SUV crashes into San Luis Obispo apartment

April 29, 2011

A San Luis Obispo man lost control of his black Ford Explorer and crashed it into an apartment building on Foothill Boulevard off Crandall Way near Cal Poly at about 3:15 p.m. Thursday.

Firefighters extracted Michael Riefler, 20, from the SUV. Police said neither drugs nor alcohol was a factor in the crash.

Riefler suffered minor injuries.

No one in the apartments was injured. City building inspectors deemed two of the apartments uninhabitable until repairs are made.

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Evading a phantom cat or Phantom CalPoly Student on the road, and accidently stepping on the gas instead of the brakes, is just a cover up for some mental issue(s).

willie, I recall the day that my friends 5 year old managed to open the car door and fall out into the street. The child wasn’t injured and got up and started to chase the car. My friend was so paniked that she hadn’t been able to find the break for a couple of seconds and actually sped up rather than slowed down and stopped! She was shaking so terribly that I had to drive the remaining distance for her that day. That was 20 years ago and to date, I haven’t spotted any menta issues with her unless someone mentions the day that Erika fell out of the car.

Personaly, I would drive off the road even if I had to hit a tree or parked car, to avoid hitting a dog or cat.

While I agree with loving dogs and cats you have to be careful with your secenaro. Where I lived as a kid growing up, we had a busy long street that ran through town. Because of the way it was situated, it had a 50mph zone in parts. Twice in a two year period, almost the exact same thing happened. In two cases people tried to avoid hitting an animal, crossed into oncoming traffic and killed the other driver. In one case I think the driver who swerved also got killed. Again I love animals but when you start swerving a 2 ton machine, serious consequences can happen.

I don’t swerve for Sh@t! I grab the wheel tighter and brace for impact. It’s stupid to lose control of your car or kill yourself or someone else becuase of a squirrel.

Think the state minimum required property damage insurance coverage of $5,000 will cover all this damage? It never ceases to amaze me that people actually purchase that low limit of coverage just to be legal. In this case, that $5k would pay to pull the car OUT of the building….

Looks like mom & dad need to pony up for another ride… and the higher insurance premium.

I am glad that no one was hurt, and hopefully a lesson was learned (an expensive lesson).

Darn it, that was my car, just look at that mess and to those people who say that I was either texting or speeding, I wasn’t. I was driving with a mini skirt on and no panties , (I usually wear them but I left the house in a hurry) then I dropped my lit cigarette and was frantically trying to ………..

Just kidding but I had you going, didn’t I.

No drugs or alcohol? Well, that takes care of all the reasonable excuses.

Nope…My money is on texting

Ya, can’t fix stupid

Where is Darwin when we so desperately need him