Woman injured in hit and run

April 21, 2011

An unknown man fled the scene after crashing into a San Luis Obispo woman riding her bicycle at about 2 a.m. today.

The man was traveling westbound on Buchon Street in a green Mazda Protégé when he struck the woman, 31, who was crossing through the Carmel Street intersection. The impact damaged the car’s hood, quarter panel and severely smashed the windshield.

The victim told police the male driver, who was wearing a white hooded sweat shirt, drove on for about 100 feet before parking the car and fleeing on foot.

The unnamed victim was transported by ambulance to French Hospital for treatment for injuries to her head and upper body. The injuries do not appear to be life threatening, police said.

While police were investigating the scene, the female owner of the car arrived and told officers who she thought might have been driving her car. Police said they are continuing to investigate the incident.

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More importantly, to hell with their victim, too.

Sounds like the handiwork of an illegal alien to me. That’s their pattern; hit and run, literally on their feet, and to hell with the car they are driving. That’s life in the shadows. Well, we’ll see.

Racist fool.

Your comment reads like the handiwork of a troll.

That’s their pattern; illegal alien ! illegal alien ! illegal alien !

To hell with the other readers, thats life on the internet.

You can stop now, we don’t need you dragging immigration into every thread.

Only a first class POS would leave someone laying in the street after hitting them. Not knowing how serious the injuries are, it’s a act of a coward and the slimiest lowlife.

I found people who are outwardly well grounded or arrogant, underneath are really CS coward when the “s” falls. And it never fails to surprise me lower class or lower level people, that most think they are better than are more virtuous and self sacraficing.

The person who struck the victim first off was negligent (no matter how s/he appears or talks), thereafter it is realized “Only a first class POS would leave someone laying in the street after hitting them.” (Victim could have been your child or mine!)

Under the California Civil Code:

The driver is civilly responsible, if the driver cannot be found, the registered owner is responsible.

So she better come up with a name!

As usual, initial news may lack information to make the big picture connect better.

More investigative data will come in.

The story is accurate. The perp is known and will be found.

Odd, we know more about the damage to the vehicle than to the victim…

“the female owner of the car arrived and told officers who she thought might have been driving her car”

Are you kidding me, you don’t know who was driving your car!? You don’t deserve to have a car.

I’m not blaming the victim but I have wonder why she was riding her bike at 2 in the morning. I hope the find the person that did this.


KNOWING vs. PROOF are two entirely different things. Of course she KNOWS who she lent her car to. We can only ALLEGE it was the same person that was actually driving. One can predict there will be tales of “it was stolen” or “a guy I met and don’t know was actually driving”. The standard remains “beyond reasonable doubt” even against suspected tales.

Second, questioning why someone with a late shift is commuting home *IS* kinda blaming the victim. Please don’t do that. We stand up for people that aren’t exactly like us, right?

She is doing pretty well, by the way. Broken bone and tore up pretty good. Resting at home.

Typo, I can’t believe that you even said that. So what if she was riding her bike at 2:Am? She can ride her bike anytime that she wants. Maybe she can’t sleep, maybe this or maybe that or just maybe whatever, it’s none of our business. As it turns out she works as a bartender, she was sober and she rides her bicycle home at night when she gets off work, not that it’s any of our business.

I take long walks when I can’t sleep and sometimes I walk at 4:AM because I find peace on the quiet streets and I don’t like to take sleeping medications. When I finish my walk I sleep like a baby for the next 3 hours- not that it’s any of your business, get my point?

It’s still a free country last I looked.

Cindy, I feel that it’s irresponsible for anyone to walk alone in the middle of the night, especially a woman. I’m not sure if the stats are the same but a few years ago statistically if you are in a room with 3 of your female friends or three female family members, most likely one of them has been raped. You’re right though, it’s not any of my business what you do and I wasn’t talking about you. But your point isn’t’ relevant. We all give opinions in this forum regarding stories that are posted. By what you say then you you are always posting on things that aren’t your business, that’s the point of a place like this, we give our opinions.

@ SLORider, I knew I’d get beat up over that remark regarding the time of night that she was out. I by no means think that she deserved to get hit by a car simply because she was out in the middle of the night. I feel bad that she was injured and I’m glad that she’s not that bad off.

But I stand by my words that it’s not responsible for women to be out in the middle of the night by themselves. Does she have that right, absolutely, is it smart,,no. It’s unfortunate that women can’t just wander around as men do and be secure that they’re going to be safe. I don’t feel it’s fair but that’s just the way it is, and as I said, it’s not even safe for a man either. If you had a daughter that was lets say 21 would you feel secure that she’d be safe by herself at that time of the night, would you say ‘hey Sally Joe it’s 2 AM why don’t you go for a bike ride’? Trust me, if you were a women that’s seen the things that some of us have then you wouldn’t recoment that..

Trust me, this woman is an exception. Athletic, smart, beautiful and well-loved. I’m somewhat surprised she didn’t get up and chase the perp down herself.

If you’re reading: We all love you and wish you well!!! Come back soon!

Obviously this is someone you know. I’m sorry that your friend had to endure such a trauma. Something like this can hurt not just physically but mentally as well. I hope they get the drunk or druggie (probably) that that hit her.

Please ask her not to go out alone in the middle of the night, I would hate to see something happen to her as I’ve seen happen to other women that I’ve known.