The Andrew and Katie Show

April 5, 2011

We don’t know exactly who “SLOShank” is, but he/she has certainly posted an interesting animated video on YouTube depicting an imaginary conversation between San Luis Obispo City Manager Katie Lichtig and councilmember Andrew Carter.

The conversation raises a number of interesting questions. Does Mayor Jan Marx really visit Lichtig at her other home in Malibu? How much time is Lichtig really spending at her San Luis Obispo office? Is Andrew Carter trying to either remove Lichtig or at least negotiate a change in her salary/benefits?

Decide for yourselves. Enjoy this exchange, courtesy of SLOshank.

[youtube tRMpDD9nfQY 630 375]

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The Sloshank Redemption!

All, this isn’t funny. This should outrage you. This County is corrupt and we as citizens need to do something about it. The “SLO Life” shouldn’t be about tolerating government malversation just so we have funny YouTube clips. Do something instead of leaving the dirty work to others.

I agree SLO CHUCK It is as corrupt as corrupt can be We experienced it first hand

Check out OUR video between Grigger Jones and his secretary Colleen Alexander Of course this conversation never took place but it is with dramatic license and based on fact

Let me know your thoughts

One more thing Kevin, next time, don’t make Katie look so “girlie”……it will be more realistic.