Abel Maldonado fined for nondisclosure

April 4, 2011

Abel Maldonado

After a lengthy investigation, former Lt. Gov. and Central Coast state senator Abel Maldonado has agreed to pay a $28,000 fine for committing 14 campaign violations in 2004 through 2008.

California campaign rules require the transparency of donors and contributors.

Maldonado failed to file numerous required campaign reports including reports of late campaign donations of more than $5,000. Non-disclosed donations include $250,000 from the California Republican Party, $5,000 from Jeffrey Burum Enterprises and $10,000 from Rosa Mata Boutonnet.

In his defense, the FPPC’s report says that none of the reporting omissions appear to be in any way deliberate and that Maldonado relied on professional accountants to comply with the legal requirements.

The state commission is scheduled to act on the fine at its April 11 meeting. Maldonado has agreed to the penalty, according to a commission staff report.

During the same meeting, the FPPC is slated to level a $15,000 fine on the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians for failure to file lobbying reports from January 2007 through December 2010. The tribe spent $312,000 “for the purpose of influencing legislative or administrative action,” the FPPC report says.

The tribe’s lobbyist, Frank J. Molina of Sacramento-based Strategic Solutions Advisors, agreed to a $30,000 fine to the FPPC for failing to file reports for the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians in February. He also worked with the Soboba Band of Luiseno Indians and the Tule River Indian Tribe.

Molina failed to report $840,000 in lobbying payments from 2007 through 2010.

According to the commission staff report, “Respondents were not very cooperative with the investigation, causing significant delays in obtaining information and compliance with their filing obligations.”

In addition, “Respondent Molina worked in the Legislature for nearly nine years, including as the chief of staff to a member of the Legislature. Thus, he was not an unsophisticated party.”

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Abel Maldonado in bed with the gambling industry? Same gambling industry that was supposed to help bail out our school systems and save the state budget in exchange for voter approval way back when?

Gee Abel … You gambled with your political career and the bones came up snake eyes …. Don’t you hate when that happens?

Now go back to your Santa Maria farm where you can exploit the farm workers and fail to pay your taxes

Is Frank Molina related to Chris Molina as in Pe Ji Ho Ta debacle with his partners Kelly Gearhart, Attorney Robert grigger jones, and Dan the insurance man?

Somehow I can just picture Abel muttering: “But, but it’s supposed to be ‘I.O.K.I.Y.A.R.’ isn’t it? (IOKIYAR = It’s Okay If Your Are a Republican) Fines, we don’t need to pay any stinking fines …. ah yes, the hubris of Republicans getting caught doing things they should know better than to do. Newt Gingrich, serving divorce papers to his second wife while she was in the hospital recovering from cancer; Senator David Vitter caught paying an “escort” service for “attending to his needs while wearing a diaper”, then returning to the Senate floor to a standing ovation by his fellow Republican Senators. Do Democrats do bad stuff and get caught? Of course they do; the main difference though (other than Bill Clinton that is) is that “usually” when the Democratic lawmaker or politician is caught, they resign and slink away; Republicans, not so much other than the recent example of the freshman Representative who sent emails to a staffer with his shirt off, he did have the decency to resign, but he seems to be the exception to the usual Republican response.

So Abel, which lobbying firm(s) are you on the payroll of ?

Wow, and with that, i would expect a high postion appointment to the Obama adminsitration any time now. He will fit right in.

The reality is that a choice between him and Capps is no choice at all.

Actually, Abel has partnered with Arnold to produce a series of ‘adult’ superhero cartoons for distribution in Austria. They’re apparently dressed in spandex and teamed up to fight the enemies of corporative personage.

As usual Black Copter tries to deflect the issue onto Dems ignoring the fact that the GOP have turned into the party of liars and cheaters who have a deep hatred for public employees. They claim to be for smaller gov while in reality trying to dictate every aspect of peoples personal lives.

I left the GOP when it became apparent that they talk the talk, but lie and cheat whenever it suits their purpose. They used to have some principles but those have long disappeared.

Not that you’re interested, but I have no party affiliation. As imlpied, they are all scum.

You don’t have to take side you know.

Yes I agree a derail, back on track with Abel.. reference to our 39th President deleted.

And you seriously believe the Democrats are any better. I think they are all scum. The left are catering to the minorities for their vote and the right are catering to big business and middle class just doesn’t matter. The joke is on us!