CalCoastNews needs financial support

May 19, 2011

Whether it’s a developer misusing investor funds or sewage that is leaking into our waterways, CalCoastNews is watching out for you.

CalCoastNews has a diverse but irregular revenue stream which is a reflection of the current economy. Our revenue is dependent on advertisers and small contributions from committed supporters. We are grateful for the generous support from these individuals and businesses, however, at this time we are in need of additional funding.

CalCoastNews’ independent investigation team exposes injustice, waste, mismanagement, wrongdoing and corruption so that those responsible can be held to account and so the public can be armed with the information needed to debate solutions and spark change.

Currently, we have more than 20 ongoing investigations into issues such as medical providers who are making parents of children on Medical provide illegal side payments in order to get care for their children, public officials making backroom deals and officials at a non-profit siphoning off donations for their own use. After four years of investigative reporting, public trust has led to an increase in credible tips, requests for investigations and a need for additional funding.

By supporting our advertisers such as Karen Scott Audio, Pacific Energy, Café Roma, Dental Care for Life and RE/MAX agent Marcia Guthrie you are supporting investigative reporting on the Central Coast.

You can support CalCoastNews’ ability to investigate these issues by donating through PayPal or contact or call (805) 234-1703. Donors names are kept confidential.

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Not to be redundant but I wrote a post a few weeks ago that would fit perfectly here so I guess that I’ll do a copy and paste.

I hope that people who appreciate Karen’s years of hard work and meager pay are supporting the CCN advertisers. I have supported two of them. I recently visited Health Works for a condition that I was concerned about because I didn’t feel I was getting my questions fully answered from my doctor. I have decided that I am going to keep Health Works as my permanent caregivers.

I also tried out the hair stylist George Braddy. After two years of never achieving the natural color I was aiming for, I finally have it along with unexpected beautiful highlights. He used a technique that I haven’t seen before and this is the first time that my color looks 100% natural. The color didn’t contain any peroxide either but it is foreign and I didn’t get the name of the line. The best part was the haircut, I love it and he did exactly what I asked for. Anyone who visits him will probably be as happy as I am and I actually paid less than I had been paying.

I’ll be looking into solar panels next, can’t guarantee I’ll use the current advertiser from this site but I’ll definitely visit them for a consultation and bid.

Thank You Karen and thank you to all the advertisers who are supporting this valuable news source.

Sorry my wife and I are on Social Security, just got a Pacemaker and a clean bill of health. Thank you to all you that continue to pay your taxes. Thank God for Medicare.

I pledge $5.00 per month. My Cardiologist (Sp.?) says I have a 99.9% chance of making it another 10 years. It will be our pleasure to

give you the $600.00 over the ten year period. If I greatly improve healthwise and get a job I will double our contribution. I am a mere 67 so anyone that has an opening for a writer let me know. Karen needs the money.

We love and enjoy Karen very much. We are also very thankful for what she is doing. Please keep up the good work.

God Bless you all.

Congratulations on the new ticker and (more importantly) the clean bill of health. Many years to you and yours!