Manslaughter suspect arrested again

April 18, 2011


The man accused of killing two tourists in Pismo Beach last October during an alleged botched suicide attempt is back in jail.

A San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s deputy arrested Jerardo Iriarte, 20, on Sunday morning on the 2000 block of Laguna Negra in Arroyo Grande for allegedly being under the influence of a controlled substance. The Sheriff’s Department said they were alerted by a caller that had reported a person “acting strangely.”

The Oceano man was out on $50,000 bail for the double killing of 63-year-old Bruce Mallin and his 59-year-old wife Marjorie Mallin who were avid travelers visiting the Central Coast from Washington State and walking near the Marie Callender’s restaurant on Price Street when they were struck by the car he was driving.

This latest charge adds to a series of legal challenges for the Oceano man. Iriarte pleaded not guilty to two counts of vehicular manslaughter with gross negligence and legal enhancements of causing great bodily injury during the commission of a felony.

Police believe Iriarte, then 19 years old, did not intend to kill the couple, rather harm himself when he recklessly launched a car off the freeway.

Shortly before their deaths, Iriarte had been in Marie Callender’s arguing with a former girlfriend who refused to see him anymore. Witnessed reported that the man was clearly angry as he left the restaurant and took off in his car.

Moments later, Iriarte drove southbound on Highway 101 at a high speed, steered the black Toyota Corolla towards the restaurant and drove through the chain link fence that separated the highway from Price Street. His car continued traveling south on Price Street where it struck Mallin and his wife.

Iriarte survived the apparent suicide attempt, but was hospitalized with moderate injuries before being taken to jail.

The Sheriff’s Department said Iriarte is being held without bail this time.

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With any luck Mr. Iriarte will commit suicide in jail, and we’ll finally be rid of him. But somehow I doubt it. The only thing this kid can do right is be a menace. He can’t even shave his uni-brow evenly.

Don’t buy his crap

There are too many places in Pismo to head on into or drive off and over if someone wants to commit suicide. If someone wanted to commit suicide in a motor vehicle without hurting outers, its too easy, drive off a cliff or into a wall, pole or mountain (Its too easy).

He was angry and recklessly drove with speed into areas or visible clearing where he does more damage to the outside than himself.

Objectively he didn’t give a damn, plowed right into those people in clear central view and saw them fly up from the impact (reckless).

Subjectively he say he didn’t intended to hurt anyone but himself so the killing was an accident “BS.”

Willie, I say BS. The deceased were not in his clear view, they were down hill from where he went off the road. This is why he is not being charged with murder, he clearly was not aware that they were in his path.

Also he decided to commit suicide and went for it at the exact moment that he made the decision, which was immediately after his attempts to reconcile with his girlfriend (who he thought he couldn’t live without) rebuffed him . He was obviously emotionally disturbed and needed help with his mental illness. It wasn’t planned and that is why he didn’t better plan or think about where he was going to end it all.

I’m not taking his side, I’m saying that people need to STOP being so friggin mean and judgmental and know it all’s. Let the law do it’s job, they are going to punish him for a long time over his moment of poor judgement and dispair.

I agree he was driving enraged but not driving blind

I do not buy the intent to commit suicide, if that was his intent, all he has to do is get in his car and slit his wrist and die, it is that simple!

There are tow profiles:

1. External: The excuss or rationale after the fact

2. Internal: True intent telegraphed by the actual act

I have no sympathy for his innocent looks and cornered despair.

Two human beings minding their own peaceful life were violently or recklessly killed … no excuse!

What else am I to consider his BS?

Yes we do because every accused has the right to be seen and heard.

The fact and act is undisputable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Has it occurred to anybody that this kid really was trying to commit suicide that day? The police and DA certainly seem to believe this was the case so why all the second guessing.? He was foolish and obviously not thinking very clear (something common for teenagers) and as it turns out he killed two innocent people and that makes us all very angry, I understand that. The world used to be a kinder place but there are too many people walking around with too many problems for us to have much sympathy these day’s when an innocent gets injured or killed over someone else’s perceived personal problems, I understand that too. I hope we all understand that if this kid couldn’t cope before, he has now tragically killed two people, something that I’m certain he will find difficult to live with and he is most definitely facing prison, something else that will be very difficult to live with. What makes anybody think that he should be able to cope now? Of course he is going to self medicate, he wants to escape this even if only in his mind for a while.

I doubt you will be saying these things if the two killed were your parents visiting you here!

In a court of law

The accused have a guaranteed right to appear-confront his acusers and an absolute right to be heard.

It don’t matter what he looks like or how sympathetic or empressive he talks.

This nice looking and nice speaking kid if not already is a craftsman at murder.

The punk belongs in prison based on his behavior and actions!!!!!!!!!!!

He either saw the couple he murdered before he hit them or he knew the restaurant he was going to hit had people in it. He’s a killer and could be again. Either put him away or free room and board @ ASH or Patton.

He tried to harm himself not once but twice, time to go bye bye fror a very long time before he kills someone else…

Does “acting strangely” include shaving off 1/2 your eyebrow?