pressured to chase down the couple of brats who are temporarily mimmicking KKK types and ruin their lives along with their parent’s.

If you let the media whip it up then it’ll hit the web, etc., then REAL whitepower types from other areas who feel some of their brethren are being outnumbered and messed with start showing up. We don’t want any of that , do we?

By the way, what’s it’s like being a white kid out of a job growing up in Grover? Yeah, probably a real bitch.

It’s not time to add another group to hate and fear, it’s time to, as Bert mentioned, learn who the real villians are today and that would be world banking, the Fed and Wall st..

By the way, when Whitepower types hit the web they also learn about the bankers, the Fed and Wall St.

Everything is cyclical, you have to break the chain eventually or around and around we go.

I agree that a lot of hoopla is being made about a couple of isolated instances and I don’t believe it’s anything to worry about either. However, I only have to put myself in the place of someone who is being targeted with the hate speech to understand that this is frightening for them and they need some support to maintain a sense of well being. I think that we are setting a good example of how to use “pier pressure” to bring about change. Everyone, of every race, should learn to use it. Imagine what would happen with the gang problems if their educated counterparts started to employ a little “real pier pressure”.

Which other crimes would you like to be ignored by our local police force?

Rapes? The vast majority of rapes occur to women, and women make up just a little over 50% of the adult population in America, so–should we just apply “real pier pressure”? And rapes really aren’t that frequent in Arroyo Grande

Kidnapping? That just happens to little kids, there aren’t as many little kids as there are adults in Arroyo Grande, so a small segment of the population is at risk. And I can’t remember the last time a kidnapping happened in Arroyo Grande.

Do you get my point?

Hate crimes run from scribbling racial slogans as graffitti to, back in the 1950s, lynching and burning African-Americans alive.

I don’t care if there is only ONE hate crime a century. By God, it should be investigated, and the criminals prosecuted and sentenced.

I disagree. You do the crime, you do the time.

Unless someone is a psychic, they really don’t have a clue about the motivations of a criminal.

The only information we have to go on is the physical evidence, interviews, etc. If that information points to a perp or group of perps, then, bingo, they get arrested and go to trial.

I’m not a coward, and so don’t subscribe to the theory of not investigating crimes and prosecuting criminals because of the fear, real or not, that upholding the law will bring retribution from more criminals.

Just my opinion,.

“,……and around and around we go.”

Sorry, Mary, but you are wrong when you say,

“Unless someone is a psychic, they really don’t have a clue about the motivations of a criminal.”

Have you ever heard of “profiling”? It’s done all the time. Not all police a qualified to be doing this, but they can always get the help they need from experts.

This is a case where profiling could shed some much needed light on who is really behind this and what motivates them.

I don’t think Willie is a profiler. Truly, I don’t.

Good insight and foresight.

This doesn’t make any sense to me. We don’t have very many black people in the area and the ones that are here are generally upstanding citizens, working hard and raising their families or going to school. As for the Jews, I’ve never understood why people don’t like them. My closest friends have always seemed to turn out to be Jewish, in fact I find them to be intelligent, honest, hard working and they have a great sense of humor. I’ve never been used, lied to or ripped off by a Jewish friend or employer. So, like I said, I don’t get any of it. Admittedly, I was raised to be a racist and it took a bit of sole searching to get past that. It wasn’t difficult once I had exposure to educated blacks to realize that racism is based on some sort of odd misunderstanding. I don’t know what can be done about people who act out in way’s like this. I think speaking up and applying “pier pressure”, which is exactly what we are all doing here is our best bet.

Judiasm (Jew to you) is a RELIGION not a RACE!

Also glad to see that you have deemed the blacks in the area are “GENERALLY UPSTANDING CITIZENS”!

Needless to say that some of the “whites” in our area aren’t “upstanding citizens” are they? Does that statement make me a racist? Guess it depends on what color my skin is dosent it?

Cindy you still need some soul searching while looking for your shoes. Your rationale is stereotypical of a closet “whitemans burden” “Some of my best friends are……” is a ridiculous statement. Racism is a disease that has reached epidemic levels in recent years and you are one of those well meaning folks that don’t quite get it. Its not a “some of my best friends are…” issue. And Apathy….I would argue that Jews world wide would consider themselves much more than members of a religion. Not a race of course but perhaps an ethnic group. The family of Judaism is much stronger than that which can be bound by mere religion

Yeah soul vs sole. Thanks for the correction and I won’t say that I knew that.

As for your semantics’, what a joke. It’s people like you that want to shove your crap down everyone else’s throat about “EXACTLY”, how we should think and express ourselves that makes me sick and tired of the whole ordeal. Do your thing and I’ll do mine and if we can’t agree then I’ll have no problem with that fact that we disagree. God Bless your pompous ass.

I hope LE got some fingerprints

I’m with Bert, but check this out.

One of my childhood friends verbalized racist junk sometimes; I found out his dad preached this to him so what was he supposed to know? If these AG punks were victims of parental teachings then I say throw the book at the dear folks, and give the kids a spanking.

But we must make it clear we will not have this and will stop at nothing to track down anyone who perpetrates this terrorist nonsense.

I agree with you. I read/heard (think on KSBY) that they suspect that those responsible are current students or recent students, meaning they are young, assuming under 18. If this is the case, I’m sure it can be linked to parenting to some degree. Things like this are just another unfortunate byproduct of an economy like ours. Money is tight, stress high, jobs few, you gotta blame somebody right? Little Johnny hears his folks saying how its those damn (blacks, jews, mexicans, etc.) fault and so he believes it is. Perhaps next time they would vandalize the real cause, the banks.


BERT: “Money is tight, stress high, jobs few, you gotta blame somebody right? Little Johnny hears his folks saying how its those damn (blacks, jews, mexicans, etc.) fault and so he believes it is. ”

That’s called “scapegoating,” and it has been used (and is still being used) against minority groups.

How about you and your parents? Would you like to be the targets of attacks by people who don’t have what it takes to solve their own problems, so have to blame them on innocent people?

It’s called the way people think. I never said it was factual.

In some cases, they do prosecute those who incite others to do crimes.

But they also prosecute those who do the crimes.

If criminals are big enough to do the crime, then they are big enough to pay the price for it.

Wouldn’t that be just wonderful, to have a city full of minors who know they can do whatever crime they want and then blame it on their parents, and get away with it.

Well, I can see were looking closely at our schools after dark.

BTW., this sort of intimidating behavior does not necessarily indicate a huge level of support or a vast membership. It actually points to the opposite… maybe one or a couple of folks working alone trying to create some street cred.

If they actually catch anyone, I am sure we find out what it is all about.

AG hasn’t been a “wholesome all American place to raise a family” (unless you come from LA) for a long time. But it has been because of the meth and druggie influence from the Mesa (Dystiny Myers and Elyse Pahler murders), the welfare “running crowd”, and the Mexican gangs. Other towns in the county are not any better or worse.

This white power activity is new, and ridiculous. It’s not like they have all kinds of Blacks and Jews moving in and taking over. AG hardly has any Blacks or Jews. But it’s more like the work of kids who are too ignorant to understand what they are doing. Could the large parolee population that has moved into the 5 cities area be responsible for this change of attitude. After all, we allow all of this separate race stuff in the prison system.

This is why the net is our only hope for raw, unfiltered info from anonymous sources who live in an area in question. Love it. Good reporting, Citizen!!


I’m starting to think A.G. stands for Aryans Galore.

Needs to be Aryans Gone.

Low life scum who blame all their personal failures on others. This is sick. Hope they catch these bastards.